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Audiobook DRM Removal Freeware: Things You Should Know

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

Why would you still prefer reading the actual books if you can just listen to them anywhere and anytime without worrying if you are to do some stuff? Well, thanks to the emergence of audiobooks and the many audiobook streaming sites and platforms out there. Now, the books you have been wanting to read can be accessed and streamed on your device with your earphones on.

But of course, the same with the other files, audiobooks also have encryption – the DRM protection. And, perhaps at this moment, do you happen to look for an audiobook DRM removal freeware?

If you heard about the DRM protection just recently and you aren’t that sure about it yet, you will learn more as this article progresses. Added to that, you’ll know a lot about the audiobook DRM removal freeware that you can use to get rid of the protection right away.

So, to finally begin, let’s hop into the first part of this post!

Contents Guide Part 1. Are Audiobooks DRM Free?Part 2. How Do I Remove DRM from Audiobook Free?Part 3. The Best Audiobook DRM Removal SoftwarePart 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Are Audiobooks DRM Free?

Have you been listening to audiobooks for quite some time now? Is Audible the platform you have been using for so long? If that is so, you should know a lot about DRM protection as this should always be taken into consideration and must be known by all audiobook lovers.

If you got audiobooks from other sites that can be accessed by anyone for free, those are not protected by any copyright encryption and can be listened to by anyone. But, if your audiobooks are downloaded from Audible or any other popular sites offering subscription plans and free, those downloaded files are known to be DRM protected.

By saying “DRM protected” – what do we mean with this?

DRM is actually an abbreviation for “Digital Rights Management” and is being used by content creators in order to protect their works from unauthorized usage or from being pirated for illegal use. Many would find this protection annoying because, with this protection, there are only certain devices and accounts allowed to enjoy files like audiobooks.

Meaning, if you have been paying for a subscription plan, and you got lots of devices, there could be a case that you won’t be able to use all those devices to stream because they are not authorized by the service provider!

With this DRM protection, switching from one account to another or from one device to a new one could be an issue. There would be cases that those previously purchased files won’t be accessed on the new platform or device. Redownloading would be a tedious task!

Well, at some point, it is just right and just to keep your content private, and have it protected from those who want to use them without paying. However, it also poses an inconvenience to those legitimate users who just want to have the audiobooks or any protected files accessed on all the devices that they have. Luckily, there are some audiobook providers who consider this but still, most are keeping this encryption.

If you happen to be using a platform that is still putting this protection to their audiobooks or you just have one that is DRM protected, you shouldn’t be stressed about it. There are ways to handle that protection and to get rid of it easily!

The right audiobook DRM removal freeware is just sitting there waiting for you to ask for assistance! So, to know more about audiobook DRM removal freeware and what they can do, read more as you go to the second portion of this post.

Part 2. How Do I Remove DRM from Audiobook Free?

Browsing the web will surely give you lots of ideas about the ways to remove DRM encryption. In fact, a bunch of sites will definitely give you lists of audiobook DRM removal freeware that you can use with corresponding details about them. Lucky for you, we just made the job easier.

We have listed some of the audiobook DRM removal freeware that you must look into especially if you are looking for one right away. Of course, we made sure that details are complete to the best of our knowledge to also help you decide which audiobook DRM removal freeware to choose.

Let’s start!

Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite-Audiobook DRM Removal Freeware

One of the audiobook DRM removal freeware that we are to highlight here is this Audials Tunebite. This app can be used both for recording and format converting processes. The good thing is you can process music and audiobook files using this app.

After recording the audiobooks that you wish to be downloaded as DRM-free, you can also have them converted to a file you want to without worrying about the risk of quality loss. The recording is also done at high speed. The only drawback if you’ll choose Audials Tunebite is that this would only work on Windows PC.

Here’s an overview of how to use Audials Tunebite.

  1. Have the Audials Tunebite software downloaded and installed on your Windows PC.
  2. Under the “Universal Converter” Tab, there are options wherein you’ll see the menu for “Converter”. You just have to tick “Audiobooks” and then a new window will pop up.
  3. You have two options to add the audiobooks you wish to process. You can either click the “Browse for files” option to direct you to the folder wherein your audiobook files are saved or the “In iTunes” button to open your iTunes app.

Tip: Many users are encountering the crash of Audials Tunebite every time the files are imported from iTunes so it is suggested to resort to the first option (browse files).

  1. Once the audiobook file is uploaded, the conversion process will begin after you ticked the “Start” button.


OpenAudible-Audiobook DRM Removal Freeware

Here is another audiobook DRM removal freeware – OpenAudible.

OpenAudible is open-source software that of course, also lets you remove the DRM protection of files. Apart from being able to get rid of the DRM protection of audiobooks, OpenAudible also lets its users enjoy the easy conversion process of files to MP3 format. The removal of the DRM protection is being done during the conversion process as well. So, while the conversion is completed, you will be assured that the DRM encryption will be removed as well.

This only works simple and can be used by anyone right away. Here is a procedure to guide you.

  1. Download OpenAudible on your PC. Luckily, this works on Windows and Mac PCs as well as on Linux computers.
  2. You can now begin adding audiobooks to the OpenAudible app. This can be done by clicking the “File” button, then “Import Books”. You should be able to go to the folder wherein you have the audiobooks saved.
  3. After the selection and adding of the audiobook file, just right-click on its title and then choose the “Convert to mp3” option that you’ll immediately see via the drop-down menu. By doing this, the process of converting the audiobooks will begin right away. The folder that has the converted file (already DRM-free) will also pop up.

Macsome Audiobook Converter Mac

Macsome Audiobook Converter Mac-Audiobook DRM Removal Freeware

If you have been searching for an audiobook DRM removal freeware that works well on Mac computers, then Macsome Audiobook Converter Mac would best fit your needs. This app has the ability to remove the DRM protection of iTunes files and of course, audiobooks. It can even let you save the new files into several output formats supported including WAV, FLAC, AAC, and the most used one, MP3.

Take note that this only works on Mac PCs. In order to use this during the conversion and DRM removal process, you should know about the precondition – that is, allowing your iTunes app to have access to your Audible account first and importing the Audible audiobooks files into iTunes. If the audiobooks you have are not playable on iTunes, there could be issues with that as the app can also process those that are accessible via iTunes.

Here is how you can use the Macsome Audiobook Converter Mac during the DRM removal and conversion process.

  1. Have the Macsome Audiobook Converter Mac downloaded and installed on your Mac PC. As initially stated, this would work well if your iTunes app has been connected successfully to your Audible account. So, the authorization must be done firstly, and your iTunes app must be working fine as well.
  2. Now, launch the app and tick on the “Audiobooks” portion that you’ll see right under the “Library” menu. All audiobooks saved on your iTunes library will be displayed on the screen. Just click the audiobook you want to process and tick on the “OK” button. The book should be imported right away.
  3. There is this gear icon that you’ll see. Click on it and select MP3 as the output format. You now have to head back to the main interface and choose the “Convert” button. The selected audiobook will be transformed into an MP3 format.

Part 3. The Best Audiobook DRM Removal Software

Even after reading all the audiobook DRM removal freeware in the second portion of this post, those might not satisfy you. So, this part is to offer you the best audiobook DRM removal software that we know – the DumpMedia Audible Converter.

DumpMedia Audible Converter is an app that would give you lots of advantages apart from just removing the DRM encryption of the audiobooks that you have. This software is very capable of converting the audiobooks as well into output formats that you prefer ensuring that the quality of the output won’t be put at risk.

With this, the audiobooks can be made accessible even on offline mode. Even after the processing of audiobooks, the ID3 tags and chapters will be kept. This is as well too easy to use and handle. The DumpMedia team also makes sure that the app is always being updated to give the best service to its users.

To also give you a glimpse of how this DumpMedia Audible Converter works especially during the conversion of the files, we got here the step-by-step procedure of using the app.

Step 1. You need to make sure that the installation requirements are met and are completed before proceeding with the installation process. After the successful installation, just launch the app to begin.

Free Download Free Download

Step 2. Start adding the audiobooks to convert and make sure to select the output format that you want the audiobooks to be transformed to. The setting of the output folder is also recommended for easy access to the converted files after the processing.

Add Audible Files

Step 3. Tick on the “Convert” button to allow the app to convert the files right away. Alongside conversion, the DRM removal process will be done by the app as well.

Convert Audible Files

Since DumpMedia Audible Converter works at a very high speed, the converted files should be readily accessible via the output folder initially set. Since the DRM protection of the files was removed already, you can easily have them moved or transferred to any device or play them on any media player! Enjoy the converted high-quality audiobooks anytime and anywhere without the need for a data or internet connection!

Bonus Tip: If you want to know some free Amazon Prime audiobooks, you can refer to another guide.

Part 4. Conclusion

After reading this whole post, have you chosen which audiobook DRM removal freeware to choose? Remember that it is always a must to see which app will satisfy both your wants and needs before deciding which one to use!

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