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2024 DRM Free Audiobooks: Where Can You Find Them

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-05

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DRM is a security mechanism used to limit the usage of proprietary devices and copyrighted content. A company may regulate how you use a file by employing DRM. DRM free audiobooks are not protected by DRM, enabling you to access raw audio files in MP3 format. It suggests that the company has deactivated the audiobook's Digital Rights Management system so that users may listen without interruption.

Most companies that provide DRM free audiobooks have their own applications. However, there is no assurance that their audio players are favorable and have the finest features. You may be wondering where you can find those DRM-free audiobooks to begin your audiobook adventure. If so, check out this guide. Here you can learn how to get DRM free audiobooks and start listening to your favorite audiobook on any device.

Contents Guide Part 1. Where Can I Find DRM Free AudiobooksPart 2. Bonus: How to Remove DRM from Audible AudiobooksPart 3. Conclusion

Part 1. Where Can I Find DRM Free Audiobooks

Several sites in the audiobook industry enable users to purchase DRM free audiobooks. There are some websites such as Libro.FM, OverDrive, Downpour, and Google Play Books provide DRM free audiobooks. Furthermore, sites such as Project Gutenberg and LibriVox enable users to download DRM free MP3 audiobooks. Here is a list of the top audiobook sites where you may find DRM free audiobooks.



Librivox provides access to over 50,000 free public domain audiobooks, ranging from classic best-sellers to out-of-print publications. If you're not searching for the newest best-sellers, this is the place for you. You may look for audiobooks by title, author, or genre.

Users may save and listen to as many books whenever they like. You may also add an infinite number of bookmarks and a sleep timer. Furthermore, since volunteers do the audiobook narration, it is typical to encounter a variety of qualities.

However, Librivox is an excellent source for getting classic works of literature in audiobook format. If you have a nostalgic side, go to this website and start looking for vintage DRM free audiobooks.


Nobody ever leaves a local library empty-handed, and this is especially true with OverDrive. Users can lend eBooks and audiobooks of their choice in OverDrive for free. It's not only free of charge, but it's also DRM-free.

OverDrive is an app that enables users to borrow resources from their library's collection. It is proven to be convenient, flexible, and highly accessible to everyone – students and other users. Furthermore, users may set holds and wishlists for their favorite eBooks and audiobooks.

In addition, OverDrive has made it simple for users to return borrowed resources. Isn't it simple to use? Moreover, OverDrive offers cross-device synchronization, allowing users to listen to an audiobook on any device.



Downpour is an independently owned audiobook business that sells a large selection of DRM free audiobooks. Apart from DRM free audiobooks, users may rent audiobooks for 30 or 60 days via the Downpour app. The app lets users browse their entire collection and download audiobooks for offline listening over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

The playback settings are entirely basic, including chapter and 30-second skips, bookmarking, a sleep timer, and background downloading functionality. Downpour's most notable benefit over Audible is its renting service. It allows users to rent any audiobook for up to 70% off the retail price.

Depending on the audiobook, the renting term may range from 30 to 60 days. It is excellent for those who do not listen to their audiobooks more than once.

Downpour membership is $12.99 per month, which is less costly than Audible. Furthermore, similar to, it provides a free audiobook each month after you subscribe. You don't have to worry about playing the audiobooks you get from Downpour since they are all DRM-free. Users may play it on any device and player at any time. is an audiobook service from Canada that is quite similar to Audible in many ways. For example, it charges a $15 monthly sign-up fee, the same as Audible. However, these two apps draw the line in terms of benefits.

Unlike Audible, gives out a free audiobook every month without requiring a successful sign-up. Additionally, you may purchase additional book credits on and buy an audiobook for a lower price. The inferior aspect of's service compared to Audible is its smaller library, which includes just 100,000 titles.

Google Play Audiobooks

Since January 2018, audiobooks have been accessible on Google Play in 45 countries and nine languages. To commemorate the debut, Google offers users significant discounts of up to 50% off their first audiobook purchase. Unlike Audible and other audiobook retailers, Google allows you to purchase audiobooks without a membership.

The integration with Google Assistant is the most fantastic aspect of Google audiobooks. It allows consumers to read the book at any moment by using voice commands. You may also listen to the audiobook at double speed or put it to sleep mode.

Downloaded audiobooks from Google Play may be listened to on any platform, including iOS, Android, and others.

Part 2. Bonus: How to Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks

Would you want to get a free audiobook online? Here, we'd like to recommend several places where audiobook fans can get free audiobooks. Perhaps, this will let you enjoy your dearest audiobooks whenever and wherever you choose, for free.

The majority of users continue to use Audible due to its large book selection and excellent user experience. But Audible collections are DRM-protected. You can’t play Audible books on other devices.

If you're still confused about which Audible alternative to choose, keep your seat because we've got you covered. One of the most excellent solutions you should take is to remove DRM protection from your audiobooks. This technique will allow you to listen to your preferred audiobook on any of your devices.

With today's sophisticated technological prowess, many third-party applications are available to perform the job for you. DumpMedia Audible Converter is one of them and is likely one of the finest. This program is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

DumpMedia Audible Converter may assist you in completely removing the DRM restriction on Audible audiobooks. It also enables you to convert protected AA or AAX files to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other formats. The most remarkable feature of this app is that it transforms the file while preserving the original audio quality.

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Part 3. Conclusion

If you like DRM free audiobooks, you may visit the websites mentioned in the preceding sections. You can have your particular choice based on your personal preferences.

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