Spotify Local Files Not Showing? You Should Try This.

While listening to every song from the Spotify application on the device you are using, people always think about downloading the song from the application, but have you ever wondered about uploading any local files or music into it? If you happen to have done it better, ever encountered an error of “Spotify local files not showing ”? If you are a person who loves listening to local files uploaded to the Spotify application, the above error would be very burdensome for you, right?

Well, it is always frustrating to encounter errors along with your listening experience. When you are in the mood for good music at a specific period of time and suddenly, an error appeared, that would ruin everything. If you are on the verge of your mood, trying to hit one local file in your Spotify application to listen to it but failed to do so, what must be done in order to fix it?

In this blog post, as you may have seen in the above description, we are about to discuss more Spotify local files and the methods one can do in case those Spotify local files suddenly won’t show.

Contents Guide Part 1: What are the Spotify Local Files?Part 2: How Do I Refresh Local Files On Spotify?Part 3: Bonus Tip: Keeping All Spotify Songs ForeverPart 4: To Wrap It All

Part 1: What are the Spotify Local Files?

Spotify Local Files

Spotify application has been in the business for several years. It had conquered all the odds becoming one of the most known music streaming sites in the world. Who is not using Spotify nowadays? Probably, if you are to ask ten people, only one would say “No”.

With the emerging features and amazing perks one can enjoy while using the Spotify application, nobody will disagree that these factors had driven the success of Spotify. Having a library with on-demand music updated from time to time and containing millions of tracks created by several artists and singers under different albums and playlists, users always feel at ease knowing that in just one tap, they can have every favorite accessed immediately.

Apart from the most known advantages being offered by the Spotify application, do you even know that it has the ability to cater to local files? If you are a person who is in love and crazy about personal collections that you wanted to incorporate to the Spotify application, you have nothing to worry about. If your personal library contains files that Spotify does not have access to, that is not an issue. Why? Because Spotify will let you do the uploading and syncing in the most efficient way possible.

The method is so simple, and it absolutely works well with every user’s accounts. You can do it just by using the application in your device and the local files in your computer’s library. When everything is set to do the syncing, you can just do it at any time of the day. If you are not aware of how you can do the syncing of local files to the Spotify application, we have a different guide for that which you can check here.

Since the discussion here will be circling around the idea of Spotify local files not showing in the device, the syncing will be discussed on another blog post. For now, we will look into the ways on how you can solve the above case and eventually listen to the local files synced or uploaded on your Spotify application.

Part 2: How Do I Refresh Local Files On Spotify?

  • “I added local files in my Spotify application but suddenly, I can’t find them”.
  • “I did everything I know but still the error is being encountered – Spotify Local files not showing”.
  • “I am trying to send some local files uploaded to Spotify application before, but I can no longer find where those are stored”.

Are you one of the many local files’ fanatics and Spotify application enthusiasts out there? Do you happen to experience any of the above and felt really disappointed? Have you checked out anything you can do in order to solve the case and finally enjoy all the local files imported onto the application? Were your trials successful? Did you find the answer?

If yes, then that is great! If not, I bet you are still looking for the answer up to now. Luckily, in this portion, the easy solutions will be tackled for your reference. Are you ready? You must be as we are about to begin!

Solution #1. Check the Local Files Location

In order for you to check where the local files are, you can try to follow the below steps.

  1. Open your Spotify application using your credentials – Spotify username and password.
  2. You will see your “Profile” at the top right corner of the screen. Hit the downward arrow to see more options.
  3. Once you see the “Settings” button, tick it.
  4. Scroll down to see the “Local Files”. Make sure that you will be turning on the “Show Local Files” option.
  5. Now, all files that are in your “Downloads” and “My Music” folders will automatically be selected. In case there are sources you do not want Spotify to have accessed, you can just switch it off.
  6. Now, you will see the name or the path of the folders wherein the local files are stored.

Turn On the Option of Show Local Files

Solution #2. Check If You Have Logged in to The Same Account

If you have performed the syncing and still the Spotify local files are not showing, you need to check if you have logged in to the same account in your mobile device or in your personal computer. The error might be due to having been signed into different Spotify accounts on different devices.

Solution #3. Check If the Same WiFi Network

You must also see if both devices you are using are connected to the same WiFi network. The local files won’t show due to this.

Solution #4. Check Updates

You also need to check if both devices – either mobile phones or tablet and personal computer you are using, contain an updated version of the Spotify application.

To check if you got the updated version, you can easily search in the Google Play store or apple store to see if updates are readily available.

Solution #5. Restart Your Device

You can also try restarting the device you are using. The failure might be due to the malfunctioning of the gadgets you are using.

You can choose any or all from the above and try if the options will work.

For additional information, we are to present more in the next portion of this article.

Part 3: Bonus Tip: Keeping All Spotify Songs Forever

Are you thinking about the idea of saving and keeping all the Spotify favorites of yours? Have you tried doing so but keeps on encountering an error due to the what is so-called DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection?

You are probably thinking that if you are a premium user, you have the option for offline streaming. Well, that is right. However, limitations are present. You can’t have all those in your device forever since songs will vanish after your subscription expired.

Well, what is the best move? The answer is to download the songs. But how? You can use downloading tools such as DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

  • DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is capable of downloading Spotify songs (a bunch in one go).
  • The application can even do the conversion from one format to another since a lot is supported.
  • The fast conversion speed is expected as it can perform faster than many other converters you will see on the web.
  • This is highly matched with both Windows and Mac computers that are why the installation is easy and simple.
  • Easy to navigate and control interface.

Are you curious about this converter? Why not try this one and check out more details including the guides and steps to perform on the official website? You can check out more information here.

Free Download Free Download

Part 4: To Wrap It All

Being able to import local files to your Spotify application is one of the greatest features one can enjoy while using this music streaming service. If you are a person who loves personalization and is so much into customization, this perk would be very advantageous for you.

Learning how to sync the local files is too easy as well. In case you encounter problems such as this “Spotify local files not showing”, you can always apply any solution mentioned in the above.

Also, one amazing third-party software application has been mentioned in this post as well. In case you are looking for a tool to help you download Spotify songs and keep those in your devices with the ability to convert from one format to another, you might want to try this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter as well. This is a tool that can do a lot of amazing things to the user.

Do you have any solutions in mind which you can share with other readers? Why not leave your thoughts in the below section? We would love to hear and read any thoughts from you. If you have queries, we will answer those as well.

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