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Best M4P DRM Removal Free Online for Apple Music [2024]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

M4P is the most used media format in Apple devices. Basically, all the M4P files from Apple, are protected by DRM. No matter what you are trying to do with these files, for example, convert them to MP3, the first thing you need to deal with is M4P DRM removal.

This article is going to explain this situation in detail and give you a step-by-step guide. Keep reading if you think it might help you.

Contents Guide Part 1. Why Do You Need M4P DRM Removal?Part 2. The Best M4P DRM Removal Free OnlinePart 3. How to Remove M4P DRM from Apple MusicPart 4. Other Method to Remove M4P DRMPart 5. FAQs about M4P DRM RemovalPart 6. Conclusion

Part 1. Why Do You Need M4P DRM Removal?

Apple Music is a home for many media files, from music to videos, and audiobooks. If you are a fan of music then you have probably heard of Apple Music from everywhere around you. Since Apple Music is a big and popular music streaming platform, it is a given that many users from all over the world will surely flock to their site. Apple Music is also a home for many Apple Music media formats such as M4P, M4A, and M4B.

Checking Tech Details of M4P Format

As we have said earlier, M4P files are developed by Apple Music. All files from the Apple Music app from the year 2003 to 2009 are all made out of M4P formats. However, Apple Music has changed its settings and made sure to make different formats for all its files. For one, all music tracks are now made out of M4A formats while audiobooks are made out of M4B formats.

Although M4A and M4B exist today, M4P formats are still available on Apple Music. And if you are a person who wants to learn how to remove the DRM restrictions on an M4P format file from Apple Music, we know the best M4P DRM removal tool. If you want to learn more about this tool, jump to the next section below.

Part 2. The Best M4P DRM Removal Free Online

As mentioned above, we know the best M4P DRM removal tool that you can use to remove DRM restrictions from a file on Apple Music that is DRM protected. This method we know of will help you successfully remove the DRM restrictions on an M4P formatted file and convert it into a file that is compatible with any device you like.

This method we are talking about is using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. This converting tool is one of the best Apple Music converters, known to be five times faster compared to other converting platforms, and can keep 100% of the original quality of any track from Apple Music. DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is also very reliable since many users have been using it ever since its release.

This converting tool can successfully remove all DRM restrictions on any track from Apple Music so you can transfer and listen to them offline on any device you want. What’s awesome about DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is that you won’t have to pay for any subscription to Apple Music just to continue listening to your favorite Apple Music songs.

Part 3. How to Remove M4P DRM from Apple Music

After getting to know DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you must be eager to know how to use it to remove m4p drm from Apple Music. Don't worry. Here it comes. Here is a guide that can help you learn how to use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. Click the below icon to download and have a try.

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Step#1. On your computer, click the above icon to download and install DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. Then launch the app.

Step#2. Select the Apple Music songs you want to download. Then drag and drop them on the red button on the side of the window.

Selecting Apple Music Songs with Third Party Software to Remove DRM

Step#3. Now, adjust the output format and other settings you want for your files

Step#4. Select the folder where you want to save these files

Step#5. Lastly, click the Convert button on the bottom and wait for it to finish

Converting Apple Music Songs to MP3 after DRM Removal

After that, you have successfully used the best tool for M4P DRM removal. You now also have a list of all the Apple Music songs you like saved on your computer forever. And if you ever want to listen to these files on other devices you would like to use you can transfer them to these devices using a USB cable.

Remember that without the help of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you won’t ever be able to remove the DRM protections on any Apple Music track. If I were you, I would download and install DumpMedia Apple Music Converter on my computer so I will be able to experience the magic and the many benefits that this converting tool can give to you.

Part 4. Other Method to Remove M4P DRM

Consider using DVDFab 10 as an alternative software application. Follow the steps below to remove DRM from your Apple Music playlist using this program.

Part 5. FAQs about M4P DRM Removal

Q1: Is It Legal to Remove M4P DRM?

If you remove DRM encryption from Apple Music content for commercial purposes, such as reselling songs or audiobooks, it would be illegal and a violation of copyright laws. However, removing DRM encryption to enjoy the media content on personal devices or for personal use is legal.

Q2. Can I Remove M4P DRM Online?

It is possible to remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection from M4P files online. You can use third-party software like DRM removal tools which are available online. The tool we recommend here is the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Q3. How do I convert DRM-protected M4P to MP3?

If the M4P files you have are DRM-protected, some online tools may be available to bypass the DRM restrictions and convert M4P to MP3. Here we recommend DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. Detailed-guide is provided: Convert M4P to MP3: Fast and Easy Guide in 2023

Part 6. Conclusion

After learning everything you want to learn about M4P files, we hope you now understand what these files are for. Moreover, we also hope that you can now use the best M4P DRM removal tool you can find on the internet today.

With this removal tool, you can now remove all the DRM restrictions on any Apple Music song you like that has an M4P format. By using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter you can now download and convert any Apple Music track you like without subscribing to an Apple Music plan.

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This converting tool is also very keen on preserving the original quality of the audio you want from Apple Music so users can keep on listening to music with high definition all the time.

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is very trustworthy for it has proven many times that it can remove any DRM restrictions from any Apple Music track while keeping the original quality of the track. If you are given a chance to download and install DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, try it today and see the benefits it can give you.

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