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How to Play Audible On Google Home [2024 Methods]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-24

2 min read

Google Home is a speaker that allows users to utilize the voice command feature to stream music, control any playback, make phone calls, control any other smart home appliances, and more. But do you know that you can play Audible on Google Home ? Are you aware of the ways and procedures to do that?

For audiobook lovers, finding a much more efficient way of streaming and listening to their favorites would surely be a great thing. And, if you have smart speakers at home like this Google Home, listening would be so much easier and convenient because controlling would be easy to do.

However, there is still a drawback. Google and Audible are both providing audiobook services to any user. Thus, there is an existing competition between the two. And, natively, Google Home does not support the playing of Audible audiobooks. Though this dilemma is present, there is nothing to worry about on your side. You can still play Audible on Google Home.

Contents Guide Part 1. Can I Play Audible on Google Home?Part 2. Play Audible on Google Home via BluetoothPart 3. Play Audible on Google Home via Google Home AppPart 4. The Best Way to Play Audible on Google HomePart 5. In Conclusion

Part 1. Can I Play Audible on Google Home?

If you own a Google Home speaker and are an avid audiobook lover at the same time, you would surely ask if playing Audible on Google Home is possible.

As mentioned in the introduction part of this post, Google Home does not natively support the playing of Audible audiobooks. Luckily, there are still workarounds that you can do to start experiencing convenient streaming via your Google Home smart speaker.

You can get any Audible audiobook playable on your Google Home speaker by pairing your device and the Google Home speaker (Bluetooth pairing) or casting the Audible audiobooks to your Google Home speaker via the mobile application. While doing so, you just have to ensure that all devices that are in use are under the same WiFi or internet connection for a smooth and successful process.

To further explore the details of these two procedures to make Audible on Google Home, jump to the next section.

Part 2. Play Audible on Google Home via Bluetooth

At first, you might be thinking so hard about how you can listen to Audible on Google Home. Fortunately, we have discussed all the important points that you must know to finally experience the joy of streaming your favorite Audible audiobooks on your Google Home speaker. As stated in the first part of this post, we will be delving into two options here. And, each will be discussed in detail accordingly.

Some are saying that the most used method is using Bluetooth pairing (your mobile device and Google Home smart speaker) as this is the direct way of streaming to Audible on Google Home.

There are still two options that would allow you to pair your iPhone or Android device to your Google Home speaker for Audible audiobook streaming. We will be sharing both so it would be your choice which one to use.

Pairing Using Voice Commands

If you wish to pair the devices using your voice command, you only need to perform three easy steps.

  1. Have your Google Home speaker turned on as well as the Bluetooth of your mobile device.
  2. Now, you have to say “Hey Google, connect to Bluetooth”. A screen should show the settings of your device’s “Settings”. Scroll and look for your Google Home smart speaker. Tap its name to begin pairing.
  3. After the successful pairing, you can now open your Audible application on your mobile phone and finally start playing Audible on Google Home (since the audio will be mirrored to the speaker).

Pairing Using The Google Home App

If you wish to use the Google Home application, the whole procedure is also so easy. Just make sure to follow these steps.

  1. Using your iPhone or Android device, make sure you have the Google Home application. Open it.
  2. At the top-right portion of the main page, there is a “three-dot icon” that you will be seeing. Tap this to open the “Settings”. Afterward, click the “Pair Bluetooth speaker”.
  3. You need to also ensure that the Bluetooth on your mobile phone has been turned on to connect to your Google Home speaker.
  4. Now, just open your Audible application to begin listening to Audible on Google Home.

Play Audible on Google Home via Bluetooth

Part 3. Play Audible on Google Home via Google Home App

After letting you know how you can easily stream Audible on Google Home using the “Bluetooth pairing” method, we will now be helping you with the procedure on how to cast Audible books to Google Home speaker on your Google Home application.

Make sure that before heading to the below procedure, you have successfully downloaded the Google Home application on your iPhone via the Apple Store or via the Google Play Store if you are using an Android gadget.

Here are the four simple steps.

  1. Ensure that your device and the Google Home speaker are both connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. Now, open your Google Home application. In the top left portion, there is this “burger” button. You have to click on it and from the options displayed, choose “Cast Screen/audio”.
  3. After seeing the name of the mobile phone you are using, tap it and then click “OK” to confirm.
  4. You just have to open your Audible application to start playing any Audible audiobooks. The audio from your phone will be cast to your Google Home smart speaker without any interruptions or lag.

Cast Audible Books to Google Home on Google Home App

Finally, you now know how to play Audible on Google Home using the two methods that we just shared in this part of the article.

Now, what if an error or an issue occurred while you were trying to use the Audible app on your Google Home smart speaker? What if everything seems so fine while listening to an audiobook using your Google Home speaker and suddenly the Audible app crashes? Do you have any workaround here? Well, learn how to handle such situations in the next part of this post.

Part 4. The Best Way to Play Audible on Google Home

You can now stream Audible on Google Home but suddenly, your Audible app becomes problematic, what should you do?

Have you ever thought of downloading Audible audiobooks on your device and even keeping them forever to avoid the same situation from happening again? Well, the DumpMedia Audible Converter can help you with that.

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The DumpMedia Audible Converter is an app that obviously, can convert any Audible audiobooks into the format desired, making your listening experience offline and fun (without having to worry about any issues on the app).

This software also makes sure that the whole process is lossless. Thus, keeping the original quality of the files. Added to that, the conversion and downloading process are so fast. The ID3 tags and chapters will also be kept even after the whole process.

And, do you know that you can use this DumpMedia Audible Converter easily just by following the simple procedure that we are about to share here?

Step #1. Install The App, Launch, And Add The Audible Audiobooks

You can get all the installation requirements via the official website of DumpMedia. Complete all those and begin installing. Afterward, launch the app and begin adding the Audible audiobooks onto the DumpMedia Audible Converter.

Add Audible Audiobooks

Step #2. Begin Setting The Output Format

From the available output formats, you can choose any format that you want. You can also modify some settings if you wish to during this step. You just have to head to the “Output Settings” menu.

Set Output Format of Audible Audiobooks

Step #3. Begin Converting

Once everything is set. You can just simply tick the “Convert” button. This will only take some time since the conversion process can be done by the app too fast. After finishing the conversion of Audible audiobooks, you can see the converted files under the “Completed” portion. And then, you should be good to go. Stream your converted Audible on Google Home now!

Convert Audible Audiobooks

Part 5. In Conclusion

Finally, playing Audible on Google Home would not be so difficult now! You have two ways to easily do it – either via Bluetooth pairing or casting. All procedures are simple.

Added to this, in case situations like “Audible app crashing” happen, it would be easy to continue with your streaming experience since you can still access and download any Audible audiobook just by using the DumpMedia Audible Converter.

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