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How to Keep Your Spotify Download? [2024 Update]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

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“I am currently using the free Spotify version. Can I perform the Spotify download process and eventually save my favorites for streaming on the devices I’d like to use?”

Spotify, being known as one of the best in its line, indeed offers bunches of amazing benefits to its users. In fact, it has several subscription tiers wherein users can select. In addition to offering these paid plans, the free version of the app has been made available as well for everyone.

Included in the many advantages of Premium Spotify users is the ability to do the Spotify download process. They can choose a track, an album, or a playlist they would wish to download and listen to Spotify in offline mode. This is an exclusive feature for premium account owners.

As you read this post’s content, you’ll learn detailed guides on how simple it is to perform the Spotify download process regardless if you are using a premium account or a free one.

Contents Guide Part 1: How to Download Spotify MusicPart 2: How to Make the Best of SpotifyPart 3: Summary

Part 1: How to Download Spotify Music

The Spotify platform is currently offering 3 subscription tiers – Individual, Family, and Student. Each of these is priced differently. You can check out each to see which one will be fitted to your needs and wants. If you are looking at sharing an account with your family members, getting the Family plan would be good. If you are currently a student, and you can prove your eligibility, subscribing to the student plan would be the best thing to do.

Choose The Spotify Premium Plan

Regardless of what paid plan you have subscribed to, you should know all these offer the ability to download the tracks for offline listening. If you currently have an active plan, knowing the Spotify download process would be an advantage. We’ll further detail the steps in this part.

Download Spotify Songs on Desktop

When using the desktop version of Spotify, it is always recommended that you keep the app updated.

Step #1. Open the Spotify app and log in. Downloading podcasts and albums isn’t possible.

Step #2. Look for the playlist you’d like to download. Once opened, you shall be able to see the “Download” menu that is at the top-right section of the screen.

Download Your Liked Songs Playlist on Spotify on PC

Step #3. Toggle the slider to the Spotify download process. The green color signifies that the downloading is being done by the app.

Once the process has been done, you shall see the “Downloaded” message at the top.

Download Spotify Songs on Mobile

Of course, most users would wish to stream their favorites on their handy devices such as mobile gadgets. We have here the detailed Spotify download process using mobile devices as well.

Step #1. On your mobile gadget, launch the Spotify app, and then head right away to the “your library” tab.

Step #2. Click the option that says “Liked Songs”.

Download Spotify Songs on Your Phone

Step #3. You shall see a slider at the top as well. Toggle this to start the Spotify download process.

Enable the Offline Mode Feature on your Spotify Premium Account

Learning how to do the Spotify download process isn’t actually enough. Once you have the playlists downloaded, you must also know how the offline mode can be enabled.

On Windows PC, you have to tick the “File” button and then just choose “Offline Mode”. On Mac, just tap Spotify from the menu bar and click the option for “Offline Mode”. If you are using mobile devices, just head to “Settings” on Spotify, then choose the “Playback” option to finally enable the offline mode.

When downloading Spotify songs using your Premium account, you must take note of some important points.

  1. Again, if you are looking at downloading podcasts and albums, you can do that using the desktop Spotify version.
  2. You are only limited to downloading up to 10,000 songs using five different gadgets.
  3. Without an internet connection, once you’ve enabled the offline mode, you can only listen to those downloaded songs that you have.
  4. You must ensure that you will be online at least once every 30 days to prevent the downloaded songs from vanishing. Also, once your subscription ended or is canceled, all those downloaded tracks will be gone.

The previously mentioned Spotify download process will only work if you are using a Spotify Premium account. The dilemma arises if you are a free version user. Can you still do the Spotify download process?

We have an answer and a workaround prepared in the next part. Hop into the next section then!

Part 2: How to Make the Best of Spotify

Though you have a Premium Spotify subscription, there are still various limitations that you will face when it comes to streaming songs in offline mode. Also, Spotify songs are protected files so these can’t be accessed on unauthorized gadgets or be saved on any drive unless the protection is removed. Bottomline, the situation is somehow the same with free Spotify account users. How can this be addressed then? How can you do the Spotify download process?

You should know more about great software applications like this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

This DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is one of those apps that’s capable of removing the Spotify songs’ protection making them accessible and playable on any type of device or media player. In addition to being a DRM removal tool, this, of course, can aid in the conversion of the tracks to common formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and even M4A – increasing the songs’ flexibility to be played on every gadget and audiophile wishes to use.

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Though this works pretty fast, you don’t have to worry about losing the songs’ original quality as that will be maintained! Also, the ID tags and metadata information of the songs will be kept.

There are also advanced features of the app. This is multi-language, has customizable settings, and even supports the easy uploading of the songs to be processed because of its drag-and-drop support feature.

Of course, this was designed to promote ease of use to each user. Anyone would surely be able to use it well because of its simple navigation functions and interface.

Here is how you can do the Spotify download process with the help of DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

Step #1. Check out the installation and launch it right away and then start by adding the Spotify songs to be processed. You can just drag and drop the tracks or use their URLs if you want to.

Drag and Add Spotify Songs/Playlists into The Program

Step #2. Choose an output format to utilize from the list of supported output formats. Feel free to modify the other output parameter settings as well.

Choose Different Output Formats You Want to Download

Step #3. Once you are satisfied with the setup made, just tick the “Convert” button to let the app start the procedure. While the transformation process is ongoing, the Spotify DRM removal procedure should also be done by the app at the same time.

Within only a few minutes, you should expect to have the transformed Spotify songs saved on your PC. These will now be free from protection and so you can have them saved, accessed, played, on any device or media player you’d like to use. Sharing them with friends or family members without incurring any fee will also be possible!

If you’re wondering if there are still other options to do the Spotify download process without resorting to professional converters like the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, well, of course, there are. There are bunches of free and online methods that you can actually see on the web. However, brace yourself for several drawbacks while using them – unstable processing, low-quality output, risks in security, and more. There are, though, some trusted ones. If you are looking at doing the Spotify download process once or twice, relying on such tools could somehow be good.

Part 3: Summary

When it comes to performing the Spotify download process, we are always recommending the use of professional software applications like the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter since such apps always ensure high-quality output files and smooth processing. Though Premium Spotify account owners are entitled to offline streaming perks, they still can’t have the songs saved and kept forever on any device. It is still better to get to know apps like the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

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