An Easy Method to Extract Audio from MP4 Files

Undoubtedly, it can be said that because of the advancement of technology, there are a lot of things that can now be made possible and be done just by the tip of your fingers. In fact, when it comes to several things such as to extract audio from MP4 files, it will only take you minutes to get the output that you want.

By browsing through the web, there are several ways that you can check and try. However, it is not recommended to just easily use the first search appearance. You also need to take some precautions and of course, check the reliability of the site and the tool or app/s being promoted as well. In order to extract audio from MP4 files, there are some factors to consider as well. Before dealing with one app, make sure to check those out first as well. (We also provide you a guide to extract and rip audios from DVD discs. If you are curious about it, you can check it out.)

Make sure that you would not use the apps just because they are popular. Check the features that the application can offer first before proceeding with the installation. Remember that the wrong choice of the app can ruin not only your PC but the files that you have on it as well. To give you an overview of the trusted tools, you may refer to the next parts of this article to know more.

Contents Guide Part 1. Can VLC Extract Audio from Video?Part 2. The Best Tool to Extract Audio from MP4Part 3. How to Extract Audio from MP4 Online?Part 4. To Summarize

Part 1. Can VLC Extract Audio from Video?

VLC Media Player-A Tool to Extract Audio from MP4 Files

VLC Media Player is one of those players known to be the most used by many when it comes to accessing several media files. But apart from being a media player, this is also used by many as a media manager. Do you know that the VLC Media Player can also help you extract audio from MP4 files?

You might be surprised to know this fact, but this actually works! The good thing about trying out this option is that the VLC Media Player is totally free of use and might already be on your PC (thus, avoiding the hassle of downloading and even installation). If this won’t work, then you will not lose anything because you can have this app fully used for free.

So, how will you extract audio from MP4 files using the VLC Media Player?

Here a seven-step procedure that you can follow to successfully extract audio from MP4 files via your VLC Media Player.

  1. Open the VLC Media Player on your PC.
  2. Head to the “Media” button and then tick the “Convert / Save” button.
  3. After clicking the “Convert / Save” button, you will be seeing a new dialog box. The new window is where you can choose the file needed to be converted (from a video MP4 file to an audio file).
  4. After the file selection, just click the “Convert / Save” button at the lower right area of the dialog box.
  5. A new dialog box for “Stream Output” will be displayed. Check the “File” option and then head to “Browse” to save the file locally with the filename of your choice. Every time you enter a new file name and try to save the file, a “.ps” extension will automatically be used. You just have to change it to “.mp3” extension.
  6. Under the “Settings” section of the dialog box for conversion, you will see a drop-down menu on the profile. From that menu, look for MP3 and choose it.
  7. Now, you have to click the “Save” button. After the process, open the MP3 file and then enjoy.

If the VLC Media Player did not work, you might want to try some other options. In the second part of this post, we will be introducing the best third-party software application that can extract audio from MP4 files. Let us learn more about this app.

Part 2. The Best Tool to Extract Audio from MP4

By browsing through the internet, you will see several recommendations regarding the applications that you can make use of. You can do a comparison among those apps that you saw on the web and choose the one which you think is the best. But just in case you want to avoid this added task of comparing and contrasting one from the other, we have here an application that you can utilize as early as now.

DumpMedia Video Converter is an app that lets you extract audio from MP4 files and convert it to a format that you wish to (there are a lot of supported formats to choose from). You can even have the audio edited before saving and converting it. Another great thing about this app is it is easy to use and conversion can happen six times faster than the other apps.

In order to utilize this DumpMedia Video Converter to extract audio from MP4 files with ease, there are three things that you must look into (procedure to follow).

Step #1. Do The Installation of DumpMedia Video Converter

We suggest heading to the main website of the DumpMedia Video Converter to find out more about the details when it comes to the installation process and requirements. This will only take a few of your minutes.

Free Download Free Download

Step #2. Begin Adding Files And Choose A Format

You can add the MP4 files to be converted to audio files by clicking the “Add Files” button at the top-left area of the screen. After all the files have been added, you can now choose which output format you want to utilize. Do this by going to the “Convert All Tasks to” option (at the top right corner of the screen).

Add Files

Step #3. Convert And Wait For The Process Completion

By ticking the “Convert” button that you are seeing on the screen, you are authorizing the app to do the conversion of the files you just added (letting the app extract audio from MP4 files imported). Just wait until the process has been completed then your audio files (in chosen format) will be ready for streaming!

Convert Files

DumpMedia Video Converter is a professional application. If you are asking for online tools that can extract audio from MP4 files, we also have some tips to be discussed in the next part.

Part 3. How to Extract Audio from MP4 Online?

Online tools with the ability to extract audio from MP4 files are also sought by a lot of users especially those who are really not fond of following installation procedures or would not want to risk any possible damage after choosing a wrong tool or app. Luckily, there are online tools that the users can also make use of. And, here are the top ones.

Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor is an online app that is regarded by many as an easy online tool to use. Even beginners can use this tool well. The advantage of using this tool is that it can do the batch conversion of files. However, there is no built-in audio player that you can use.


Online-Convert could be the first recommendation one you looked for online tools with the ability to extract audio from MP4 files. This is a good online tool as well and is being used by many already. Since you can use this online, this is also free of charge. It has an interface that is appealing to users making the editing an enjoyable and fun thing to do. However, there are some important features that you might not find on this online tool (there are some limitations in functionality).


Zamzar is very capable to extract audio from MP4 files as well. Apart from this, it can also do file conversion and is very much compatible with a wide array of formats. The positive thing about Zamzar is that you can use this for free (the same as the previous online tools). However, there are some shortcomings when it comes to the features being offered.

Extract Audio from MP4 Online

Online Audio Converter

The fourth online tool is this Online Audio Converter. This is offering all the needed tools or editing features necessary to help extract audio from MP4 files online. Many are recognizing this as a very reliable audio extractor. This can also be used for free, can accommodate a variety of file formats, and has an interface that is very easy to use. Of course, you should expect that since this is an online and free tool, there are some limitations when it comes to the features that it has.

Part 4. To Summarize

For you to extract audio from MP4 files, there is no need to go through complicated procedures. You just need to have a reliable software application such as this DumpMedia Video Converter with you or an online tool that you think is reliable and trusted to use. Make sure that you check all the features – both benefits and drawbacks of the tool to use before heading to either the installation process or usage.

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