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How to Download Hacked Spotify APK [2024 Update]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-10

2 min read

Some free Spotify users want to remove all the limitations without a premium account. And someone may tell them to download a hacked Spotify APK. Android users who do not always download applications from Google Play Store should be very familiar with APK files.

An APK (Android Package Kit) file is used to install Android apps. If you download an app from Google Play Store, you actually download the APK file, but you have no access to it due to Google Play’s rule. In contrast, if you download an APK file from other sources like the website, you can see the downloaded file with “.apk” as its extension.

In case you want to download hacked Spotify APK, I’ll show you in the following paragraphs. But there is something you should be aware of. Turn it over in your mind before you download a Spotify hacked APK on your device.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Download Hacked Spotify APKPart 2. Is It Safe to Download Hacked Spotify APK?Part 3. Safe and Legal Way to Enjoy Spotify Premium for FreePart 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Download Hacked Spotify APK

First, you have to enable your Android device to download APK files from unknown sources. Open the Settings app and tap Apps & notifications. Tap Advanced at the bottom and hit Special app access. Scroll down and select Install unknown apps. Choose the apps you want to install apps from, like a web browser or a third-party app store, and enable Allow from this source.

Enable the Install Unknow App Permission Setting on Your Android Devices

Second, if you have the Spotify app on your phone, you should uninstall it. Open the Settings app and tap Apps & notifications. Select Spotify and tap Uninstall. If you want to clear your data, tap Storage and hit Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Third, open the web browser, or the third-party app you’ve chosen in the first step. Search for “hacked Spotify apk” and choose one to open from the search results. Click the Download button and wait for it to be downloaded. Generally, you will see a warning if you use a web browser. Click OK to accept it.

Fourth, open the downloaded file on your phone. There will be a pop-up window asking whether you want to install the application. Tap Install and wait for some minutes. After the installation, open the app and enter your Spotify account to sign in.

You may already notice that Android alerts several times that the downloaded app may be harmful to your device. So, what’s the truth? Is it safe to download hacked Spotify APK? Below is something you should think about.

Part 2. Is It Safe to Download Hacked Spotify APK?

Generally speaking, downloading hacked APK is not safe. For one thing, hacked APK may risk your device. By default, Android does not allow you to install apps from outside Google Play Store for safety because your device is more vulnerable to attack when you allow apps installed from unknown sources.

You have no idea what kind of person the app creator is. No one and no official platform can ensure there are no viruses or worms in this app. Your phone may be damaged, and your personal information may be stolen if you’re unlucky.

By the way, some of those premium accounts the hacked Spotify app offers may be other people’s accounts. It’s somehow immoral as you seem to be the one who hacks their Spotify premium accounts. Additionally, your personal information may be exposed to others if you are not discreet enough.

For the other thing, using hacked Spotify APK to access premium features is illegal. Due to its terms and services, Spotify may suspend or permanently ban your account if it detects abnormal activity on the app.

Your Account Might Be Banned If Using Hacked Spotify APK

It’s not just losing all your playlists and personal data. Redistributing and even using hacked Spotify APK may put you at risk. Do not take any chances! You had better find a safe and legal way to enjoy a Spotify premium for free.

Part 3. Safe and Legal Way to Enjoy Spotify Premium for Free

Different from hacked Spotify APK, what I recommend here, DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, is a legal, safe, and easy-to-use alternative. You can download Spotify songs through it. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite Spotify songs offline without ads-interruption. What’s more, you can convert the songs to the common-used formats so that you can play them on other media players and devices not supported by Spotify.

Additionally, you have the option of selecting either high- or low-quality audio. The music can also be converted to other widely used formats like WAV, FLAC, and M4A.

Click to have a try! It's 100% secure!

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Step 1. Launch DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter and open the Spotify web player

You can download either a Windows or Mac version from the official website. Then, install and launch it on your computer. Click the Open the Spotify web player button on the main interface of DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

Step 2. Log into your Spotify account and drag and drop a playlist to the bubble

Adding Spotify Playlist and Songs to Converter

After entering the Spotify web player, click Log in to sign in to your Spotify account. Then, search for the playlist you want to download. Click and hold your cursor on it, and drag and drop it to the green bubble in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Set the output folder, output format, and convert the songs

Choosing Output Format on Converter

Next, the conversion panel will pop up. Click Browser at the lower-left to select the output folder. You can manage the output format in the upper-right corner. Click Convert to convert the song you want. If you want to download all the songs you choose, click Convert All in the lower-right corner.

Step 4. Finish downloading and locate the downloaded files

Once downloaded, the songs will be on the Finished tab. You can immediately locate these downloaded songs by clicking the View Output File button to see their locations. It's now simple to listen to and transfer these tracks to more portable devices like Apple Watch for playback.

Part 4. Summary

A hacked Spotify APK file can help you install a cracked Spotify app on your Android phone that has all the premium features for free. But you should be aware of the risk you are faced when using hacked APK. I highly recommend a safe and legal third-party tool, DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, which is a much better choice for you to experience Spotify Premium for free.

Click to have a try! It's 100% secure!

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