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Not only kids but as well as adults are so in love with amazing cartoons. Deny it or not but adults as well sometimes feel the want to go back to being young (worrying nothing but playing and watching cartoons). If until this moment, you can’t resist watching your favorite cartoons, surely, you are using sites to download or watch those such as kisscartoon. But if you are tired of using the mentioned, might as well look for some kisscartoon alternatives which you can as well utilize.

Cartoons symbolize kids. That would be agreed upon by many. But still, many adults are so fond of watching those as such can lift moods as well. Do you agree? In this article, we will be focusing more on kisscartoon alternatives which you can access which also offers the same advantages as those you are enjoying from kisscartoon. Let us begin the discussion by checking out some details about kisscartoon.

Contents Guide Part 1: What Is Kisscartoon?Part 2: Is Kissacartoon Safe To Use?Part 3: The List Of The Best Kisscartoon AlternativesPart 4: Downloading Cartoons Using An Amazing ToolPart 5: The Overall Takeaway

Part 1: What Is Kisscartoon?

As you may get from the name itself, Kisscartoon is an online streaming site which can be used by anyone when browsing or looking for cartoons to watch. This site does not actually host any content and a site which can even serve as a large database containing those contents owned by third-party providers.

In the current situation, Kisscartoon has almost five thousand contents which you can freely watch online as long as you have your personal computer with you and of course, a stable internet connection. You can find Tom and Jerry, King of the Hill, Justice League, Scooby-Doo, The Looney Tunes Show, and a lot more on this site.

Since kisscartoon is free of use and does not require any registration or subscription from users, many individuals are asking if such a website is legal to use or is safe. We will answer that question in the next part of this post.

Kisscartoon Online Site

Part 2: Is Kissacartoon Safe To Use?

Kisscartoon is a site that streams and shows contents that are not legal and unlicensed. This means that permissions from content creators or filmmakers are not being considered. Not only Kisscartoon, but many other sites are the same. This is the reason why Kisscartoon always moves to a new extension. The site is always blocked because of some illegal restrictions.

But the main question is – “is it still safe to use kisscartoon even if it is illegal?”. Well, it is! You have nothing to worry about safety as you can be assured that no dangerous viruses can cause harm to the devices you are using. In case you are using mirror sites, it would still be best to run some scanning process as it has been reported that such is being used by hackers to steal information both personal and financial to unaware users.

With the above being said, we will give you a list of kisscartoon alternatives which are proven to be safe to use and can’t cause any danger to you. If you are interested, make sure to keep on reading this post to find out those alternatives we are talking about.

Part 3: The List Of The Best Kisscartoon Alternatives

In this portion of the article, we will be discussing a bunch of kisscartoon alternatives that every user can use. All there were found to be safe to utilize. Let us begin the discussion then.


KissAnime is known to be a “sister site” of Kisscartoon. This site has cartoons which are mainly focusing in Japanese contents – animes which are hand-drawn with colorful graphics, design and has amazing characters and great themes. If you will notice, KissAnime has almost the same look as Kisscartoon. The difference is too little to immediately see. Just in case you are using Kisscartoon for a long time, you will not find it difficult to use KissAnime because of the mentioned.

Kisscartoon Alternatives KissAnime


Apart from KissAnime, you should also know that there is this “CartoonExtra” site. Among the many kisscartoon alternatives, you will be finding this to be extra special and fun. Actually, most of the famous cartoons can be found here. It also features a collection of comics (if you just wanted to browse and check as well). Right now, some of the popular cartoons you can find here are Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, and more.

Kisscartoon Alternatives CartoonExtra


KimCartoon is actually considered as one of the most polished kisscartoon alternatives that you will see in this article. This alternative has an amazing design and interface that offers in-depth cartoons which includes even the classic ones and even those that were just released recently or some few days ago.

Disney Junior

Who would not know about Disney Junior? Just by hearing the word “Disney”, memories keep on bringing back, right? Almost every kid knows Disney adventures and cartoons. Walt Disney has been known as one of the best cartoon creators in the world. Disney Junior is a kisscartoon alternative which has a fun interface and design which is very kid-friendly. The site is too vibrant and can easily be browsed even by kids. Actually, this has been part of the list of the most popular cartoon sites alongside kisscartoon.

Kisscartoon Alternatives Disney Junior

Cartoon Network

Of course, Cartoon Network is in the run. Every kid who has grown up must surely know what Cartoon Network is and how it has been part of everyone’s childhood life. Up until the present, Cartoon Network still maintains its position in the top cartoon providers in the world. The same with the other Kisscartoon alternatives mentioned in this article, this is also very kid-friendly and has a fun design and has an interface that is very easy to control and use.


Another site which also ranks as one of the best kisscartoon alternatives is this “Toonova”. By using this site, you can browse even the latest cartoons and the trending ones. New cartoon episodes are being uploaded in a timely and consistent manner which makes it really beneficial and helpful to every anime lover. Added to this, Toonova also provides a number of mirrors for a lot of cartoon episodes. Therefore, there would not be an issue in terms of convenience.

Kisscartoon Alternatives Toonova


Bakabt is as well one of the most known kisscartoon alternatives. Actually, this can be considered as a semi-private BitTorrent hunter that specializes mainly in animes and cartoons. The only drawback of such semi-private BitTorrent like Bakabt is that they are not accessible to all. But in case you can use this, you can be assured that it has an amazing speed and is somewhat reliable. The quality is not at risk as well.

Kisscartoon Alternatives Bakabt

Watch Cartoon Online

Another in the list is this “Watch Cartoon Online”. What makes this site stand out from the other is its simplicity in terms of everything including the design and interface. It has a very simple layout which always gets new and fresh cartoons from time to time. In using this, you can either do the searching process by using the search bar it has or by browsing through its available catalog.

What if you wanted the cartoons not to be streamed online but kept on your devices? What is the best thing to do? We will be giving you the best available option in the next texts.

Part 4: Downloading Cartoons Using An Amazing Tool

In case you wanted to keep some copies of your favorite cartoons that you would like to browse anytime and anywhere even if you do not have an internet connection, the best is to look for such a tool with the ability to download videos, movies, and even audios in fast speed and amazing quality. An example of such a software application is this DumpMedia Video Downloader. What can it do?

  • The tool can help you download any video, movie, or audio files as it supports a lot of sites and platforms like YouTube and so on.
  • The ability to perform the downloading one-time for a bunch of files is possible.
  • Conversion is also a thing! The tool has the capability to transform the files inputted into another format supported.
  • The quality of the converted and downloaded files is assured to be amazing and great.

Free Download Free Download

We will not be tackling much about this tool in this portion but you can always check out some more details and information on its official site. If you want to know how it works to download playlist from YouTube, just check the provided link.

Part 5: The Overall Takeaway

It will always be good to watch movies and cartoons online. If you are very fond of cartoons and animes, you can always refer to kisscartoon or those kisscartoon alternatives that were presented in this article. If you wanted to keep copies of your favorites, the use of some software applications like DumpMedia Video Downloader will surely help.

Apart from the list mentioned (focusing on Kisscartoon alternatives), do you have any other recommendations in mind? Share those in the below section.

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