An Easy Guide To Convert YouTube Videos To AVI

Have you encountered the problem of how to convert YouTube videos to AVI?

YouTube is a well-known multi-media platform that actually allows you to watch and share videos online. Using YouTube, you can post any videos that you like as long as you follow the terms and conditions of the website. All of us are very fond of using YouTube as it can show us different kinds of videos from comedic videos to the ones that give us wider information about many things.

And today, a lot of us gets emails from other people, especially from our families that come with a link to a YouTube channel or video that might be interesting. And with that, most of us would actually want to just download the video from YouTube and save it in our device for us to watch it even without access to the internet.

Also, there are instances wherein you might have some trouble using it such as the following:

  • You will be able to play YouTube smoothly using your PC but at times, you might have some trouble using your smartphone because of some incompatibility issue.
  • You might have experienced having a failure when it comes to uploading videos to YouTube.
  • You will not be able to download any YouTube videos directly to an AVI format.

And with all these being said, you might think that you will not be able to have those videos from YouTube downloaded right? Well actually, you can! All you will be needing is a tool that you can use for you to be able to convert YouTube videos to AVI. And that is what we are going to show you here.

Contents GuidePart 1: What is AVI File?Part 2: Limitations of AVI FilesPart 3: How to Convert YouTube to AVI Format?Part 4: Conclusion

Audio Video Interleave

Part 1: What is AVI File?

The AVI file or the Audio Video Interleave is known to be as a multimedia container format that was made by Microsoft in the year 1992. AVI files are the ones that can actually contain both an audio and video in just one file. It can also support multiple streaming of your audios and videos. However, those features are not known or are used seldom by people.

Part 2: Limitations of AVI Files

Since AVI was introduced in the early ’90s, they were not able to anticipate the new computer video techniques. And because of that, here are some AVI file’s limitations.

  • AVI cannot provide a standardized way for you to be able to encode aspect ratio information. Because of this, players will not be able to choose the right aspect of ratio automatically.
  • There are some different approaches when it comes to the time code in AVI files wherein it is commonly used on film and tv formats.
  • It is not actually made for it to have compressed videos.
  • It cannot contain any specific types of variables bitrate data which actually includes MP audios.

    Convert YouTube to AVI

Part 3: How to Convert YouTube to AVI Format?

Now, for you to be able to save YouTube videos on your mobile device, you must first have it converted into an AVI format. And for you to be able to do this, you will be needing a tool that will allow you to do the conversion. And with that, we have the perfect tool that you can use which is called the DumpMedia Video Converter.

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The DumpMedia Video Converter is one multi-functional service that you can use for you to be able to convert, edit and play, DVD and audios so that you will be able to use it depending on the format the requires your device. In this situation, the AVI format. And having the Video Converter, you can also be able to make your very own videos on your PC.

So, for you to be able to convert your YouTube video into AVI, here is a flow that you can follow using the Video Converter.

Step 1: Open Up DumpMedia Video Converter

Once that you have downloaded and installed the DumpMedia Video Converter on your computer, go ahead and launch it. If you were able to download the YouTube video that you want to convert, just go ahead and choose the “Add File” button located at the menu bar of the program.

Add Files

Step 2: Choose AVI as your Converted Format

Once that you were able to add the YouTube video that you want, go ahead and choose the “H.264 AVI – Audio Video Interleaved (*.avi) from "Convert all tasks to". You can also choose the DivX Video (*.avi) or even choose XivD Video (*.avi). Then, click the "Browse" to choose a folder where you’d like to save the converted files.

Step 3: Begin with the Conversion Process

After you were able to choose all the necessary things, then it is now time for you to convert your file. And in order for you to start, all you need to do is to click on the “Covert” button and the process will then start. Now, all you have to do is to wait until the whole process is complete.

And once done, then you can go ahead and save the video to your smartphone device. For you to do this, just go ahead and connect your smartphone to your computer using your USB cable.

Part 4: Conclusion

So, as what we have mentioned earlier, we have a solution for you to be able to convert your YouTube videos to an AVI file so that you will be able to have it stored on your mobile phone device. And because of that, make sure that you use the Video Converter.

This program will be able to allow you to convert your YouTube videos too and AVI file format and any other format that you would want. All you need to do is to is just choose the video that you would want to convert and just click on the Convert button. And you are done. It is actually a very easy thing to do that even you can do it without needing any help from any professionals.

So go ahead and have the Video Converter and life will be easier for you.

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