Is Putlockers Legal and Safe to Use (2020 Update)

It will always be so good for movie lovers to access a variety of their favorites online without even paying a fee. This is why many are usually looking for online sites that have the ability to do it. Among the numerous websites, Putlockers easily gained its popularity due to ease of use, and few things needed to be accomplished to push through. Unlike others, with Putlockers, there are no issues when it comes to the process of signing in just to stream good movies. However, this question – “Is Putlockers legal?” keeps on popping up in many users’ minds. And, that is what we are actually to discuss here.

If you are also wondering about the same case and keep on asking if you are making a violation every time you stream movies via Putlockers or store files, you will get the answer in this blog post. So, if you are a Putlockers user and a movie lover, find out the answer to this query – “Is Putlockers legal?” as you go along this article.

Contents Guide Part 1. What Is Putlockers?Part 2. Is Putlockers Legal?Part 3. Is Putlockers Safe To Use?Part 4. Will You Continue Using Putlockers?Part 5. Download Videos Using DumpMedia Video DownloaderPart 6. To Sum It All

Part 1. What Is Putlockers?

Before delving onto the main point of discussion – answering this query “Is Putlockers legal?”, let us first check and give some brief information about Putlockers and how beneficial it is for many viewers.

Putlockers is one of the many famous online sites wherein one can see links of varieties of movies (in different genres), music, and even TV shows, that can be watched online as long as the stable internet connection is present. The idea is that Putlockers is not actually the hosting site but it has links that will give the users the direction to be able to head to sites that host the movies and shows. Putlockers originally originated from the UK last 2011. Unfortunately, since it was reported that this is allowing access to illegal contents, this was unfortunately taken down by the authorities. What it did in order to continue giving services to users is jumping from one domain to another.


If you have been fond of using Putlockers, you must be aware that there are also reported cases that since Putlockers is being accessed through many and different links (as it moves from one domain to another from time to time), there are a lot of fakes sites that would drive the user to arrive to virus or malware and even pirated contents. And, with this, asking if Putlockers is safe to use would surely be another concern to viewers.

Is Putlockers legal? We can see many comments about it on the Internet. Now, let us find out what the answer to this question is.

Part 2. Is Putlockers Legal?

Actually, this question – “Is Putlockers legal?” is quite difficult to answer in a straightforward statement. There are locations or countries that are considering the use of Putlockers as illegal. And, some of those countries are UK, Europe, and the US. Putlockers is being considered as an illegal site in these areas since they believe that it is giving access to copyrighted content. Though Putlockers does not actually host the copyrighted movies or shows, this still is giving a way for viewers to get to that site. Thus, this could be considered illegal. Another point to highlight is that Putlockers is giving access to view media files which can therefore, be regarded as illegal as well. Still, the user is the one to decide if he will still want to proceed with streaming movies or shows via Putlockers.

However, by summarizing the above idea, it is still not recommended to stream illegal content without a VPN with you. This could also pose some risks at your side.

Upon getting the answer to – “Is Putlockers legal?”, we will now be discussing another important point, that is if Putlockers is safe to use. This is surely the next question that you will be asking upon knowing the above information. Since we are already talking about the legality of using Putlockers, we will also give a brief knowledge if it is safe and okay to use.

Part 3. Is Putlockers Safe To Use?

Another angle to look into is whether the use of Putlockers is safe or not. Based on research, you can be assured that Putlockers is being monitored as well as its traffic. There are rightsholders and even ISPs who are doing this job. However, as initially mentioned, you must keen enough in checking the URL of Putlockers as there are a lot of fake URLs directing people to sites that are unsafe and could lead to viruses and malware that can harm even your data and personal computer.

Also, while accessing Putlockers, you will also be noticing a lot of ads and popups that are continuously showing on the screen. You may not be sure if such popups are dangerous, but you must be vigilant enough not to click any. Well, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Will you still use Putlockers?

Is Putlockers Safe To Use

Part 4. Will You Continue Using Putlockers?

Actually, just by judging using the facts stated in the initial portion of this article, it is easy to decide whether to keep on using Putlockers or not. We recommend not to use it. Here are some justifications of why you should not using Putlockers anymore.

Is The Site Real?

Since Putlockers has been turned down due to suspected hosting of illegal content, it has shifted from one domain to another from time to time making it difficult to identify if the link you are trying to access is real or could lead to unexpected viruses. This is surely a risk to your data’s security.

Leading To Malware

The movies or shows you might be watching could be infected and can give your personal computer some viruses that you surely would not want to have. Keep in mind that if a site is illegal, it is a lot obvious that contents may be accompanied by malware.

Redirecting To Other Sites

The redirection to other sites is totally irritating. There are also times that instead of immediately arriving at the hosting page, Putlockers is redirecting the users to other sites that could be untrustworthy and fake. And, one you ticked the link, you are not sure what would happen next.

Other Options To Consider

Since Putlockers is posing some negative effects, you can always look for some other options that you can consider. Actually, there are other safe online sites wherein you can also enjoy watching movies and shows without paying any fee while assuring the safety of your data and computer. You just need to do some research in order to see which site is legal and safe.

But, do you know the best thing you can do to ensure safety on your side and without thinking if you are accessing sites that are legal or not? Why not have the movies or videos downloaded and saved on your device? One advantage is there will be no need to ensure a stable data connection while watching. You can stream anywhere you are.

Surely, you are now thinking if there is a way to make the above possible. Of course, there is! And, you will be learning how in the next part of this post.

Part 5. Download Videos Using DumpMedia Video Downloader

If you are very much sensitive and worried about the safety of anything you are watching or accessing online, you must try to look for ways on how you can still keep on enjoying those while keeping yourself safe from virus or malware attacks. One good way of downloading videos or movies you love is to use a tool such as DumpMedia Video Downloader. This has the ability to keep those files on your personal computer and play those even without a stable internet connection. It is able to remove DRM protection and download playlists from YouTube. With the use of this tool, lots of perks can be experienced.

  • Simple interface that is easy to handle and control.
  • The speed of downloading is too fast making it very efficient for users to download a lot in a short span of time.
  • You can process not only one, but a number of files in one go.
  • Extracting and saving of audios is as well possible.
  • The tool supports numerous sites wherein you can download any video you want.
  • Installation needs are only a few and easy to complete.
  • You have the option to choose the resolution of the videos to save.
  • And, steps in downloading content is easy to follow and perform.

Do you want to know more details about this DumpMedia Video Downloader? You can visit the official website anytime you want to.

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Part 6. To Sum It All

Upon reading this whole post, you must be aware that Putlockers is illegal and could be unsafe to use. Therefore, you must try to find some other alternatives and even resort to downloading tools such as DumpMedia Video Downloader to keep the videos you love and stream any time of the day!

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