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How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 (2024 Ultimate Guide)

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-05

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The tracks on Apple Music can only be played on a device with a current Apple Music subscription. This prevents users from enjoying Apple Music on other popular media devices. The general format of the music tracks on Apple Music is M4P.

This is a DRM-protected format that is not compatible with several portable devices including Android tablets, MP3 players, PS4, and even old models of iPods such as the Nano, Classic, or Shuffle. If you want to listen to the M4P file on other devices, then you need to convert it to an mp3 format. But how do I convert iTunes music to MP3?

An issue of concern here is the DRM protection which controls access to copyrighted material. A solution to bypass this copyright protection is to convert Apple Music to MP3. If compared to M4P, MP3 is a widely utilized and distributed audio file today and various players or devices in the market can easily play this file format without any issues.

Contents Guide Part 1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 via Best Apple Music ConverterPart 2. Download Apple Music to MP3 via Apple Music/iTunesPart 3. Rip Apple Music to MP3 via Online Apple Music DownloaderPart 6. Let’s wrap It up

Part 1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 via Best Apple Music Converter

If you want to convert Apple Music files to MP3, it is not a difficult task if you have the right tool to use. The conversion task is made simple for you with the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Throughout the years, DumpMedia has boasted solid knowledge and experience in decrypting Apple’s DRM. The tool will allow you to easily convert Apple Music files to MP3, MFA, or other types of audio files.

The noteworthy features of this Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia include:

Below are the detailed steps about how to use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to convert your Apple Music to MP3. Let's get started!

Step#1. Open DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

The initial step is to download and install the Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia on your device. Once successfully installed, launch the application on your device. In the meantime, iTunes will activate automatically.

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If you want to try it out first, DumpMedia has a free trial that allows you to convert 3 minutes on a song without a cost. Simply download and test its features before deciding to acquire the full variant.

Step#2. Taking a Close Look at The Software’s Interface

The key interface of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is categorized into sections such as the playlists, refresh, metadata, output settings, and more. An advantage of this software is that the user interface is highly intuitive which describes each area. And will help us to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Step#3. Choosing The Songs in Apple Music Format to Convert

On the left column of the interface, you can view all the iTunes playlists. Tap on the playlist and choose the songs that you want to convert by marking on the checkbox.

In some instances, it can be a difficult task to search for the songs you want to change especially if you have a lot of songs. In such cases, simply utilize the “Search” function which will help you find a specific song by entering its name, artist, or album details. In addition, the software supports batch conversion of songs which can save time if you have several songs to convert.

Choose Apple Music to Convert

Step#4. Select MP3 as The Output Format

Generally, the Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia can support up to 8 output types which include MP3, AC3, M4A, M4R, AIFF, FLAC, AU, and MKA. Simply go to the “Output Format” option and designate MP3 as the format.

Aside from the output format, you can also change other output parameters. These additional output parameters include the sample rate, bit rate, codec, and more. Make it a point to achieve the ideal output quality. Generally, it is recommended to indicate a bit rate of 256 Kbps while the sample rate should be 41,000 Hz to enjoy the original quality of the music files.

Select MP3 As the Output Format

Step#5. Start The Process of Converting Apple Music to MP3

You are almost done. The last step is to tap on the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion process of the Apple Music song to MP3. At this point, a new conversion window will pop up that displays the entire process of the conversion. Simply wait until the conversion finishes.

Once it displays “Finish” in Status, it indicates that the song is successfully converted from Apple Music to MP3 format. Simply tap on the “Open File” knob to locate all the converted Apple Music songs in your local folder.

Convert Apple Muisc to MP3 Format

Part 2. Download Apple Music to MP3 via Apple Music/iTunes

Apple Music allows you to download songs to your computer or device for offline listening. One way to allow DumpMedia Apple Music Conversion full accessibility to your Apple Music or the music library of iTunes is to install iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC if you do not have the application yet.

It is recommended to utilize the following versions of iTunes, macOS, or Windows to ensure a fast and smooth conversion:

Below are the detailed steps about how to use Apple Music or iTunes to convert your Apple Music to MP3. Let's get started!

Step#1. Adjust Import Settings in the Music app

To change the encoding settings, go to Music > Preferences in the menu bar. Then, select the Files tab and click on Import Settings.

Step#2. Choose MP3 Encoder from the menu next to Import Using and select the desired output quality from the drop-down menu.

Step#3. Select the desired songs in your library. Then, while holding down the Option key on your keyboard, choose File > Convert > Create MP3 Version. The converted songs will then appear in your library as MP3 files alongside the original song files.

Part 3. Rip Apple Music to MP3 via Online Apple Music Downloader

You could also rip Apple Music to MP3 via an online Apple Music downloader. Soundloaders is an online platform that provides a downloader app for music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

With Soundloaders' Apple Music Downloader, you can download and convert Apple Music into MP3 files that can be accessed on various platforms. This feature is different from the offline listening options available to Apple Music subscribers within the app. The downloader app provides a link to download the music, making it easy to transfer the files.

To download Apple Music to MP3 using Soundloaders, you can:

  1. Access the desired music on the Apple Music platform
  2. Copy the link to the music
  3. Paste the link into the search bar of the Soundloaders app
  4. Download the music to your computer

Part 4. Save Apple Music to MP3 via Free Audio Recorder

Except for the above three ways, the last way that you could try to convert Apple Music to MP3 is to use an audio recorder. Audacity is a free, open-source software used for digital audio editing and recording. It allows users to record, edit, and export audio Files in various formats, including AIFF, WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3.

The program offers numerous features, such as noise reduction, audio restoration, and effects processing. Audacity is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, and it supports multiple languages.

Here are the basic steps to convert Apple Music songs to MP3:

  1. Open Audacity and Import the Apple Music file.
  2. Export the file as an MP3 using the File > Export menu and select MP3 as the format.
  3. Choose a quality setting for the MP3 file, with a higher quality setting resulting in a larger file size.
  4. Customize the audio settings such as bitrate, sample rate, and channels as required.
  5. Preview the audio and make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Click on "Save" to convert the Apple Music file to MP3.

Part 5. FAQs about Converting Apple Music to MP3

Q1. Why Do You Need Apple Music Converter to MP3?
Apple Music uses a digital rights management (DRM) system to protect the songs and ensure that they cannot be accessed or played outside of the Spotify app. But you could also use third-party tools such as DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Q2. Is It Legal to Convert Apple Music to MP3?
Converting Apple Music to MP3 for personal use is legal. However, distributing all Apple Music downloads and sharing them with others is forbidden.

Q3. What is the fastest way to convert Apple Music to MP3?

The fastest way to convert Apple Music to MP3 is to use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. It supports 5X conversion speed and keeps 100% original quality.

Part 6. Let’s wrap It up

If you want to convert Apple Music to MP3 to enjoy your favorite music tracks on other devices, you can utilize the simple method above. With the help of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter and the guided steps, you can enjoy Apple Music songs in the MP3 format even though your Apple Music subscription ends.

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So what are you waiting for? Start converting your Apple Music songs to MP3 and enjoy your tracks on any non-iOS device.

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