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Best Apple Music DRM Removal for Free (2023 Update)

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2023-07-27

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“I wish I can listen to my Apple Music favorites without accessibility issues and limitations. I’d like to keep them with me forever! How do I do Apple Music DRM removal for free ?”

Apple Music is one of the best and most popular if discussion would be about music streaming platforms. Unfortunately, unlike Spotify, there is no free version of Apple Music. The only good thing is that one can enjoy its free trial offer before deciding to push through with getting a paid plan.

Apple Music users should also be aware that the tracks from the platform are protected by DRM technology. This limits them from accessing the song on unauthorized devices as well as from keeping, downloading or saving them on any other devices and online clouds. To get going, it's necessary to know the methods of Apple Music DRM removal for free.

The first part will give your brief knowledge about DRM, why its removal is beneficial, and if it’s legally fine to do it. The next sections will then finally highlight the ways to do Apple Music DRM removal for free.

Part 1: What is DRM Protection?

As we have mentioned in the introduction part, before we finally explain the process of doing Apple Music DRM removal for free, we will first highlight brief information about the DRM protection technology.

Do Apple Music DRM Removal for Free Legally

DRM is actually a short term for Digital Rights Management and is also known as FairPlay DRM that known to be developed by Apple Inc. This is being used to encrypt content with protection – movies, videos, shows, songs, electronic books, and more. This results in not being able to access the files on unauthorized devices as well as not having the ability to download them. If you’d like to remove all the limitations you are facing specifically with streaming Apple Music tracks, knowing how to do Apple Music DRM removal for free will then be beneficial to you.

Why is DRM Removal a Good Thing to do?

Apple Music offers a subscription plan for individual listeners costing 9.99 USD per month. It also has a plan suitable for a family that is priced at 14.99 USD per month (can be enjoyed already by up to 6 people). Though a subscriber can get to enjoy Apple Music’s exclusive perks including offline streaming, it should be noted that once the subscription expires, all the downloaded tracks will be gone.

By knowing how to do Apple Music DRM removal for free, one can get several benefits.

  1. The users will have the ability to stream their Apple Music favorites without worrying if they are using authorized devices or not.
  2. Once your Apple Music subscription is canceled, you would still be able to keep the tracks that you love.
  3. It will also be possible to burn the Apple Music songs to CDs or DVDs for backup or forever-keeping purposes.
  4. One would be able to use amazing Apple Music songs on any video or music editing app.
  5. You can even use your Apple Music favorites as your device’s ringtones!
  6. Sharing those Apple Music songs you love with friends or family will easily be possible as well as saving them on external drives like USBs and on online storage clouds like Google Drive or Dropbox.

To sum it all up, by having enough knowledge of the process of Apple Music DRM removal for free, you’ll further enjoy your music listening experience through Apple Music!

Is it Legal to do the DRM Removal Process?

Before doing the Apple Music DRM removal for free process, some users are bothered when it comes to the legality of performing the procedure.

You should know that in some countries or regions, doing this Apple Music DRM removal for free process is actually illegal as this might pose the commercial distribution of content without permission or approval.

However, if your honest sole purpose of performing the Apple Music DRM removal for free process is for personal entertainment, there is nothing wrong with having this procedure done.

Part 2: Ways to Remove DRM Protection for Free

Our main topic in this post is to learn how to do Apple Music DRM removal for free. In this section, we’ll expose 2 methods of how you can do that.

Using Requiem 4.1

Though some users are aware that Requiem 4.1 hasn’t been updated for some time, there is still news from others who had successful experiences using this tool when it comes to getting the DRM protection of Apple Music songs removed. Also, it is commendable for performing the process lossless – without losing the original quality of the tracks.

If you are interested in trying this one to do Apple Music DRM removal for free, you may refer to the below guide.

Step #1. These apps need to be uninstalled first from your PC – iTunes app, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support 32-bit, and Apple Application Support 64-bit.

Step #2. Get the iTunes 10.7 version installed on your PC. Also, ensure that Requiem 4.1 will be installed.

Step #3. Look for the iTunes local library folder and have it renamed.

Step #4. Open the iTunes 10.7 app and get those tracks you’d like to process. Your PC needs to be authorized as well to ensure that songs will be playing correctly on iTunes.

Step #5. Now, close the iTunes app and then launch Requiem 4.1. Automatically, this will look for the protected Apple Music songs and will have the protection from them removed. A notification will popup on your screen once the process has been successful.

Burning Apple Music to CDs

It might surprise you but iTunes actually lets one burn protected Apple Music songs to CDs! Installing other tools or plugins is not needed. Plus, this is totally free. However, before doing the Apple Music DRM removal for free, ensure that the CD or DVD that you’ll use supports the AAC format as conversion to MP3 will not be done here.

Step #1. On your PC, launch the iTunes app and then just head to the “Music” section. A new playlist needs to be created. This is where you can drag and drop all the Apple Music songs that you’d like to process.

Step #2. Insert the blank CD into your PC’s drive and then head to the newly created playlist. Right-click on that and then from the options shown, just choose “Burn Playlist to Disc”.

Do Apple Music DRM Removal by Burnning Playlist to CD on iTunes

Step #3. Tap the “Audio CD” option before clicking the “Burn” button.

Part 3: The Best Way to Remove the DRM Protection from Apple Music Songs

Though there are ways to do Apple Music DRM removal for free, the outputs from using those aren’t always guaranteed to be good. More so, there are always limitations such as the number of items you can process. To ensure that you’ll have removed the DRM protection from your Apple Music favorites without worrying about any issues or problems, it is always better that you use professional tools like this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Free Download Free Download

This DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is capable of easily removing the Apple Music songs’ DRM protection and even aids in the process of converting them to common formats like MP3. Though fast enough, you can still ensure that this tool will give you the best outputs – maintained original quality, ID tags, and metadata information!

Of course, this was designed with an easy interface making it easy even for beginners to handle this app. For your reference, here is a guide to converting and downloading Apple Music songs with the help of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Step #1. Once you have this app installed on your PC already, immediately launch it. On the main page, you can start previewing and selecting the Apple Music songs to be processed.

Drag and Add Apple Music Songs/Playlists into The Program

Step #2. You may now setup the output parameter settings. The options are displayed at the bottom area of the screen.

Convert The Songs and Check the Downloads

Step #3. Once you are all okay with the setup made, you can just hit the “Convert” button that is at the bottom area of the screen.

In a few minutes, you shall have the converted and DRM-free Apple Music songs ready for streaming offline on any device that you like to use! More so, you can have the tracks shared with others or saved on any external drives!

Part 4: Summary

Indeed, maintaining Apple Music songs’ DRM protection is troublesome. We are fortunate to learn that there are bunches of methods for Apple Music DRM removal for free. However, our recommendation will always be to use professional tools like the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter when dealing with this concern to ensure great output and smooth processing.

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