Can You Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite?

Book reading takes some time. It’s for that reason that some folks don’t bother to pick up a book. It’s not that they don’t like to read, it’s just that they don’t have the time to do so. Enter audiobooks. But then, there’s Kindle Paperwhite as well.

You might wonder that can you listen to audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite? The good news is that yes, you can listen to audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite. So, if you love audiobooks, you can now have a wider selection of books with Kindle Paperwhite. Continue reading to learn how you can listen to audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite.

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Part 1. Can You Listen to Audiobooks on A Kindle?

Digital books or ebooks have become very popular these days. They have allowed so many folks to get hold of more books. The two most popular digital books are the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Audiobooks. Just think about first, can you listen to audiobooks on kindle paperwhite?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best ebook reader on the market today. The Kindle paperwhite is the most affordable waterproof reader on the market. It boasts of flat-front design. It is smaller, slimmer, and lighter than the previous model. The reduced weight the screen is still a 6-inch 300 dot per inch panel sharp and clear with a reliable touch interface. It also boasts of smooth page transitions.

What’s really cool about it is that it now gives you two options. You can read and listen. If you don't want to read you can also listen. The new Paperwhite plays Kindle Audiobooks through Bluetooth headsets or speakers and if the book supports it will sync your Audiobook and your regular book. That way, you can flip back and forth without losing where you had left off.


Audiobooks make reading a lot easier. Instead of reading, you’re listening. That may be a pretty obvious thing to state but that is the most remarkable thing about audiobooks. One leading provider of audiobooks is Audible. Audiobooks have simplified reading. It doesn't require so much effort out of you and there are also ways that you can improve your listening of audiobooks as well. For folks like you who don’t have the time to read books, audiobooks are your best bet. And here is the good news, Amazon Prime members can get free audiobooks now.

Then can you listen to Audiobook on Kindle Paperwhite? There are ways! Just check out that on the next part.

Can You Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite

Part 2. How to Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite?

There are now ways for you to listen to Audiobooks on the sleek Kindle Paperwhite. Read on to learn more.

Option #1: Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite with DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

Here’s the thing about audiobooks. If you intend to listen to on Kindle Paperwhite, it can get a bit too expensive. It doesn't make sense to have them for every book on Kindle Paperwhite. Having said that, it’s not automatic that you get audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite. You would have to pay an additional fee to download an audiobook within Kindle Paperwhite. If you want to avoid that, you can use the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter instead.

This program spares you the additional fee and also removes the DRM of the audiobooks making it a lot easier to transfer to Kindle Paperwhite. It not only can remove DRM from your Audiobooks, but also can remove it from Apple Music, and convert it to other different formats.

Check out the steps below on how you can use it.

  1. Download the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter
  2. Add Audiobooks
  3. Convert and Download
  4. Transfer to Kindle Paperwhite

Free Download Free Download

Below the more detailed steps that can help you understand how to use the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to convert and transfer your audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite.

Step 1. Download the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

You can download the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter here. That link is your direct access to the program. You don’t have to click on any of the tabs on the menu. Install and launch the program.

Step 2. Add Audiobooks

When you open the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you will see that all your music and audiobooks have already been integrated. Take your cursor to the left panel. You will see your audiobooks there. Click on Audiobooks to launch the list of your audiobooks on the main screen. Choose the ones you want to listen to on Kindle Paperwhite.

 Add Audiobooks

Step 3. Convert and Download Audiobooks

Once you have chosen the audiobooks, adjust their output settings. You can do this on the bottom part of the screen. You can change the format of your audiobook in this area. Make sure to choose a format that’s compatible with Kindle Paperwhite. Then choose an output path for your audiobook. That way, you know where to find it after you have downloaded it. Click on the Download button.

Convert and Download Audiobooks

Step 4. Transfer to Kindle Paperwhite

Make sure your USB cord is hooked up from your Kindle to your computer and go to Amazon and log in. Go to the Department and then to Kindle e-readers. Click on manage Kindle. You will see all the books that you've downloaded to your computer. Choose the audiobook and transfer it to Kindle Paperwhite.

Tip: If you want to know more Audiobook Converters, you can check this link:

Option #2: Enable Bluetooth to Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite

If you use this feature, you would have to download the audiobook within the Kindle Paperwhite app. You would have to pay for an additional download. This feature is great if you haven’t downloaded the book yet from Audible.

If you have, you would have to pay extra for an additional download. Nonetheless, the steps below will show you how you can enable this feature on Kindle Paperwhite.

  1. Prepare a pair of Bluetooth headsets. Enable Bluetooth on your device and pair it with your headsets.
  2. Once you have your Bluetooth headsets, go back to the main home screen. Then go to the Library.
  3. Once you’re in your Library, go to All Items. You can filter by Audible. Then click on Audible.
  4. It takes about two minutes to download to the Kindle over Wi-Fi. Click on the book once the download is done and tap on the play button. Enjoy your audiobook.

Option #3: Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite Use Calibre

Caliber is a free open-source piece of software. It manages your dedicated e-reader and makes it a little bit more effective in being able to do things like convert ebooks from one format to another.

It can also edit cover art to change key details on an e-book. Navigation-wise, this software a bit challenging. It just takes some patience to get around it. Check out the steps below:

  1. Since you want to use Kindle Paperwhite for your audiobooks, make sure that it’s plugged into your computer. Head over to Select the Download Calibre tab. Select the operating system for which you intend to download. Once downloaded, run the file and install Calibre.
  2. To add books to your Library, click on Add books and choose the appropriate option. Select the folder/file that you intend to add to the library.
  3. Select the books from your Library and click on the Convert Books tab. Ensure that the Output format is selected to "MOBI". Under the "Page Setup" tab, ensure that the Output Profile is set to match your device(Kindle, Paperwhite, etc.). Hit on the Ok button.
  4. Connect the Kindle device to your PC/Laptop. Fire up Calibre, select the books you wish to transfer, and hit the Send to devise button.

Listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite Use Calibre

Part 3. Conclusion

Can you listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite? Yes! So, if you want to experience the Kindle Paperwhite but prefer to listen to your books instead, you can just convert your audiobook by using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter and then transfer it to your Kindle Paperwhite.

Free Download Free Download

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