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How to Share Audible Audiobooks with Friends for Free (2024)

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-25

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In this article, we’ll teach you how to share Audible books easily. Audible is a generous American company that loves and takes care of its customers. Because of this, Audible allows members to share Audible books with each other.

Despite that, some people are still dissatisfied with the book-sharing feature of Audible. The reason behind the dissatisfaction is the restrictive nature of DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and this mechanism prevents Audible books from being used on other platforms. With this scenario, we’ll teach you several ways to share Audible books with your family members in standard and non-standard ways.

Contents Guide Part 1. How Do I Share Audible Books with Friends/Family?Part 2. Share Audible Books with Anyone Without LimitPart 3. FAQs About Sharing Audible With FriendsPart 4. Summary

Part 1. How Do I Share Audible Books with Friends/Family?

You can invite them to join your Audible account, and they can access the same books that you have purchased or listened to. Audible also offers a range of group plans that can be used to share books, including the Audible Family Plan, which can accommodate up to six members.

With the Audible Family Plan, each member receives an Audible account and can access up to six books per month. In addition, Audible also offers the Audible Group List, which allows group members to discuss the same audiobook and share their thoughts and opinions. Below, we are going to introduce to you how to share Audible books with friends or family first.

Using the Household Family Sharing feature of Amazon services, you can share audible books with your friends and family.

  1. First, create a Household with your Amazon account. This will allow you to share Audible or other Amazon content including payment methods with another Amazon account.

Sharing Audible Audiobooks With Friends

Both of you must join an Amazon Household together. It can include two adults and up to four children accounts. To do this:

  1. Go to the official Amazon Website and log in.
  2. Go to the list menu (All) on the upper left. Under Help & Settings click Your Account.
  3. Under Digital Content and Devices click Manage Content and Devices.
  4. Go to the Preference tab.
  5. Click Household and Family next click Learn More about Households.
  6. Choose Add Adult.
  7. Let the other person sign into his Amazon account then add him.

You can now share Amazon resources with another adult through the methods shown above. Choose which items to share. It can be books, apps, games, or audiobooks. Both of your selected contents can now be shared.

You’ll be able to see the shared content on your device through the Family Library. It’s always synced through the cloud. Be sure that you’ve enabled your device to view shared content. This can be turned on through Manage Your Content and Devices or Family Library Settings.

How to share audible books with Family sharing enabled:

After creating a Household account share your audiobooks with others:

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices on the Audible website.
  2. Go to the Content tab. Choose the Show Family Library button. Now select the audiobook you want to share and select the Add to Library button.
  3. After this, all users in the Household (be it an adult or children) can now access the shared Family Library.

Part 2. Share Audible Books with Anyone Without Limit

To share Audible books using the Household Sharing feature of Amazon services is fairly convenient. However, the structure of the Audible file hasn’t changed. It’s still protected media, and you cannot use them for other purposes other than what Audible suggests. Because of this, we’ll show you a method to share audible books without limitation using DumpMedia Audible Converter.

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DumpMedia Audible Converter is a convenient way to convert your Audible files into popular audio formats. This converter can convert to MP3, WAV, FLAC, or M4A. It also removes DRM and the restrictions it imposes. Because of this, you’ll be free to use them with any player and share them with your family members.

Download a free trial of DumpMedia Audible Converter below. It’s readily available for both PC and Mac.

To use DumpMedia Audible Converter, see the steps below:

Adding Audible Audiobooks to Third Party Converter

  1. Open DumpMedia Audible Converter. Choose your Audible files to convert by dragging and dropping them in the DumpMedia window. You can also use the Browse button if you want.
  2. Choose output formats by clicking the drop-down menu beside the audiobook file. The available formats are MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. Click on the tag icon so you can change ID3 or metadata settings. For advanced settings, click the list menu above. Next, choose Output Settings. You can also change the default output directory of DumpMedia below.
  3. Click Convert to start converting in batch. You can also convert individually.
  4. Once finished you should see your converted files in the Completed tab. Now Click Open File to browse it in a new Windows Explorer or Finder window.

Converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 to Share With Friends

Evaluate DumpMedia Audible Converter, and when you’re satisfied, purchase a license key. You get the privilege of timely software updates needed with Audible. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee for your purchase. You’ll also have guaranteed 24-hour reply customer support.

Part 3. FAQs About Sharing Audible With Friends

Q1. Can two people listen to Audible at the same time?
Users must have an Audible accoun


Up to two adults and two children

. Audible premium plus catalog titles are not available.
Q2. Can Audible books be downloaded?
You can download audiobooks, podcasts, and Originals online or in the Audible app

. Note: You can only download titles you've purchased with an Audible credit or a credit card to your computer.

Part 4. Summary

In this article, we’ve taught you how to share Audible books with your friends and family members. We’ve used the Amazon Household sharing feature for this. This is a very smart feature employed by Amazon so that you can save on purchasing repeated digital media within your household.

However, the digital media will still have DRM, and you are still not free to use them with any device or media player. With the said scenario, you can use a versatile third-party tool to remove DRM. This tool is called DumpMedia Audible Converter. It can convert your Audible files into standard music formats while also removing DRM. Unlike any other Audible Converter, this converter can also adjust various settings with your conversion. With this feature, it has become the most popular converter and DRM removal tool today.

Free Download Free Download

Download a free trial of DumpMedia Audible Converter to try it yourself. If you’re satisfied purchase a license key. This will unlock this tool’s entire feature. You’re also given a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as 24-hour reply customer support. You won’t be able to find this feature with the current Audible Converters out today. This is the best tool out there for your Audible conversion needs.

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