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How to Turn Off Spotify Shuffle Mode on iPhone in 2024

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

“I have been using the Spotify app as my music streaming service provider ever since, but recently, I got so annoyed and bothered that the songs keep on shuffling. Is there a guide on how to turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone?”

In this article, we will be focusing more on the Spotify app and one of its features, the “Shuffle Mode” feature. While some might enjoy Spotify’s shuffling feature, some are annoyed about it. And so, learning how to turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone would help those who dislike the feature to be able to turn it off (as it’s actually turned on by default). Don’t worry. As initially mentioned, we are here to help and to give guidance.

Let us now start tackling the important points relative to the “how to turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone” topic.

Contents Guide Part 1: Basics of Spotify Shuffle ModePart 2: How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone [Premium Required]Part 3: How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone [Without Premium]Part 4: FAQs about Turning Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhonePart 5: Summary

Part 1: Basics of Spotify Shuffle Mode

Subscribing to Spotify’s premium plan gives you access to its amazing and exclusive benefits, features, and perks. A lot of music lovers are so in love with how good the Spotify app is. However, some people find other features of the app not-so-appealing including the “Shuffle Mode” feature.

People are saying that the shuffle mode is the new way to listen to music as you won’t have control of what the next song is going to be – could really be quite exciting in some ways. Actually, one of the most famous and known singers of all time, Adele, had mentioned that this “Shuffle Mode” feature should not be defaulted as “enabled” on the Spotify app. She even had a note tweeted saying that albums are created to tell stories and so should be listened to as intended.

Fortunately, for Premium Spotify users, it is an advantage that the “Shuffle Mode” feature can be turned off. However, for the free users, it is part of the limitations of using the app for free. In the next section, as we are about to share how to turn off the shuffle on Spotify iPhone, you can follow the guide if you are paying Spotify’s Premium subscription fee.

Part 2: How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone [Premium Required]

As we have mentioned in the first part, it is not possible for the free Spotify users to turn off the “Shuffle Mode” on the app. So, for the Premium Spotify account owners, you can follow this part to learn how to turn off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone with Premium.

Step #1. On your iPhone, open the Spotify app.

Step #2. Head to your playlist and then unselect the button that says “Shuffle” (that should be at the top area of the screen). By doing so, you have disabled the “Shuffle Mode” already.

Turning Spotify Shuffle Off on Spotify App

Step #3. Try playing your playlist. The songs should play in order now. If not, you can click the “Now Playing” menu and then tick the “Shuffle Button” until it turned white.

As simple as that, you just turned shuffle off spotify iPhone. Now, going back to the question in the introduction part, what if after doing the above procedure, you still noticed that the songs are playing in shuffle mode? What should you do?

And what if you are a free Spotify user, is there really no option for you to enjoy the songs in a playlist or album in order? Will you really be settling to streaming them in shuffle mode?

Learn how these scenarios can be resolved as you jump to the third part of this article.

Part 3: How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone [Without Premium]

For Spotify Premium account owners who are paying the required subscription fee monthly, disabling the “Shuffle Mode” feature is not an issue at all unless the scenario mentioned in the last part of the second section has been encountered – shuffle mode keeps on turning back on automatically even if it has been disabled already.

As for the free Spotify account users, at first, you might think that it is too impossible to turn off the shuffle mode. But this isn’t the case here. As we keep on saying, this post was created to help you with the process of how to turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone. And here, we will be dealing with a method that won’t require you a Premium subscription to proceed.

Why would you keep on checking a method of how to turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone if you can just save the Spotify songs that you love and play them in offline mode forever? You might be wondering how this would be possible given that Spotify songs are DRM protected, right? Well, that can be solved by using a professional software application like this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

The DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is the most recommended app as it has the ability to easily remove the DRM protection of Spotify songs. Moreover, it can help with Spotify songs conversion to common formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and M4A while keeping the original quality of the songs, the ID3 tags, and their metadata information.

With the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you can even enjoy advanced features such as customizable settings and easy uploading of Spotify songs. Its conversion speed is too fast letting you process a bunch of songs within just a few minutes. It also has an easy interface making the conversion and downloading easy for anyone to handle.

Of course, it is supported by both Windows and Mac computers so issues with compatibility should not be thought of. Plus, you only need to follow a 5-step procedure to finally have your DRM-free Spotify songs available for streaming offline.

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Here is the 5-step procedure mentioned. Click the above button to download and have a try.

Step #1. We suggest you visit the official website of DumpMedia to see the detailed list of requirements when it comes to the installation of the app. Get the app’s installer right after completing the installation needs and then just launch the app on your computer once ready.

Step #2. On the main page of the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you shall see the “Open the Spotify Web Player” button right away. Tap on it and you’ll be asked to enter your Spotify account credentials – username and password. Just provide as needed.

Adding Spotify Songs to Third Party Converter

Step #3. You will be arriving at the Spotify page wherein you can start choosing which Spotify songs you wish to convert and download. Since you can process a bunch of Spotify songs in one go, you can select a lot and then drag and drop them to the green sidebar button that’s on your screen.

Step #4. Once you have the songs imported, you can choose which output format you wish to utilize. It is suggested that you choose formats like MP3 as this is playable on any device and media player. Also, don’t forget to specify an output folder and change some other settings as needed and intended.

Converting Spotify Songs to MP3 to Avoid Shuffle Mode

Step #5. Finally, the app will start converting the chosen Spotify songs once the “Convert” button has been tapped. Also, the DRM removal process will also be done so expect that once the songs are available on the output folder, those are already DRM-free. You can now listen to the Spotify songs that you love without worrying about the “Shuffle mode” feature and other limitations!

Part 4: FAQs about Turning Off Shuffle on Spotify iPhone

Q1. Where Is the Spotify Shuffle Button?

Launch the Spotify app or access the Spotify Web Player and begin playing a song or playlist. You'll notice a symbol of 'intersecting arrows' on the playback control bar, denoting the Spotify shuffle button used for shuffling your Spotify playlist.

Q2. Why can't I turn off Shuffle on Spotify?

Exclusive to Spotify Premium members, the Shuffle button grants access to this feature. For Spotify Free users, the app operates exclusively in Shuffle mode, preventing the deactivation of shuffling through a Shuffle button. Or you could use the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs previously and set up the song order according to your needs.

Q3. How do I turn off Shuffle on Spotify on my computer?

To turn on Shuffle on the desktop, hit the crossed arrows icon just left of the back skip button in the Now Playing bar. It'll be highlighted green with a green dot underneath if it's on. To turn it off, just click it again so it appears gray.

Q4. Can I turn off shuffle on Spotify iPhone 8?

The iPhone series that can turn off Spotify shuffle is the iPhone 12 series and above. These models have a feature called "Requires Opening" in the Control Center, which allows users to turn off a specific app, such as Spotify, with a single tap. To access this feature, open the Control Center, tap on the "Requires Opening" button, and select "Spotify."

Part 5: Summary

You finally now know how to turn off the shuffle on Spotify iPhone. Remember that the procedure will only work if you are using a Premium Spotify account. If you keep on seeing issues even after following the disabling procedure, or if you are using a free account, it is suggested that you just save the Spotify songs and then stream them offline through the help of the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter !

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