Putlockers’ New Site 2020 And The Alternatives To It

Do you love watching movies online? Do you want to always get a hold of the new movies being released to the public? If your answers to both questions is a “Yes”, then surely, you are aware of Putlockers and how it had helped a lot of movie fanatics out there. With this site, there is no trouble in signing in and other things before watching the movies you like.

However, due to some reasons, some are having issues accessing this now. This is why they had switched to Putlockers new site today in order to still enjoy watching movies. Here, we will be getting to know that Putlockers’ new site today and some alternatives that you can use as a replacement.

Contents Guide Part 1: Putlockers’ New Site Today: How Can It Be Accessed?Part 2: The Alternatives To PutlockersPart 3: Additional Information: What To Use To Download Videos?Part 4: The Major Takeaways From The Post

Part 1: Putlockers’ New Site Today: How Can It Be Accessed?

Putlockers was actually improved to be a better version in order to fix bugs and issues. However, this site is not stable and there are times that people won’t be able to search for this via the net. There are some who are continuously looking but still, there is no information about the Putlockers’ new site today.

Researches had revealed that many users attempted to look for it but still got no data available. Putlockers has been a great platform for movie lovers to access their favorites for free without being troubled with signing in and registration requirements. Actually, we had found out about Putlockers.is which could be treated as Putlockers’ new site today.



Putlockers.is has an easy interface and is considered as one of the leading free online streaming sites. You can enjoy limitless streaming on this site. Added to this, there are unblocked movies that open a huge chance for viewers to access those they want. In this site, you can actually utilize a search function that would help you easily track or see the movie that you want to stream.

After Putlockers was made unavailable, this one popped out to be the next most popular having almost the same domain name. The extension is being kept in order to bypass some other locations.

While in search, surely, you have encountered sites offering the same service. And, there could be experiences of arriving in spam sites. All of us would like to watch movies in our free time, right? Since there are some people having difficulty in looking for Putlockers’ new site today, we also prepared some alternative sites that you can check out. These are also offering movies that you can easily access in case you want to.

Part 2: The Alternatives To Putlockers

Though some users cannot specifically find the Putlockers’ new site today, there are still sites offering the same services. And, for your easy reference, we have consolidated a list of those that you can refer to. We know how hard it is to look for a site offering quality services at not much cost. Lots of websites nowadays would only trick the users with main pages but would end up with advertisements and worst, malware, and viruses. We do not want you to experience such that is why we have the below list. Check out which from below would work for you.


SolarMovies is among the most popular sites that is almost the same as Putlockers. The users of this platform are highly commending the efficiency they are experiencing while utilizing the search function of this site. And, the same with Putlockers, there is no sign-up process that needs to be done.

When you try to access this site, you will immediately see from the home page all those famous movies and even the recent ones. So, this means that if there are new movies released, you can have those watched on this site immediately. Another good thing about this site is that the movies on this site have rating options with details for each movie. This can help you decide which movie to watch or stream. Moreover, when you look at the home page, this has an interface that looks the same as Google’s look.

In utilizing the search option, you can just enter the title of the tv series.

SolarMovies Website


Among the many popular free streaming sites, surely, you heard already about 123Movie. On this site, you can get to experience HD movies and even have those downloaded for free. The interface is easy to understand and navigate as well giving easy experience for users. What is good about 123Movie that you can do the searching via country. This means that in case you wanted to watch dramas made by Koreans, you can access those in this site as well. You will easily see those movies released in the previous two to three weeks on this site’s main page.

123Movie to Watch Movies


Another alternative to Putlockers is Fmovies.to. The same with the previously mentioned ones, this is also offering movie streaming for free. What is more fascinating is that there is no need to worry about advertisements and the like since you will not be encountering those while watching movies on this site. If you wish to save movies, the site is also offering free downloads that come with subtitles. You can access not only fresh movies released but also the old ones in Fmovies.to.

Site of Fmovies.to


MovieNight is as well a site wherein movies and TV shows can be accessed. The same with those previously mentioned, there is no need to pay in order to stream movies using this site. One drawback of using this site is the ads that you will encounter. You have an option to remove those for 24 hours once you shared the content you are watching. This also has not that big database unlike Putlockers but you can still enjoy the movies and shows here.

Site of MovieNight


Of course, everyone would agree that among the movie streaming pages or platforms, Netflix is surely getting all the attention from people. Netflix is continuously offering content and amazing performance when it comes to offering movies and shows making people subscribe and pay the premium to enjoy the features the site has. This also comes with an application making it easier for users when it comes to utilization. Also, there are also movies and shows which are exclusively released via Netflix. You can also save and download content using the application itself. The only drawback is that those downloaded would be lost once the subscription has ended.

Site of Netflix

In case you do not want to use Putlockers’ new site today or find it hard to see such, the above alternatives are as well great. You can try any from the above to see which one will work best for you.

Part 3: Additional Information: What To Use To Download Videos?

Do you want to keep some videos or movies on your personal computer and have those streamed even if you are not connected to the internet or in case you do not have any data with you as you travel? Are you looking for a safe video downloader that can keep some videos from popular sites like Youtube?

When it comes to video, shows, or movie downloading, we actually have a good recommendation. There is a tool that has the capability to do the downloading at ease keeping the content’s original quality even after the downloading process has been completed. We introduce this DumpMedia Video Downloader. What is this capable of?

  • You can access and download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a lot more with fast speed.
  • You can get the assurance that video quality would be good even after downloading is done.
  • Batch downloading is supported. This means that you can process a lot of videos one-time.
  • You also have the option to select video resolution before processing with the downloading process.
  • Not only video downloading, you can also save audio tracks from videos (portions) if you wish to.
  • The interface is so easy to navigate making it very easy to head to video downloading following only three simple steps.
  • Because of fast speed, you can have the videos downloaded immediately without waiting so much time.

Free Download Free Download

In case you wanted to know more about the capabilities and special features the DumpMedia Video Downloader has. The official site is open for visits. You can check out all the needed details.

DumpMedia Video Downloader

Part 4: The Major Takeaways From The Post

Movie streaming can now be done with your fingertips. By just heading to the right website, you can immediately access all those movies you wanted to watch anytime you want to. The only drawback when it comes to streaming online is the need for an internet connection while watching. If you wish to save the movies or videos on your personal computer, you can use tools with the ability to do so. One great tool is this DumpMedia Video Downloader. Have you ever tried using such an application before? What was your experience?

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