Extratorrent Proxy Sites in 2020

Are you fond of downloading files online and happen to know something about Extratorrent proxy and more?

Extratorrent proxy is really popular if we are to talk about downloading - downloading of movie files, ebooks, PDFs, applications, tv programs, video games, and more without incurring any cost. And, with the help of this, users get to experience an amazing downloading experience - fast and reliable as the long internet connection is stable and secure.

If you are well aware of these torrent sites, then surely, you are also informed enough that many countries are blocking such. Because of the blocking activity, people will find it harder to access the site using direct links. This is the reason why users keep on researching information about Extratorrent proxy mirror sites and alternatives in order to access the unblocked contents of Extratorrent for free.

In this blog post, we are about to talk about mentioned Extratorrent proxy sites and the like that people can use in order to proceed with the downloading they ought to do. Our aim is to help lessen the burden and difficulty in mind for you to keep all those files you wanted to. So, let us begin!

Contents Guide Part 1: Latest List Of Extratorrent Proxy SitesPart 2: Why Are Extratorrent Being Blocked?Part 3: A Way To Unblock ExtratorrentPart 4: The Examples Of Extratorrent AlternativesPart 5: Are Extratorrent Proxy Sites Safe?Part 6: Additional Information: Download Videos And AudiosPart 7: To Wrap It All

Part 1: Latest List Of Extratorrent Proxy Sites

There are numerous Extratorrent proxy sites which you can use and access. You can refer to the below list for samples and their corresponding speed.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites Speed
http://extratorrent.me/ Very Fast
https://extratorrent-cc.bypassed.cool/ Very Fast
https://extratorrents.unblockall.xyz Very Fast
https://extra4-to.unblocked.lol/ Fast
https://extra.cd/ Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 8 Fast
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 4 Normal
ExtraTorrent Alt. Proxy 1 Normal
https://extratorrent.cool/ Normal
https://extra.to/ Slow

Part 2: Why Are Extratorrent Being Blocked?

You could be asking why Extratorrent sites are being blocked. And, you could be looking for the answer to that for some time now. Well, you are fortunate as we are to explain the reason behind the blocking of Extratorrent.

The reason for the above question is because Extratorrent sites contain files which are mostly copyrighted. And, for creators and owners, they do not want their contents to be accessed by anyone without their permissions. Apart from that, there are also cases that the location where you are at is the issue. As initially mentioned, some countries often block such sites as well to limit the people from accessing those.

But do you have a way to have those Extratorrent sites unblocked? Of course, there is! and, we will be teaching you a method on how you can do it in the next part of this blog post.

Part 3: A Way To Unblock Extratorrent

One effective way of unblocking Extratorrent sites is by the use of VPNs. The use of a VPN allows one to keep every activity in private by masking or hiding your IP address. There happen to be some cases wherein sites are not actually blocked but down or unavailable. In such, you can use mirror sites which replicate or mirror the contents of the original one. You can look for an Extratorrent proxy or mirror on the web or refer to the above table stated in the first part of this article. The idea is that you are to fool your ISP.

Once you have a VPN downloaded, you can follow the guide below.

  1. Of course, as mentioned, there is a need for you to download a VPN which you are to use.
  2. Once downloaded, make sure that you are to launch and enable the software.
  3. Now, you need to choose one Extratorrent proxy (possible from the list stated or based on your own research) to finally download the contents you desire to keep.

VPN Image

Part 4: The Examples Of Extratorrent Alternatives

As mentioned, we are as well to discuss some Extratorrent alternatives in this article. We are about to tackle a bunch so make sure to keep on reading to know some more details and information which you can surely use going forward. Let us start with the first one.

The Pirate Bay

One of the many possible alternatives to Extratorrent is this “The Pirate Bay”. This is actually known to be one of the best in the industry and is as well one of the most popular. In fact, it has done a lot of file sharing activities compared to any other sites you know. One fact about this site is that those who have found it actually had issues because of copyright laws and some of them even ended in jail! Can you imagine that?

Many are actually curious about this “The Pirate Bay” site and would be happy to see how this will disappear. However, the founders may seem to be good enough to keep the site running up until this day still hosting some torrent sites. You can even use this in thirty-five languages.

The Pirate Bay


Apart from the first given, you can also check this “LimeTorrents”. This is known as one of the best “general-purpose torrent sites” which is as well maintaining its limelight in the industry. Creators have done some improvements and changes in the sites which is very evident as you can see new options like a search bar for easy looking of several famous categories.

Many people who have experienced using “LimeTorrents” have reported that unlike the homepage, the other pages of the site are not as presentable as the homepage. But that is not the purpose of the site, you should not be discouraged and still try to give it a go. Why not, right? LimeTorrents would actually not disappoint you in terms of contents as you can easily access a lot of TV shows and even movies, apps, and games that you like.



Zooqle may seem to be considered as one of the popular emerging alternatives of ExtraTorrent or many other torrent sites. As of this writing, Zooqle actually has 3.5 million torrents with a thousand being added day by day. Many individuals have been amazed by how awesome Zooqle modern design is and even its excellent and amazing functionality.

Just by looking at Zooqle’s homepage, you can actually see the most searched ones and even try the searching ability using the browse feature. At the current time, you can have the site accessed in two languages, English and Russian. Researches had revealed that plenty of other languages will be added in the platform soon.



Torrentz2 is a site which can be utilized as an engine for searching as it has the ability to use other torrent sites as tools for collecting search results. One drawback of this site is that it does not actually store or retain any torrent files as they wanted to avoid getting the attention of offices enforcing the law about copyright issues and the like. You may notice that this one actually won’t give much fine vibe compared to other sites initially mentioned.


Part 5: Are Extratorrent Proxy Sites Safe?

“Are Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites safe to use?”

If you are asking the same question as above, you might be worried that those presented in the above are not that safe to use. Well, we cannot blame you. Up to this writing, those mentioned initially are still safe to use. Actually, Extratorrent shut down last May of the year 2017 which resulted in users flocking to Extratorrent proxy sites.

Still, we cannot guarantee how long you can use the above sites. If you are in need as of now, we suggest you try using those above.

Or, if you only desire to download videos or audios, maybe you can consider the tool that would be presented below.

Part 6: Additional Information: Download Videos And Audios

If you are worried that much about the safety of using some Extratorrent proxy sites and you are only aiming to keep copies of your favorite videos, movie clips, or audios, then maybe you can consider using this DumpMedia Video Downloader. It is a safe downloader that you can download videos from YouTube.

DumpMedia Video Downloader

The above-mentioned tool has the ability to download both videos and audios from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other media platforms with even high and fast speed. Added to that this tool supports batch processing and downloading which makes it even more efficient for every user as they would not perform the process again and again in case they wanted to download a number of files.

In order for you to know more details about this DumpMedia Video Downloader, you can always visit the site. You can also get a reference about the guide on how you can use the tool in the downloading process.

Free Download Free Download

Part 7: To Wrap It All

Extratorrent proxy sites are being utilized by a lot of people worldwide to keep copies of their favorite movies and many other files. For some these have been really helpful and benefit them a lot. However, since the safety cannot be a guarantee that much, it would still be better to use other reliable tools with trusted performance and known results like DumpMedia Video Downloader. Still, it will be your decision if you are to use any from the above or look for software applications with the ability to download the same files.

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