2021 Top Way to Remove DRM from Spotify Music Efficiently

Spotify is a very convenient way to listen to music. There are millions of songs of different genres available, from the latest to the oldest. Whether you’re a free user or a premium user, you’ll always have access to multitudes of features, although it’s already a given that Premium users will enjoy more benefits.

But just as usual with any product, they will always be a fault that can be found. Spotify is no exception. Do you have troubles about the DRM of Spotify and want to remove DRM from Spotify music?

Recently, there have been negative notions of how users are troubled by the safety protocol that Spotify put in their songs. For some reason, the music stored and offered by Spotify is under the protection of DRM or Digital Rights Management.

It is a special safety protocol that helps many people on the internet through protection. However, it can be a pain to the users, especially those who are using Spotify for free.

That’s why many wanted to find a way to remove DRM from Spotify music. But this problem can be best understood after knowing what DRM really is.

So first, let’s talk about what Digital Rights Management is so you can achieve a better understanding before you do something irreversible.

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Part 1. An Overview of Digital Rights Management

As you may already know, there are many “bad guys” that are after your content on the internet. Be it online or offline, as long as it’s virtual.

That’s why many tools were invented for the sake of protecting these content.

One of this protection is Digital Rights Management. So what does it do and how does it work?

Digital Rights Management

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a safety protocol that heightens the level of protection of digital products, be it online or offline.

It aims to prevent unauthorized access to digital content, such as copying or duplicating. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to protect your digital work.

However, just like I said, there can be lots of disadvantages of DRM. This leads to users thinking of many reasons to remove DRM from Spotify music.

Why Remove DRM from Spotify Music?

If DRM aims to protect the owner from copyrights and other issues, then why remove DRM from Spotify music?

Here we look at the following reasons why DRM isn’t that helpful:

  • Knowing that content can still be stripped of its DRM, there’s really no assurance whether the content will actually be protected.
  • Another disadvantage of Digital Rights Management is that it can be troublesome for the users to deal with content with such protocol.
  • Lastly, since the users are troubled by the protocol, they’ll search for other products instead. That’s why it can also decrease the profits that the owner of the content may have.

This is where the idea to remove DRM from Spotify music comes in.

How to Remove DRM from Spotify Music

Can You Remove DRM from Spotify Music with Premium?

Now we know that Digital Rights Management can a pain.

It’s no longer a surprise why many users have considered paying for the Premium subscription to remove DRM from Spotify music.

But first, let’s talk about the benefits that you can get from Spotify Premium :

  • Download music for offline listening
  • Ad-free listening
  • Higher audio quality
  • Updated music library

You might think that these benefits are actually very helpful, but there’s a catch. Let us then look at why Spotify Premium is virtually useless for your goal.

  • Most MP3 players only allow the formats WAV, MP3, and M4A. Spotify Premium only allows you to download music in the OGG Vorbis format.
  • There are other formats that are compatible with MP3 players. But it’s already a given that those with DRM protection are not going to work.

And so they cannot listen to music on their MP3 players because even after downloading the music, they aren’t able to remove DRM from Spotify music.

So technically, you can’t solve the problem and remove DRM from Spotify music just by buying the Spotify Premium. So what’s your alternative?

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from Spotify Music Easily

DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter (Spotify DRM Removal Tool) puts an end to this because it allows you to remove DRM from Spotify music and many other features. This link is to discuss the Spotify to MP3 online converter.

DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter

Here are some of the features of DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter:

  • DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter allows you to download music of file formats WAV, FLAC, MP3, M4A, and many more. It will also allow you to configure the bitrate of your downloaded music. You can also convert Spotify to MP3.
  • DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter can automatically remove Spotify DRM. You don’t have to configure the settings since it’s already a default as well as an automatic command once you download the music.
  • You can then listen to Spotify music offline without Premium and without being bothered by ads. This might already be a given since you are able to disconnect to the internet.
  • The download speed is ultra-fast. Despite that, the audio quality is still top-notch. You can even change it from low-quality up to high-quality. This gives flexibility to the users.
  • DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter does not discriminate. You can choose any song from your playlist, regardless of the artist, album, or genre, as long as it can be found in Spotify.

So basically, you don’t have to rely on Spotify Premium if you can remove DRM from Spotify music and get all these benefits from DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

Finally, it’s important to remember that instead of paying a monthly fee for Spotify Premium, you can test DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter for free for 30 days. After this duration, you will then be redirected to a one-time purchase.

Free Download Free Download

Part 3. In Conclusion

Spotify provides great music streaming services to users from all around the world. But sometimes, there can be dissatisfaction. I’d say this is a given since no one can possibly create a perfect app.

One such flaw of Spotify is their DRM protection. It can be a pain to users and cause the problem to them. However, it’s important to remember that with every problem, there’s a solution.

You can’t remove DRM from Spotify music by just paying for the Premium subscription. That’s why we introduced to you a Spotify DRM removal tool called DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter. It allows you to remove DRM from Spotify music while offering many other features as well.

The important thing is, you now know how to fix Spotify’s multitudes of problems with just a single app.

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