Three Practical Options to Convert WLMP to MOV

Do you love to take videos? If you do and you’re using Windows, you probably use the Movie Maker to create personalized videos. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s exactly the purpose of the Movie Maker of Windows. The thing is, the WLMP file created by the Movie Maker won’t play on any other device but your Windows computer.

You would have to convert WLMP to MOV so that you could show off your videos to your friends and family members who don’t use Windows. How do you do that? Well, it’s easy. Just keep on reading and you’ll find out how.

Contents GuidePart 1. What Is A WLMP File Format?Part 2. How to Convert WLMP to MOVPart 3. Download Videos from Your Favorite WebsitesPart 4. In Conclusion

Part 1. What Is A WLMP File Format?

A WLMP file format is created by Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s usually the format used to create personal videos. It’s great for sharing as well. The only thing about it is that it cannot play on any other device. It can only play on a Windows computer.

A WLMP file format has to be converted into a format that can be played on other devices. The good thing is that you can convert WLMP to MOV.

Why Convert WLMP to MOV?

The MOV file format is created by Apple for the QuickTime Player. It’s a pretty common video file format and it uses the lossy video compression method. Although it’s bigger file size, the MOV format can be played on both Mac and Windows computers.

Since a MOV file format can be played on both Mac and Window it makes sense to convert WLMP to MOV so that everybody can enjoy the video. The video can be played on various kinds of computers.

Convert WLMP to MOV

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Part 2. How to Convert WLMP to MOV

You can make the video you’ve created with the Movie Maker available to other devices by simply converting it. Here are three practical options to consider when you want to convert WLMP to MOV.

Option #1. Make Use of the DumpMedia Video Converter

Step 1. Go to the DumpMedia Website.

Step 2. Search for the video you want to convert.

Step 3. Convert your video.

Let’s get into details now.

Step 1. Go to the DumpMedia Website

Use the link to visit the website of the DumpMedia Video Converter. Soon as you get to the website, look for their Video Converter on the top menu. The Windows version of the DumpMedia Video Converter is coming soon. So, in the meantime, you can use a Mac to download the DumpMedia Video Converter. Feel free to use the Free Download button to try it out. After your download, install it immediately.

Free Download

Step 2. Search for the Video You Want to Convert

Since the Windows version of the DumpMedia Video Converter is not available yet, it’s recommended that you convert the WLMP file to MP4 on your Windows computer first. Then transfer to a Mac computer to convert the MP4 to MOV. On a Mac, launch the DumpMedia Video Convert. Add the file you want to convert by clicking on Add Files. Then choose the output format on the Convert all tasks to.

Convert The Files

Step 3. Convert Your Video

Choose the location where you want to save your MOV file and click on the Convert button. The same process goes for the Windows version of the DumpMedia Video Converter.

Option #2. Make Use of A Program Called iCoolsoft

  1. Checkout iCoolsoft.
  2. Choose the appropriate download for your computer.
  3. Install on your computer.
  4. Launch Windows Movie Maker.
  5. Open a project by taking your cursor to the top left-hand side of the screen. Click the tab that comes before Home.
  6. Scroll down on the drop-down list and select an Open Project.
  7. Choose your file. Play it.
  8. Go back to the tab before Home and select Save movie from the drop-down list.
  9. Click on Recommended for this project.
  10. Click on the Save as type field and choose Windows Media Video File(*.wmv).
  11. Choose a location to save your file.
  12. Run the iCoolsoft program.
  13. Click on the File tab found on the top, left-hand side corner of the screen.
  14. Select Add File(s)from the drop-down list. Add the file that you have just converted to WMV format.
  15. Preview the video before converting it.
  16. Click on the Edit button found on the top menu. You will be able to crop and add watermark and other effects to your video file. Click on the Apply All button once you’re done.
  17. Choose MOV as output by clicking on the Profile field.
  18. Convert WLMP to MOV by clicking on the blue Convert button.

Option #3. Use A Program Called Video Converter Factory

  1. To check out Video Converter Factory. Download and install.
  2. Go back to Movie Maker.
  3. Play the movie. When you get to the end, click on Save movie.
  4. Choose a setting under Common settings.
  5. Select a format on the Save as type field. You can select MP4 format.
  6. Open the Video Converter Factory to convert your MP4 format.
  7. Load the file to the program.
  8. Choose the output format.
  9. Click on the Run button to start converting your video.
  10. View the output folder when the conversion is complete.

Part 3. Download Videos from Your Favorite Websites

The DumpMedia allows you to download videos from your favorite websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. With their Online Downloader, you can just paste the URL of your favorite video and download it. It’s that easy. It’s a free service.

Another awesome thing about the DumpMedia is that you can download and convert your Spotify playlist. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

Online Free Download

Part 4. In Conclusion

Even if a WLMP file format is confined solely to Windows, you can convert it to MOV so that you can play it on another device.

Was there ever a need for you to convert WLMP to MOV? How did you go about it? Share with us your thoughts.

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