Top and Best Anilinkz Alternatives for Watching Free Animes Online

If you love watching anime movies and series all day long, then you are surely familiar with Anilinkz. Though you can find a lot of websites for watching anime that claim to offer you a wide range of choices you can choose from, none of them can match the premium features that Anilinkz offers. Millions of anime lovers visit Anilinkz’s website daily due to its appealing interface and high-quality videos.

However, Anilinkz is not available in all countries due to some reasons and it left a lot of users disappointed. So, if you are looking for Anilinkz alternative websites, then you came to the right place!

Here, we will give you the top 10 alternatives you can use. But first, let us have a brief discussion about Anilinkz in the next section.

Contents Guide Part 1. What is Anilinkz?Part 2. Top 10 Alternatives for AnilinkzPart 3. Bonus Tip: How to Download Online Anime VideosPart 4. Wrapping it Up

Part 1. What is Anilinkz?

Anilinkz was once among the best streaming websites for a wide range of anime movies and series. Though it still offers all of its features in many regions worldwide, some countries banned the website due to violation of terms and piracy issues.

Anilinkz's Homepage

Below is a list of Anilinkz’s notable features:

  • It has a wide collection of Manga and Anime shows, movies, and series.
  • It also has Manga Magazines and comics that are available in both doc and pdf formats which you can either stream online or download for offline reading.
  • It updates its collection every after a few days, adding more interesting series and shows to keep you entertained.
  • It is probably the only website that consumes low data. A whole 1080p movie hardly consumes half a GB.
  • It is famous for its free subtitle sharing feature in case some users can’t understand the original language of the anime videos.
  • It allows you to bookmark your desired content and create a watchlist.

Part 2. Top 10 Alternatives for Anilinkz

Now, let us proceed to the top 10 alternatives for Anilinkz you can check out.

#1 9anime

  • It has excellent features such as a search tool, navigation menu, categorized anime list, and an A-Z list of its collection of anime videos.
  • It has a great design and user interface so you can easily search for your desired anime.
  • It provides a Most Watched list of anime.
  • It includes English dubbed anime versions which you can watch for free without registering.
  • It offers fast streaming from low to HD resolution.
  • It regularly updates its anime list.

Anilinkz Alternatives 9anime

#2 Anime Ultima

  • It uploads high-quality videos.
  • You can watch and register for free.
  • It updates its list of the latest anime regularly.
  • It has a Popular menu if you don’t know which anime to watch.
  • Its anime videos are free to download.
  • It comes with an advanced search bar to help you find our desired anime by typing the title or name.

Anilinkz Alternatives Anime Ultima

#3 AnimeFreak

  • AnimeFreak offers the best user interface - it is mobile-friendly.
  • It offers both dubbed and subbed anime videos and series which you can for free.
  • You can easily search your favorite anime even on mobile devices and watch from their large collection of anime series.
  • You can register for free so that you can access its content without any limits.
  • You can comment as well as review the comments of other users to help you find the most popular anime series.
  • Do note though that AnimFreak’s website contains ads.
  • This is among the best anime websites that offer the fastest streams.
  • You can view using the auto-mode (low-resolution) if you do not have a stable internet connection.

Anilinkz Alternatives Anime Freak

#4 Animeheaven

  • This is free to use with unlimited anime movies and series in HD.
  • You can easily stream and download your desired anime series.
  • It provides fast streaming of its huge database of anime videos.
  • It includes a detailed description of its anime such as the names of the characters, number of series, and release date.
  • It regularly updates its anime list which you can see on the website’s latest menu.
  • You can comment, like, or dislike anime series or movies.
  • You can view the profile of other users as well as their favorite list.
  • It provides multiple categories and genres including Sci-fi, Horror, Action, Romantic, Adventure, Drama, and others.

Anilinkz Alternatives Anime Heaven

#5 AnimeLand

  • This anime website offers its users the best anime movies with English dubs.
  • It is popular worldwide because it offers legal content.
  • It has a very useful user interface you can use to navigate through the website and watch unlimited anime.
  • It does not require you to register so you can stream your favorite anime online for free.
  • Most of its dubbed anime versions have English subtitles.
  • It contains a categorized list of anime movies and series, dubbed anime versions, genres, and others.
  • It does not contain ads so you can watch your favorite anime videos without any disturbance.
  • It offers unique features such as multiple ways of finding your favorite series:
    • Through its A-Z list
    • Thorough its search box (you can search your desired anime’s name and the website will present you with related anime)

Anilinkz Alternatives Anime Land

#6 BabyAnime

  • This is among the most excellent websites for streaming your desired anime videos.
  • You can watch in the lowest quality or in high definition.
  • It offers fast video streaming. Unlike other anime websites, BabyAnime can play your anime videos smoothly.
  • It has English dubbed anime videos as well as subtitles for its users who can’t understand the Japanese language.
  • It offers the same services and features as KissAnime.
  • It has a large collection of anime series that you can watch for free without any limits.
  • Its most notable advantage is that you do not need to register before you can enjoy its features.

Anilinkz Alternatives Baby Anime

#7 Gogoanime

  • Gogoanime offers a huge collection of the most popular anime series - an unending list of both old and new series.
  • Its home page presents dubbed as well as the newly released anime series.
  • It has a navigation menu and a search bar to help you find your desired anime series easier.
  • This anime streaming website has also arranged its anime list in alphabetical order to help users access their favorite anime series faster.
  • One more good feature of Gogoanime is that its anime series come with comments and ratings. You are free to give your own feedback in the website’s comment section.

Anilinkz Alternatives Gogo Anime

#8 KissAnime

  • This site is referred to as the “king” in the online anime industry with millions of users worldwide where you can enjoy the best anime movies and series without any limits.
  • It offers a larger collection of the best anime series than the other websites.
  • It regularly uploads the newest anime series.
  • You can watch their videos from 240p to 1080p resolution depending on your preferences.
  • It has a simple user interface that attracted a lot of anime lovers worldwide.
  • It provides a variety of genres (adventure, war, fighting, comedy, sci-fi, horror, drama, romance, etc.)

Anilinkz Alternatives Kiss Anime

#9 Masterani

  • This is a “master” website where lovers of anime series can watch their favorite series online.
  • It is the most famous, dominant, and superior alternative to Anilinkz website.
  • It offers the best anime series online with English dubs.
  • It has over 3,000 titles of the newest Anime series all in HD quality.
  • It is equipped with a very useful and appealing user interface compared to other anime websites on our list. With its helpful user interface, you can search and access your favorite anime series easier. It also has a drop-down menu for its collection of anime titles.

Anilinkz Alternatives Masterani

#10 Terrarium TV

  • This is a mobile application for devices like Android and is used for streaming the best anime videos online in HD.
  • You can enjoy watching HD quality anime movies and series online without paying anything.
  • You can access all of its anime genre and category all in HD video resolution.
  • You just need to install the application on your mobile devices to start enjoying unlimited anime videos online for free.
  • It allows you to easily download and save your favorite anime videos for offline playback.

Anilinkz Alternatives Terrarium TV

Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to Download Online Anime Videos

You can use DumpMedia’s Video Downloader tool if you are looking for a tool that will help you download your desired anime videos online.

This tool is not only powerful but is also a great tool that users can rely on if they want to download any kind of video (like YouTube videos) for offline viewing.

Below are the notable features of DumpMedia Video Downloader.

Star Features of DumpMedia Video Downloader

  • It gives users the freedom to download from a wide range of popular websites like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Niconico, Dailymotion, NASA, Vevo, Tumblr, and others.
  • Users can download their favorite videos in seconds while retaining their original quality.
  • Users can stop/restore downloads and even download them in batches without quality loss.
  • Users are free to choose from different output video resolutions (720P, 4K, 8K, and more).
  • It can help you extract parts of your video as M4A audio files.

Free Download Free Download


Users who are using the free version of DumpMedia’s Video Downloader will only have limited functionalities. You can purchase the full version of DumpMedia Video Downloader to keep on enjoying its full features. In the free trial, you will be limited to 10 video downloads in 8K, 4K, and 2K formats. Plus, the free trial is only usable for 15 days.

Part 4. Wrapping it Up

Being able to watch your favorite anime movies and series for free is a great way to relax after a tiring day. If you cannot access Anilinkz’s website in your country, you do not need to worry because the 10 alternatives we have listed in this article will surely give you similar benefits that Anilinkz can offer.

You just need to spend a little time exploring each alternative so you can find the one that suits your tastes best. Enjoy your anime adventures!

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