Quick Ways To Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

If you have been using Spotify, like most folks, you most likely have a ton of playlists created already.

It’s for that reason that making a full-time switch to Apple Music as your go-to music app could be quite a struggle since you don’t want to start all over again or lose what you have created already.

There is no way that you want to give up all those playlists, right? Nor would you want to recreate them at all, right? You need to transfer the Spotify playlist to Apple Music. The question is, how? This article will show you how to transfer the Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

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Part 1. Why Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

If you’re already comfortable with Spotify, that’s okay. You get quality music from both Spotify and Apple. There is no doubt about that. However, there is one word that you should think about. That word is ownership.

With Spotify, you don’t own your music. You are just given access to all the songs they offer. Whether you are on a free or paid plan, you are just access to their music. You can play it on a limited number of devices.

With Apple, it’s different. You own your music and you are not stuck with a monthly fee. So, think about. It makes a lot of sense to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple music so that you could be with a service that gives you more rights to own your music.

Part 2. Two Options to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Here some ways for you to look into if you want to make that change from Spotify to Apple music. Continue reading so that you can learn how to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple music.

Option #1. Use S.t.A.M.P.

S.t.A.M.P. is a tool that can help you transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple music. It’s an acronym where each letter stands for the following Spotify to Apple Music Playlist. This is a free app that uses a CSV file, created through Exportify, to transfer all your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. Take note, it doesn’t transfer it automatically. Read the steps below to learn more about it.

Step 1. Go to the Exportify Playlist

Click on the Get Started tab you see in the middle of the window. You will be asked to sign in to your Spotify account to access your playlist.

Go To The Exportify Playlist

Step 2. Go Through The List

Now you see the list of all your playlists. You will see the Export tab opposite each of your playlists. If you want to export them all, hit the Export All button on top.

Go Through The List

Step 3. Download Your Playlist

You now have the CSV file in your Downloads folder. If you downloaded all of your playlists, you would have to unarchive the zipped file first.

Download Your Playlist

Step 4. Download the S.t.A.M.P. App

Extract the file and move it to your Applications Folder. Go to your Systems Preferences and click on Security & Privacy.

Under the General tab, click on Anywhere under Allow apps downloaded from. Then click on the Privacy tab and make sure S.t.A.M.P. is checked. If it’s not checked, click on the locked icon on the left, the bottom part of the screen and type in your password to unlock it.

Step 5. Open up S.t.A.M.P.

Click on the Open tab. Click on the Downloads folder on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the CSV file you have just downloaded. That will get iTunes to automatically start searching and adding your songs.

Open Up StAMP

Option #2. Use MusConv

You can also use MusConv to covert music from the different music streaming accounts that you have. Follow the steps below to use MusConv.

Step 1. Download the Program

You can download MusConv from their website. It offers a download for both Mac and Windows. Keep in mind that this is a paid service. Install and launch it.

Step 2. Take a Look at The Main Menu

You will find the main menu on the left-hand side of the program. There you will see the list of music streaming services. You will also find the account settings on the top, right-hand side of the window.

Step 3. Log In to Your Apple Music Account

Once you do so, you’re going to see all the playlist inside your account.

Step 4. Log In to Your Spotify Account

Click on the Spotify tab on the left-hand side of the MusConv window. That will prompt you to log in to your Spotify account. Click on the Okay button to confirm that you will connect to MusConv. Check the Spotify playlist that you want to transfer to your Apple music.

Step 5. Transfer to Apple Music

You can either click on the Transfer Selected button or you can click on each of the buttons opposite your Spotify playlist. No matter what button you choose to click on, you will find another button that will show Spotify. When you click on Spotify, you would have to click on the Normal Transfer to start the process.

Step 6. You Might Have to Log In to Your Apple music Account Again

Go right ahead and log in. After that, you will be prompted to another window where the transfer takes place. Once that is done, you can check your Spotify playlist on your Apple Music.

Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Part 3. Bonus: Best Way to Remove DRM on Spotify

If for some reason, you don’t want to transfer your playlists from one music streaming service to another, you can just convert them and save to your computer. This is usually a daunting task because you have to deal with DRM that comes with music streaming services.

The good news is that you can remove the DRM from your Spotify playlist. With the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you can convert your playlist to a more portable file format and at the same time remove the DRM. You can do eventually do without a music streaming service since you can download your music directly on your computer or to an external hard drive. With that, you can play your playlist offline anywhere you go.

Free Download Free Download

Part 4. Conclusion

With the variety of music streaming apps to choose from these days, you don’t have to worry about choosing and sticking to just one. Since it’s very easy to transfer from one service to another, you can explore all the available music streaming apps.

Should you decide to do without a music streaming service, then you can use the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter to remove the DRM of your playlists so that you can play them anywhere and anytime you want.

Have you ever had to transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple music? How did you do it? Share with our readers some of your tips and tricks.

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