The Easiest Way to Convert Audible Files to MP3

For people who love reading but are busy with work and a lot more things, they find it sad to carry books along with them as they travel to work or school. Though there are some books that seem to be handy, it could still be a nuisance to have it with you. This is why most readers had switched to listening to audiobooks. And, Audible is one of those sites offering the best service. In case you have a device not capable of playing such, it will be hard, you might need to convert Audible files to MP3.

Reading while commuting or riding a vehicle could damage your eyes. If you just put your headset on and do the reading through listening, this would be a lot better, right? Audible has been one of the top and largest libraries of Audiobooks online wherein you can listen to any genre you want and purchase those you want to save. But since audiobooks here are protected by Digital Rights Management protection, there are only authorized devices capable of playing such. The resort for users is to convert Audible files to MP3 for compatibility. If you are looking for a guide to do the conversion, we’ll give you ideas here.

Part 1: How Can I Convert Audible Files to MP3?

Looking for a way to convert Audible files to MP3 could be easy for some. Actually, you can just key in the words in your browser, and search results would be displayed immediately. There are a lot! But, choosing which one is the best could be difficult for you.

What we suggest is to try the best converter with the ability to do the transformation – the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. This tool can convert Audible files to MP3 as it supports audiobooks conversion and more. Here are some of the best features it has apart from mentioned.

  • Conversion of music files from one file format to another.
  • Batch processing.
  • Fast and high-speed conversion and downloading rate.
  • Removal of DRM protection that hinders users from downloading files.
  • Easy navigations and installation!

If you want to know more details about this tool – formats it supports, installation requirements, and more, you can always visit the official site.

Before doing the conversion, keep in mind that you need to close your iTunes or Apple Music application first. Do not do anything on these apps while DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is running behind. This is to ensure successful conversion with great results. For now, let us get to know how you can convert Audible files to MP3 using this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

  1. Launch the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.
  2. Add the Audible files to convert and choose MP3 as the output format.
  3. Do the conversion.

Since the tool is easy to navigate, for others, the above three are enough. But, for beginners, we wanted a smooth flow of the process that is why we have the description for each below.

Step #1. Launch the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

Once you have installed the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter on your personal computer, launch it to finally begin. There are only a few requirements for installation and both Windows and Mac computers are supported so nothing to worry about.

Free Download Free Download

Step #2. Add the Audible Files To Convert And Choose MP3 As The Output Format

Once you are at the main page of the application, you can now add the Audible files that you wish to convert immediately. You can have it done by performing the drag and drop process. Remember that you can process a lot of files in one go so in case you are to process more than one file; you can do it using this tool. Once adding of Audible files has been completed, you can now choose MP3 as the output format. Do this by hitting the down arrow that you will see in the “Output Format” option. There are other formats supported so make sure to choose MP3. You can also change some output settings and specify the output path to easily see the converted files after the process.

Select the MP3 As Output Format

Step #3. Do the Conversion

Lastly, to convert Audible files to MP3 using this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you need to hit the “Convert” button to finally begin the process of conversion. This would only take some of your minutes. There are also status bars that would be shown on the screen to help you monitor the progress of the transformation process.

Convert Audible Files to MP3

After completion, you can now have the converted Audible files and play those in any device you have not thinking about compatibility because the MP3 format is compatible with almost all media and music players. Now, what you only need to do is to enjoy your favorite Audiobooks from Audible!

Note : DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has a trial version. You can try using the tool for 30 days and decide to purchase in case you find this tool beneficial.

Part 2: Convert Audible Files to MP3 Free Online

Another way to convert Audible files to MP3 format is through the use of an online converter with the ability to do the conversion process. There are a lot of online converters that you can see on the web, but you need to be keen enough to select which among those will give you the best output that you are looking for. In using online tools, you need to have a stable internet connection while the process is ongoing. You have nothing to worry about the use of laptops or personal computers because these tools are mostly supported on any web browser. You just need to have an online tool that is reliable and trusted by a lot of users. One good advantage of online tools is that there is no need for application installation.

Here, one good recommendation is And, you can refer to the below guide in case you would like to try using this tool to convert Audible files to MP3

  1. Head to the main website –
  2. Once the site has been inputted in the browser, you will arrive at the main page wherein you will be immediately seeing all the options available.
  3. The first thing needed to do is to hit the “Computer” icon that you will see on the screen in order to load the Audible files that you wish to be converted to MP3. You could be surprised, but this online converter can process more than one file in one go. So, if you want to convert a number of Audible files, you can do it here. You have the option to add files from online storage clouds like Dropbox and Google Drive and even use the URL or link of the file.
  4. The last step would be pressing the “Convert” button to finally begin the process of conversion.

Convert Audible Files to MP3 With

After some minutes, the Audible files will be converted to MP3 format. However, you cannot guarantee the speed of the conversion process since this is an online tool. The number of files imported might be a consideration as well as your internet connection (on how stable it is or not).

Part 3: Added Information: Transfer the Converted Files To Your Mobile Phones

Once you have the converted Audible files, you can also have those saved and transferred to your mobile phones in case you wanted to listen to those while you are away from home or traveling. In doing so, you can either use:

  • A USB cable to transfer the files from your personal computer to your device.
  • Or an application like Syncios for both iOS and Android devices. The steps for using this tool are too basic and easy to understand. You just need to install the application, perform the connection between your device and personal computer, and browse the converted audiobooks to be transferred. This is not only capable of letting you transfer the converted files to your mobile phones but is also a good way for users to manage media files.

Part 4: To Sum It All

Finding a way to convert Audible files to MP3 in order to solve the issue when it comes to compatibility with media and music players could be difficult for some beginners or users who do not actually have much knowledge when it comes to technology and the like. If you are one of those who are continuously looking for answers, we do hope that this article had made you realized the best options available that you can use anytime in case you need to. Still, professional converters like DumpMedia Apple Music Converter are the best recommendations. But, if you wish to try online tools, that would be your decision.

If you have done this before, can you share your experience in below comment section?

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