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Does Audible Work Offline: Things You Should Know

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-05

2 min read

Nowadays, internet data is available almost anywhere and can be cheap or unlimited that streaming becomes the norm for Audible users. Audiobooks tend to be large files, and streaming allows users to save device memory space.

However, some circumstances need you to disconnect from the internet—airplane travel or visits to remote places like small towns and nature trips. Or sometimes, you experience lousy connectivity, maybe your data plan ran out, or you need to disconnect for mental health reasons. Audible enthusiasts might be worried and will be prompted to ask, does Audible work offline?

Like books, audiobooks are a good travel companion and can make your idle or mindless time worthwhile. The thought of disconnecting to your Audible might be depressing so let's answer the question—does Audible work offline?

Contents Guide Part 1. Can You Listen to Audible Offline? Does Audible Work Offline?Part 2. How to Listen to Audible Offline via Audible Offline ModePart 3. Use Alternative App to Listen to Audible Audiobooks OfflinePart 4. Bonus: How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Any Player OfflinePart 5. Conclusion

Part 1. Can You Listen to Audible Offline? Does Audible Work Offline?

Aside from library access, Audible online also allows you to search and browse through hundreds of thousands of books, get information about Audible, and see/manage your profile. What's great about Audible is that you can access it offline as well without any fee. Only the Library and the downloaded titles are accessible.

So does Audible work offline? Yes, but you must download the audiobooks first. Make sure you have a stable connection and enough memory space in your device beforehand.

Generally, you have two ways to listen to your audible files without an internet connection—downloading the audiobooks and playing in the Audible app or converting the downloaded Audible titles to MP3. The second solution allows you to do away with the Audio app and allow other devices for playback without relying on data.

Many devices support the Audible app on different platforms (recommended are iOS, Android, and Windows 10). However, there are still portable media players that cannot access the application and do not support Audible's AAX format. You will need a conversion tool.

Part 2. How to Listen to Audible Offline via Audible Offline Mode

Does Audible work offline on different platforms? Indeed, it does. See details below.

Listen to Audible Offline on Audible App on iOS/Android Device

Step 1. Run the app on your device

If you don't have Audible on your device yet, find it from your device's app store and run installation. Launch the app and log in with account details.

Step 2. Select the audiobook

Tap on the 'Library,' then select "All Titles." You should see a list of your purchased audiobooks. Notice that the cover art has a small downward pointing arrow on its lower right-hand corner (indicates available for download).

Step 3. Download the Audible file

Choose a title you want available for offline reading by tapping on the cover art. The download will automatically start.

Step 4. Listen in offline mode

You can start listening to Audible without an internet connection on your Android or iOS phone.

Listen to Audible Offline on Windows

Audible has its software for managing audiobooks on your PC called Audible Manager.
Find it on their website. You can download and install Audible Manager for free. Run the Audible Manager program. Add your audiobook by clicking on "File -> Add Audio Files" in the menu. A new window will pop up for you to search and select your Audible downloads. Click on the title you want for offline listening. The title will be added and displayed on the Audible Manager's player list.

You can also load your Audible books to Windows Media Player and iTunes.
Launch the Audible Manager program. For first-time imports, activate your PC to work with Audible by selecting "Option->Activate PC," then enter your details to sign in with your Audible account.
You can now import your Audible books by setting "Option -> Import Audible Titles -> Import into iTunes and Windows Media Player Library." Navigate to your iTunes Audiobook section or WMP; you should find the Audible files ready for offline playback.

Listen to Audible Offline on Windows

Listen to Audible Offline on Mac

You can listen to Audible offline with Mac's built-in application iTunes/Books. Books are default starting with the macOS Catalina 10.15 release, iTunes in older macOS releases (up to Mojave 10.14). Apple Books interface is similar to iTunes, so you get the same experience and need not worry about adjustments.

Step 1. On your Mac browser, find the downloaded audible file. Right-click and select "Open with Books."

Step 2. You need to activate your Books or iTunes to work with Audible. So if this is your first import, you will see an "Activate" dialog box. Sign in with your Audible account details and click on "Activate Now."

After step 2, your Audible files will be imported to Books. You can find the title in the Audiobooks section of Books, ready for offline listening.

Part 3. Use Alternative App to Listen to Audible Audiobooks Offline

So far, you know the Audible app works offline, even with some default programs in your Mac and PC. How about with your portable devices, does Audible work offline with your smartphone or tablets? We have two apps to recommend—

iBooks for iOS

iBooks would be the best bet for iOS devices. Preinstalled, so no need for new app installation, and most importantly, it works seamlessly with iTunes or Apple Books. After you download audiobooks to your Mac (as described in Part 2), connect your device to your computer. Then open iTunes and sync your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

In Apple Books, however, you cannot transfer your audiobooks to your iOS device directly. Use Finder, Mac's default folder management system.

Step 1. After downloading the audiobook to your Mac, plug in your iOS device and launch the Finder program.

Step 2. Find your device under "Locations" in the Finder window and select it.

Step 3. Information about your device will show. Find the "Audiobooks" tab and click on it.

Step 4. Tick on the box next to "Sync audiobooks," and you can choose to sync all or selected audiobooks.

Step 5. Click Apply button to start the transfer.

In the iBooks app, you should find the audiobooks in your Library under "Collections."

Kobo Books for Android and iOS

Use Kobo Books to Listen to Audible Audiobooks Offline

Kobo offers free reading apps for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. This Canadian-Japanese company sells e-books, audiobooks, and even e-readers and tablets. Not as popular and established as Amazon but has a growing collection of books in its eBookstore.

The Kobo Books app has the standard reader/audiobook player functions that let you read e-books, listen to audiobooks, and customize reading settings with a straightforward interface. You can't transfer Audible books to Kobo directly because of having their own store and subscription plans.

However, you can copy non-protected audiobook files to Kobo (or any audiobook player) for offline playback with the help of a converter tool.

Part 4. Bonus: How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Any Player Offline

Another way to listen to your audible books offline is to convert the Audible file to an open standard format like mp3; then, you can play them on virtually any audio player offline. There is no limit—no Audible activation needed, no specific manager program, no limit to what application to use for transferring or playing the audiobook.

DumpMedia Audible Converter will be the best solution for this setup. Once you have the downloaded Audible files, you wouldn't have to worry about internet data or Audible, and will not be prompted to ask the question, does Audible work offline?

DumpMedia Audible Converter is a complete and powerful tool for your Audible files. Because of Audible's propriety format that comes with DRM protection, Audible audiobooks are tied to Audible's app or authorized apps.

Convert Audible audiobooks from AA/AAX to MP3, keep 100% lossless audio quality with FLAC or any other popular formats of your choice. Do you have an extensive collection of audiobooks? Conversion will not take your valuable time because DumpMedia Audible Converter's performance is top-notch. Audible collectors will appreciate keeping the ID3 tags with conversion for easy audiobook file management.

This software provides a great user experience with easy to use interface. You only need a few simple clicks to complete the conversion process—

Step 1. Install and activate DumpMedia Audible Converter. Download the installer for free. Don't worry, this step does not take long.

Free Download Free Download

Step 2. Launch the converter and add the Audible files simply by drag and drop or click on the display window.

Add Audible Books

Step 3. Select the files to convert or tick the "Select All" radio button for one-step selection.

Step 4. Optional: If you want to customize default settings, open preferences (3-line symbol) to set your preferred output format or split your audiobook into chapters.

Set Output Setting

Step 5. Click on the 'Convert' button.

Convert Audible Books

That's it! Your audiobooks are ready for transfer to any media device.

Enjoy the perfect listening experience with your favorite audiobook player wherever you go, without worrying about connecting to the internet.

Bonus Tip: If you want to know how to put your Audible books on your MP3 player, you can refer to another guide.

Part 5. Conclusion

You have learned about the two complete solutions to listen to your Audible audiobooks offline. Parts 2 and 3 sections of this article provided the details for the first solution—by downloading the audiobooks, you can utilize the Audible app or applications authorized by Audible to play the propriety AAX files. This method proves to be effective but has its limitations, requiring specific applications that run on certain devices.

Part 3, however, solves the offline problem and improves the solution by giving you complete control of your audiobooks. By downloading and converting the audiobooks with DumpMedia Audible Converter, your Audible files become DRM-free audiobooks you can copy and play with any device without restrictions from any account or connectivity.

Does Audible work offline? Once you have the Audible file and the converter tool, it doesn't really matter.

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