Easy Ways to Convert Spotify to MP3 Online and Offline

Both Free and Spotify Premium users have always been puzzled about downloading and saving Spotify to MP3. No matter how hard they try, Spotify still puts a limit to its users regarding the download of Spotify songs in MP3 format online. Thus, a Spotify to MP3 converter tool is needed to help users do this.

But, do you know which tool you should take into consideration? If not, then welcome to our page! Because in this article, we will give you our most recommended offline tool along with three other online tools to help you convert Spotify songs, playlists, or albums to MP3 easily. So keep on reading to know more!

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Part 1. The Best Method to Convert Spotify to MP3 Offline

We recommend using DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter for downloading and converting any Spotify music, playlists, or albums to MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. This tool can keep the original quality of your Spotify files. It is a powerful and high-speed Spotify converter that allows you to enjoy your Spotify music without a premium subscription. Thus, giving you free Spotify for offline listening!

Features of DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter

  • Easy Removal of Spotify DRM. Spotify songs are saved in Ogg Vorbis file formats which are protected by DRM so you can only play them using the Spotify app. DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter can easily remove this DRM protection from various Spotify music.
  • Quick Download and Conversion of Spotify Songs. With DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you can quickly download and convert Spotify songs, playlists, or albums to FLAC, WAV, M4A, or MP3. Now, you can listen to them even without a Spotify app.
  • Support For Free Offline Playback of Spotify Music on Various Devices. Spotify Premium only allows you to download songs from three different devices and you can’t even download songs using the free Spotify version. With DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you can download and convert all of your favorite Spotify songs, albums, or playlists for offline playback on your devices.
  • Preservation of Metadata Indo and ID3 Tags. DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter can also preserve all of the Spotify song’s metadata and ID3 tags.

Aside from the above-mentioned features, DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is also available in three languages but we are working on adding more. You can even customize the quality of the output audio file according to your needs.

Spotify To Mp3

Now, to convert your multimedia files to your desired formats, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the DumpMedia application.

Step 2: Launch the DumpMedia application.

Step 3: Add your Spotify song to the application.

Step 4: Choose your desired output format and destination folder.

Step 5: Start the conversion process.

Below are the more detailed steps for converting your video files to your desired format using DumpMedia.

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Download and Launch the DumpMedia Application

Before you can start using the application, of course, you need to download the software first. The good news is, DumpMedia has a free Mac version for you to try the software first before you decide on whether it is the right tool for you or not. After downloading the DumpMedia installer, launch the application by following the steps below for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

For Windows users:

Go to the Search icon (magnifying glass) beside the Windows icon in your computer’s Task Bar. Type DumpMedia on the text field. Click on the DumpMedia application on the search results.

For MacOS users:

Click on the Launchpad icon in your computer’s Dock. The launchpad icon is a gray circle with a darker gray rocket at the center. Type DumpMedia on the Search bar at the topmost part Hit the Return button on your keyboard to launch the application.

Add Your Spotify Song to the Application

Add the URI of your Spotify song/playlist/album on the search bar or you can drag and drop your files to the application.

Add Your Spotify Song to the Converter

Choose Your Desired Output Format and Destination Folder

Look for the Convert all tasks to text at the top right corner of the interface. Select your desired output format (FLAC, WAV, M4A, or MP3). At the bottom of the interface, click on the Browse button and browse your computer to the desired destination folder of the converted files.

Select the Output Format

Start the Conversion Process

Click the


button to start the conversion of your Spotify music files. Wait for a few minutes, the conversion of Spotify to MP3 is completed. Now all you need to do is to check out the converted files in your local folder.

Convert Spotify to MP3

Part 2. Top 3 Online Tools to Convert Spotify to MP3

If you don’t want to download any additional software for converting Spotify to MP3, you can go for one of the following online Spotify to MP3 converter tools.

Tool #1. Online-Convert.com

Online-Convert.com is a free online converter that supports various types of files including Spotify songs. To convert your Spotify song to MP3 using Online-Convert.com, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to Online-Convert.com’s audio converter website.

Go to Online-Convert.com’s website.

Step 2. Upload your audio file to the website.

Scroll down until you see a green rectangle box. You can either drag your Spotify music file to that green box or you can click on the Choose Files button to upload your file. You can also enter the link of your file by clicking on the Enter URL button. Wait for your file to finish uploading.

Step 3. Start the conversion process.

Click on the green Start conversion button. Wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 4. Save the converted MP3 file to your computer.

After the conversion is completed, you will be directed to a new page and a new window will appear allowing you to choose the file location you want your MP3 audio to be saved. Choose your desired location and change the filename if necessary. Click on the Save button. Wait for the download to finish.

Tool #2. MP3FY

MP3FY is another online Spotify to MP3 converter tool that does not need to download any additional software before you can use it. This powerful tool allows you to download and/or extract the audio tracks from various streaming devices such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, YouTube, and others to MP3 along with other formats.

But, before choosing MP3FY to download and convert your Spotify songs, take note of the following drawbacks of this tool first:

  • MP3FY is not very stable (which you should expect in free software) because sometimes, it is not able to detect or analyze the Spotify track links you entered. The result is the tool might download the wrong tracks randomly.
  • MP3FY outputs lossy audio quality which can greatly affect your listening experience.

Now, to convert Spotify to MP3 using MP3FY, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch the Spotify app on your computer then enter your login credentials. Choose your desired Spotify song and copy its URL.

Step 2. Go to MP3FY’s official home page then paste the Spotify track URL you copied in the previous step to the text box. Click on the Convert button below the text box to start the conversion of your Spotify song to MP3.

Step 3. When the conversion process is completed, you will be directed to a new popup window displaying your converted Spotify songs. To download the MP3 tracks to your PC, just click on Clear Download.

Tool #3. Spotiload

Spotiload is a Chrome extension that is formerly known as Spotify VK Downloader. This free open-source extension is aimed at downloading Spotify playlists to MP3 for the users of VK.com. It is available for Chrome, Mac, and Windows operating systems and is able to automatically detect audio files with the same file names as the songs in your Spotify player in VK.com. This allows for easy download of your Spotify playlists to MP3.

Just like MP3FY, Spotiload also has some major drawbacks:

  • Spotiload can only be used to download Spotify songs on VK.com. Simply put, it cannot download all Spotify tracks to MP3.
  • Spotiload’s output audio quality might not be your ideal one.

Now, to convert Spotify playlists to MP3 using Spotiload, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download and install the Spotiload Chrome extension on your PC. After installing, login to your account on VK.com.

Step 2. Wait for Spotiload to detect whether your desired Spotify playlists exist in Spotiload’s database.

Step 3. Select the Spotify tracks you want to download from Spotiload’s toolbox. Click on the Download tab and start downloading them as MP3 files.


Part 3. Wrapping It Up

Downloading your favorite Spotify songs, albums, and playlists and converting them to MP3 files is now an easy task, thanks to the available offline and online tools that can help you with the task. To experience an enhanced listening experience, use DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter to avoid quality loss of the converted MP3 files.

However, if you still prefer using online tools and compromise the output audio quality, you can use the three online tools mentioned in this article. By the way, feel free to check out our other blogs for more guides on other software issues and how to solve them here. Cheers!

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