How to Convert iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3

If you have not heard about the M4B file format before, you are not alone. The M4B file is a MPEG-4 file format for audiobooks that you download or purchase from the iTunes Store or from other sources. The file format is strikingly like the M4A format. The only difference is that the M4B format can support the storage of digital bookmarks with the audio.

Do you know how to convert iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3? An issue of concern with audiobooks in the M4B format is their incompatible nature. Generally, it is difficult to find a compatible player that can support M4B audiobooks whether from iTunes Store or another source.

So how do I convert M4B to MP3? With the help of this guide, you will be provided with the steps on how to convert M4B to MP3 so that you can enjoy your audiobooks on any device or player that you will use.

Contents Guide Part 1. What Is The Best M4B to MP3 Converter?Part 2. How to Convert M4B to MP3 OnlinePart 3. Other Ways to Convert iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3Part 4. In Conclusion

Part 1. What Is The Best M4B to MP3 Converter?

Generally, this is based on the audiobooks that you want to convert using the M4B converter. In case the M4B audiobooks are not encoded with DRM protection, you can utilize some freeware such as iTunes, VLC media player, or M4B to MP3 converter online to deal with the conversion process.

In case you require a converter that can convert M4B to MP3, the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is the recommended choice. (If you are a fan of Audible and want to download Audible AA/AAX books for offline listening, you can use DumpMedia Audible Converter. It can convert Audible audiobooks from AA, AAX to MP3 format.)

Use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to Convert M4B to MP3

Even though the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter seems like the ideal tool to convert Apple Music songs, it is more than that. The tool converts iTunes M4B audiobooks, Apple Music, Audible audiobook, and iTunes videos which are protected audio files in iTunes as well as converting podcast, iTunes purchased songs, and CD songs that are non-protected types of audio in iTunes.

Let us take a close look at the noteworthy features of the tool:

Free Download Free Download

A Simple Solution for Batch Conversion of iTunes M4B to MP3

  • The initial step is to download and install the M4B to MP3 converter on your device.
  • Open the converter and add M4B files by tapping at the “Audiobooks” tab from the main interface. Select the audiobook that you want to convert by marking the checkbox.
  • In the main window, tap on the“Output Format” tab and designate MP3 as the output format of your audiobooks.
  • Tap on “Convert” to start the conversion process of M4B to MP3. The process will only take a short while until all the M4B files are successfully converted.

Make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer before using the converter. It is recommended to use the latest version of iTunes. Furthermore, if your source of M4B audiobooks is iTunes, you must download them via the cloud and authorize your PC to play the M4B audiobooks.

Convert M4B to MP3

Part 2. How to Convert M4B to MP3 Online

For those who are not willing to download any application on their computer, this is an alternative approach. You can utilize an online converter but remember that it is not going to work 100% efficiently since most of the online converters cannot convert M4B to MP3. In case you have other sources for your audiobooks, there is a good chance.

  • Go to the website of Cloudconvert.
  • Tap on “Select Files” to upload the M4B files that you want to convert
  • Designate MP3 as the output format. Depending on your needs, you can also choose from other supported audio formats such as AC3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, M4A, and WMA.
  • Tap on“Start Conversion” to initiate the conversion process of M4B to MP3
  • Simply wait until all the M4B files are converted to the MP3 file format

Convert M4B to MP3 Using Cloudconvert

Part 3. Other Ways to Convert iTunes M4B Audiobooks to MP3

How Do You Convert M4B to MP3 with VLC Player

  • Open the VLC media player on your device
  • Hold on “Ctrl” and tap on “R” on your keyboard to activate the “Open Media” window
  • Tap on “Add” to import your M4B audiobooks
  • Tap on “Convert/Save” which opens a window. Tap on “Profile” and select “Audio” > “MP3”
  • Tap on “Browse” on the same window to designate an output folder to store the files that have been converted
  • Lastly, tap on “Start” to convert M4B to MP3.

How Do You Convert M4B to MP3 in iTunes

Generally, iTunes can easily perform conversion of audio files. If you are going to try out this method to convert M4B to MP3, let us take a close look at the steps:

  • Open iTunes on your device
  • Go to the “Preferences” For Windows PC, tap on “Edit” and choose “Preferences. For Mac, tap on “iTunes” on the menu bar and choose “Preferences”.
  • Tap on the “Import Settings” from the Preferences window. For Import Using, choose “MP3 Encoder”. On Setting, choose Good Quality (128 Kbps) or Higher Quality (192 Kbps). Lastly, tap on OK to save the import settings.
  • Proceed to “Book” > “Audiobooks” to choose the M4B audiobooks to be converted.
  • Tap on “File”, select “Convert” and tap on “Create MP3 Version”. Simply wait for the files to be converted.

Convert M4B to MP3 by Using iTunes

Part 4. In Conclusion

Now that you are familiar with the different methods on how to convert iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3, simply choose the method that you want to try out.

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