How to Convert DRM To MP3 Format Fast in 2020

Have you heard about files that are protected by the so-called DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection? What makes it different from the other files that you have? If you are not aware that much about it, we will be giving brief information about this as we go along this blog post. Since DRM protected files are difficult to play in any device, we will also be sharing the ways to convert DRM to MP3 format to make the files more playable in any type of media player.

If you are curious to know the details about the main agendas why this article was created, make sure to keep on reading to learn more. Surely, at the end of this post, you will be very knowledgeable about these methods to convert DRM to MP3 format.

Contents Guide Part 1. What Is DRM Protection?Part 2. How Do I Convert DRM To MP3 Using The Best Converter?Part 3. Is There A Free DRM Removal Tool?Part 4. To Conclude Everything

Part 1. What Is DRM Protection?

You might have heard before about the “DRM” protection. However, you could have little knowledge about it. DRM protection, or known as well as Digital Rights Management, is a service that is being used when it comes to copyright things. This is basically a scheme that is responsible for keeping and allowing access to copyrighted materials such as videos, audios, images, movies, electronic books, documents, and a lot more. This is what is being used by content creators in order to protect their works from unauthorized copying, distribution, and playing.

DRM Protection

Because of the above, some users tend to find it hard to stream or access such materials in their devices. DRM is blocking the ability of the users who bought the content to copy those and play in other gadgets they own. If you are also experiencing the same dilemma, you are surely curious about the solutions that you can apply in order to solve this. And, our best recommendation to solve that is to apply and utilize tools that can convert DRM to MP3 format (since the MP3 format is the most used and most commonly supported by a variety of devices and players). Those would be discussed further in the succeeding parts of this blog post.

Part 2. How Do I Convert DRM To MP3 Using The Best Converter?

Initially, when you think about the solution to the above problem, the idea that would surely pop-up is to look for a professional software converter that is capable of handling the process to convert DRM to MP3. Actually, there are a lot of professional converters out there but what we suggest is to use the most reliable and trusted – the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. It is a tool that converts iTunes DRM protected files to MP3. Apart from being able to be a tool to convert DRM to MP3 format, this has a lot of perks that every user can enjoy.

  • Fast conversion and downloading speed.
  • The ability to handle batches of files for conversion.
  • Removal of the files’ DRM protection.
  • Variety of supported formats.
  • Few requirements for installation.
  • Easy and simple interface for navigation.

This is anM4P to MP3 converter as well. If you would want to dig deeper into the above advantages stated, feel free to visit the link here. For now, we will be focusing on how you can utilize this tool to convert DRM to MP3 fast.

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

Before beginning with the conversion process, take note that your Apple Music or iTunes application should not be running in the background. No actions must be done on the mentioned applications in order to ensure quality outputs after the transformation of files.

Now, here are the steps needed to be undertaken to proceed with DRM to MP3 format conversion.

  1. Install the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.
  2. Upload the DRM files to be converted to MP3.
  3. Begin the conversion process.

The above three are simple and easy to follow. But in case you need further information, the below details should help you out.

Step #1. Install The DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

You need to firstly install the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter on your personal computer. Since this is supported by both Mac and Windows computers, you can easily have this installed on yours. Added to that, the requirements are only a few making it very easy for you to proceed with downloading and installation. After completion, you can just simply launch the tool.

Free Download Free Download

Step #2. Upload The DRM Files To Be Converted To MP3

The adding of DRM files onto the software is very easy to perform as well. You can simply drag and drop the files and the uploading will only take some time. Since you can process more than one file one-time, you are allowed to add as many as you want DRM files on the platform. After the import has been completed, you can set MP3 as the output format using the dropdown arrow alongside the “Output Format” option. You have the option to change some settings depending on your preference and state the output path during this step.

Set MP3 as The Output Format

Step #3. Begin The Conversion Process

After setting everything, you can now convert DRM to MP3 by hitting the “Convert” button. After a few minutes, the converted files will be available on the output path you have initially set. You can also monitor the progress of the process through the bars that would be shown in the main interface of the app.

Convert DRM to MP3 Format

Now, access the converted files in any device. Streaming and playing of those are no longer an issue now.

Note : For your information, DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has a free trial period that you can enjoy before pushing with the purchase. You can enjoy the use of this tool and once you have seen how effective it is, you can immediately head to the paid version.

Part 3. Is There A Free DRM Removal Tool?

As mentioned previously, you can use the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter for free in a specific period. However, if you are still in the look for some free tools, you can use some such as the iTunes application. We will also be sharing how you can convert DRM to MP3 using it.

Use iTunes Application to Remove DRM

The iTunes application is a free tool that can be downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer. This is known to be a media player that is capable of playing media files and managing those as well. In case you want to try this for conversion purposes, here is a simple guide for your reference. Take note that in this process, you need a blank CD to proceed.

  1. Launch your iTunes application.
  2. Add the DRM files to convert to MP3.
  3. Burn the file onto the blank CD.

Here are the details for the three steps stated.

Step #1. Launch Your iTunes Application

Surely, you have the iTunes application already installed on your personal computer. If you do not have it yet, you can easily download this from the Apple or Google Play store. After opening, you need to create a new playlist and this can be done by hitting the “File” button that is located at the top left portion of the screen. From the options, select the “New Playlist” button to continue.

Select A New Playlist Button

Step #2. Add The DRM Files To Convert To MP3

The next thing to do is to add the DRM audios which can be done by just dragging those onto the new playlist created. After doing so, make sure to click the new playlist created to have it highlighted.

Step #3. Burn The File Onto The Blank CD

After completing the second step, you can just click the “Burn Disc” option. Confirm this by ticking the “Burn” button. Make sure that the blank CD would be inserted as well onto the computer’s drive. Once the burning process is complete, you need to open the “iTunes preferences” option and hit the “Import Settings” menu followed by choosing the “MP3 Encoder” option from the selection that would be reflected in the screen. After doing so, hit the “OK” button to continue and accept the change. Hit the “OK” button again to exit the menu. The next thing to do is to tick the “Import Disc” button located at the bottom-right corner of the page. By doing so, the DRM file will be ripped from the CD and finally converted to MP3 format. This will automatically be saved on your computer.

After the conversion has been completed, simply eject the CD. Finally, your DRM file was now converted to MP3 format.

Part 4. To Conclude Everything

The conversion of DRM files to formats such as MP3 is so easy to perform. You can use a lot of ways and tools such as this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter or some freeware like iTunes. After completing the conversion process, you can share the files with anyone or play the files on any devices and media players without difficulty.

Do you have any other software or tools that you have used before for DRM to MP3 conversion? Would you mind sharing via the below section?

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