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How to Download/Convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 in 2024

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-25

2 min read

“I downloaded some Audible files, but I want to listen to them using my other device. Right now, I think conversion is the only way to solve the case, but I have no idea what methods I should try. Can anybody suggest the best ways to convert Audible to MP3 format?”

The MP3 format is one of those flexible formats ever introduced to people. You can have MP3 files played on almost all media players and devices nowadays. You can easily burn your MP3 audiobooks to CD, so you can enjoy them while driving. All the dilemmas here would be to identify a process or a tool to aid in the Audible to MP3 format conversion.

Don’t worry, as you read what we prepared in this article, you’ll find the easy ways of converting Audible files. Let’s get started.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Convert Audible to MP3 on Mac/PC?Part 2. How to Convert Audible to MP3 Online?Part 3. How to Convert Audible to MP3 for Free?Part 4. FAQs About Converting Audible to MP3Part 5. Summary

Part 1. How to Convert Audible to MP3 on Mac/PC?

Right away, in this part of the article, you will know how Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format conversion would be made possible through the best professional software application – the DumpMedia Audible Converter.

If you tried looking on the web, you might have seen a lot of apps and websites saying that they can do the Audible to MP3 format conversion. Some of these statements might be true. However, the drawbacks are usually not stated. To help you ensure that you won’t face any disadvantages or issues while trying to convert Audible format, we will explain further in detail how good this DumpMedia Audible Converter is.

Of course, this DumpMedia Audible Converter can convert Audible files. It can help you get rid of the DRM protection of the Audible files making it possible for offline streaming and accessing on any media players or devices that you own. Apart from MP3, it supports other common formats so, if you wish to transform the Audible to any other output formats, that will be possible through the DumpMedia Audible Converter as well.

During the conversion process, the lossless quality for Audible AA or AAX files will be kept. Thus, making sure that your listening experience would still be perfect. It also has a fast conversion speed. With this, you can expect the MP3 files to be ready right away (in just a few minutes).

It is also notable to mention that the app can keep the ID tags and chapters. We know how important these things are so we’re sure you’ll be glad to know this. When it comes to updates and app support, the DumpMedia team ensures that timely updates will be done on the app and customer support will always be provided as needed.

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It’s simple to use and has functions that can be easily understood even by first-time users. Of course, we have here a guide to help you with Audible to MP3 format conversion using the DumpMedia Audible Converter. Click the above icon to download and have a try.

Step #1. Visit DumpMedia’s official website to learn the details about the installation requirements. Once you have completed those, just install the app on your PC or Mac and start by launching it. Feel free to add the Audible files you wish to process. This app can process a bunch of Audible books in one go so you can add a lot if needed or if you want to.

Adding Audible Audiobooks to Convert to MP3

Step #2. Start modifying the output settings. From the available output formats, choose MP3. And then, you can make some changes in the settings as you like. Also, don’t forget the output folder as this will aid in the easy access of the converted files after the process.

Adding Audible Audiobooks to Convert to MP3

Step #3. Tap the “Convert” button that is located at the bottom right area of your screen. This will then trigger the DumpMedia Audible Converter to start transforming Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format as well as removing the DRM encryption of the audiobook files. This should only take some time since the app has a pretty fast speed.

Converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 with Third Party Software

You can also preview the converted files under the “Converted” section of the app’s main screen. Now, you can just have them streamed on your PC and Mac or transfer to any device or media player as you like. You can even save them on external drives if you want to.

Part 2. How to Convert Audible to MP3 Online?

If you are not into the installation of applications on your computer, you will surely be happy to know that there are online methods to convert Audible to MP3 format.

Just take note that using online tools will only be recommended if you are to perform the conversion process once or twice and if you are not too keen when it comes to the quality of the output files. Additionally, a need for a stable internet connection is a must to ensure that the conversion process will be successful.

On the web, there would surely be a lot of websites claiming that they can do Audible to MP3 format conversion. Don’t be fooled as there as some sites that could be risky and are not reliable. To help you ease the risk and possible burden of trying each recommendation one by one, we will be sharing a good and free online tool here that you can use and can give you good outputs.

Online Audio Converter

One reliable online platform to do the Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format conversion is this Online Audio Converter. Here’s a guide to using this online site.

Step #1. Import or load the Audible files by getting them either from online storage clouds like Dropbox or Google Drive, from your computer’s library, or via a URL. You have to take note that you can only process audiobooks that are up to 10 MB in size. Otherwise, an error during uploading will occur.

Step #2. Do the output settings customization – ensure that MP3 is the output format, edit track information, change some in the advanced settings section, and more.

Step #3. Tap on the “Convert” button (the blue button that is at the lowest area of the screen) to let this online converter start the conversion process.

Part 3. How to Convert Audible to MP3 for Free?

Now that you already have an idea when it comes to converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format via a professional software application or an online tool, we have this portion to further highlight some other options that are available for you. Yes, apart from using a professional app or an online tool, you can also check out some other Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format converters that are free of use.

Of course, we have them highlighted in this section so if you wish to get to know more about them, make sure to read all the information that is presented in this part of the article.

#1. Free Audible AAX to MP3 Converter

Sourceforge is an open-source site wherein you can do the free Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format conversion. This was introduced to the public by aaxman. You have to know that this won’t work on iTunes, so the conversion speed is guaranteed to be fast.

You can see in the below paragraphs how you can have your Audible files transformed to MP3 format through this free Audible to MP3 format converter.

Setting Up Axx Audio Converter

Step #1. You need to have the Audible Manager installed on your computer first. Afterward, launch, and then select an Audible file to process.

Step #2. You have to do the authorization on your Audible account to allow the conversion of the Audible files to MP3 format without paying a fee.

Step #3. Have this Aax2Mp3 (AaxToMp3GUI.exe) opened and start selecting those audiobooks that you wish to transform to MP3 format. After doing so, tick the “Convert” button next.

However, the drawback of using this is that only those who understand the German language will be able to process the conversion procedure. The language of this free tool is German and based on the feedback, this hasn’t been updated for years now. Additionally, there were also claims that at times, the conversion won’t work as expected.

#2. Free AAX Audio Converter

Another Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format converter that is free of use is this Free AAX Audio Converter. This has an intuitive user interface and has specialization in doing both the conversion and downloading of Audible files to other formats.

The good thing is that apart from MP3, it can also support the conversion of Audible files to M4A file format. However, you must know that you can only use this on Windows PCs with Windows 7 or higher OS versions. It might be unfortunate to know but you can’t use this on Mac computers.

Here’s a preview of how you can use this Free AAX Audio Converter to do the Audible to MP3 format conversion.

Step #1. Start with the installation of this Free AAX Audio Converter on your Windows computer. Afterward, open the app and then tick the “Add..” button. This will let you add the Audible audiobooks that you want to process.

Step #2. You have to ensure that you will set MP3 as the output format (as we are looking to convert Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format in this post). There are also options for the mode. You can just choose whichever you like from the list provided on your screen.

Step #3. This Free AAX Audio Converter will start converting your Audible files to MP3 format once you hit the “Convert” button that is just at the lowest area of the screen.

#3. Convert Via iTunes

You might have read somewhere that you can use the iTunes app to convert Audible to MP3 format. It’s possible, but the conversion process will be a bit complex. To give an overview, what you have to do is import the audiobook to create an audio CD and then have it reimported off the CD via iTunes built-in MP3 encoder.

Here’s how.

Step #1. Launch your iTunes app and then authorize your Audible account by tapping the “Account” button, then “Authorization”, “Authorize Audible Account”. Just provide your Audible credentials to continue and then tap the “Click here to complete your activation!” to finish off the authorization process.

Step #2. Start adding the Audible audiobooks to the iTunes app. You need a new playlist to be created first. Click “File” and then “New”, and “Playlist”. Drag those audiobooks to process in this new playlist created.

Step #3. Start burning a CD. Insert a blank CD and then select the new playlist created before tapping the “Burn Disc” button. You can also write a burn speed. To start burning, click the “Burn” button. If you are trying to process files that do not fit into a single CD, an error message will pop up.

Step #4. Import the MP3 audiobook then by starting by tapping the “General Preferences” button then “Edit” and finally, “Preferences”. You have to go to “Import Settings” and choose the button for “MP3 Encoder”. Click “OK” to ensure that you have saved the changes. Now, reinsert the burned CD. Highlight it in the iTunes sidebar and then choose “import”. By doing this, the iTunes app will then start the importing process. You will see the files in your iTunes library as MP3 ones.

Note: If you having trouble adding your Audible audiobooks to iTunes, click here to learn more details.

The process of Audible to MP3 format conversion might be a bit complex for some but others are also trying this method.

Part 4. FAQs About Converting Audible to MP3

Q1. What is the difference between AAX and MP3 files?

AAC encryption is used for AAX files, while MP3 files use MP3 compression. AAC files are uncompressed audio files that are used for professional audio productions.

Q2. Why would I want to convert Audible to MP3?

You might want to convert Audible to MP3 for playback on personal music devices or to share your music with others who don't have the necessary software to playback AAC files.

Q3. How can I convert Audible to MP3?

There are various software tools available to convert Audible to MP3. Some 3rd-party converters such as DumpMedia Audible Converter could help you.

Part 5. Summary

Free Download Free Download

There are a bunch of ways to convert Audible to MP3 format. As we have highlighted in this post, you can transform the files using a professional tool like the DumpMedia Audible Converter, online websites, or free apps. Regardless of whichever way you choose, the bottom line here is to have the files converted to MP3 format and accessed on any device.

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