How to Edit MP3 On Windows 10: An Easy Reference for You

MP3 files are always being used by a lot of content creators and even the usual ordinary people. It is very undoubted that MP3 is one of the best and most used formats among others. This is why you might be seeing files that are usually in this format – because this is very playable and is supported by a variety of devices.

Since there are many who continuously utilize this file format, surely, there are times that people wonder how to edit MP3 on Windows 10 PC or Mac. If you have been searching for the best methods on how this - edit MP3 on Windows 10 PC – can be done easily and fast, we have several recommendations in this article that you can use as your guide and reference.

Surely, music enthusiasts and content creators who are trying to level up their content would always want to find ways on how to edit MP3 on Windows 10 as this will make their files more appealing to listeners or even viewers. Personalized ringtones or even sound trimming (into much smaller size) could be someone’s aim to make their MP3 files even better. So how can one do this? We will be sharing three editing tips in the second part of this article and even present online editors as you move to the third portion of this post.

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Part 1. Can You Edit MP3 Flies in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player, apart from being a media player itself, can actually be used to edit MP3 on Windows 10 PC. You might not know about this but at least now (upon reading this article), you will be able to try if this is really an effective method for you. There are cases that some media data might be missing or incorrect especially if you had the MP3 files from ripping CDs. And, another good thing about trying this one out is that this application is already on your PC! You just need to launch and try to edit MP3 on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player.

Here is the procedure. There are two ways to edit your MP3 files on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player – automatically and manually – and both will be presented here.

Edit MP3 in Windows Media Player Automatically

Here are the four steps to finally edit MP3 on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player automatically.

1. On your Windows 10 PC, launch your Windows Media Player and hit the “Switch to Library” button if your Windows Media Player is in playing mode. You will see all items in the app during this mode.

2. Choose the MP3 file you wish to edit. Right-click on it and look for the “Find Album Info” button. The application will automatically search for all the albums containing the chosen songs and will display the results on the screen.

3. Now, you have to click the album with the song matching your choice and click the “Next” button to see a confirmation window showing the information about the album.

4. You have to review the information if this is really describing your song choice. If you noticed that something is wrong, click the “Back” button to head back to the search results and redo the steps mentioned.

Edit MP3 in Windows Media Player Manually

Now, here is the method if you wish to edit MP3 on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player manually.

1. Look for the song you want to edit and double click on it. The app will display a table that has information containing the length of the song, its genre, artists behind it, and even the year of release.

2. Look for the column and value you wish to edit and right-click on it. Simply click “Edit”.

Edit MP3 in Windows Media Player

3. Type the new value in the text box and simply repeat for all items you wish to change.

Part 2. How to Edit MP3 on Windows 10 without Windows Media Player?

Now, what if you do not have a Windows Media Player or you don’t want to use it to edit MP3 on Windows 10? Are there any other options available?

Nothing to worry about! We have three more ways here that you can try.

Edit MP3 on Windows 10 with DumpMedia Video Converter

One of the best applications with the ability to edit your MP3 files on Windows 10 is this DumpMedia Video Converter. Apart from being able to process videos, you can also have your MP3 files edited via this app, can remove the DRM protection of files, and can do the whole process six times faster than other converters. Another amazing thing is that it is so easy to use that even beginners can easily do it just by checking out the below guide.

Step #1. You Have to Install The DumpMedia Video Converter

The installation requirements that you need to complete to have the DumpMedia Video Converter on your PC are too simple to accomplish. Making sure that you have the app installed on your PC is the first thing to do.

Free Download Free Download

Step #2. Begin Adding Files, Editing, And Choosing the Output Format

Simply click the “Add Files” button to start importing. Once you have the MP3 files, you can also do some editing on the file – trimming, cutting, and more – before choosing an output format (if you want to keep the same format or change to a new one).

Add MP3 Files on DumpMedia Video Converter

Step #3. Begin Converting

Converting will happen once you click the “Convert” button that you will see on the screen. After a few minutes, the files you edited and converted will be ready to use!

Edit and Convert MP3 Files on Windows 10 with DumpMedia Video Converter

Edit MP3 on Windows 10 with Windows Movie Maker

You can also edit MP3 on Windows 10 using the Windows Movie Maker application. You might have this app on your PC already or you might want to try downloading it on your PC to check out how this can help in editing MP3 files on your Windows 10 PC.

1. You need to add the MP3 file first by launching the Windows Movie Maker on your PC and hitting the “Add Music” button.

Add MP3 Files on Windows Movie Maker

2. Once added, you need to right-click on the file and select the “add to Timeline” option (or simply drag to the Timeline if you want to). You can now begin trimming the MP3 file by selecting the points where you will start and end (by dragging your cursor).

Edit MP3 on Windows 10 with Windows Movie Maker

3. If you are now satisfied, then simply save the file.

Edit MP3 on Windows 10 with VLC

Another good and free application to try in order to edit MP3 on Windows 10 is by using your VLC Media Player. (If you encounter a problem that VLC Media Player doesn't have sound. You can check out our guide to fix it.) Apart from being a media player and manager, this can also function as an audio trimmer. You can have the files trimmed using this free app by following the below four steps.

1. Have your VLC Media Player launched on your Windows 10 PC, head to the “View” button and then to the “Advanced Controls” button.

2. You have to click on the “Media” option and then “Open File” to begin importing the MP3 file onto the app. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop the file to the VLC Media Player.

Add MP3 Files on VLC Media Player

3. You need to play the MP3 file and being recording the chosen segment via the built-in audio recorder.

4. After the recording is completed, hit the “Record” button to stop and you will see the trimmed or edited MP3 files on your “My Music” folder that is on your computer.

Part 3. Best Online MP3 Editors on Windows 10

Apart from trying some trusted third-party software applications, there are also some online MP3 editors that you can use via your Windows 10 PC. Here are some of those that you can make use of edit MP3 on Windows 10 online.

As many users had mentioned, is one of those online MP3 editors that can easily cut or trim your files in a stable manner. Also, this can also process other 300 audio file formats (apart from MP3). This can also provide other features such as audio joining, recording, converting, and more.

You can have the files added from your local drive, online storage clouds (like Dropbox or Google Drive), or simply paste an audio file URL. After having the audio trimmed, you can even use the new file as your phone’s ringtone.


  • This is considered a comprehensive online tool.
  • Apart from being able to process audios, it can also process videos.
  • This has an easy interface to use.


  • There is a need to install the “Adobe Flash” on your PC as well.
  • A longer time will be spent while trying to load or import large files. is a much different online converter since it can cut MP3 files without decoding the files. Therefore, if you want to keep the original quality of the files that you are trying to edit, this online tool could be the best choice for you. This works well if you want to cut the files and use only some segments as your phone’s ringtone, message alert tone, or more. Via this tool, you can also adjust the volume of the audio and add some effects if you want to. Editing is no longer a hassle for beginners since this online converter is very user-friendly.


  • You can maintain the original quality of the audio files.


  • There is a need to install the Adobe Flash Player on your PC as well.

Part 4. Conclusion

In order to edit MP3 on Windows 10, you can resort to the best professional third-party software applications or even the pre-installed apps on your PC. There are several options to choose from especially if you will look over the web. Alternatively, if you think that the installation of apps on a PC is a hassle thing to do, you can also check out some online tools that can do the job.

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