Troubleshooting Guide To Fix YouTube Not Playing Sound

YouTube is a video platform giant and is very popular around the world. You might be one of those people who love to browse YouTube videos to kill time. Or, you browse YouTube for tutorials and for entertainment purposes.

But sometimes you encounter the problem of YouTube not playing sounds. This can be very frustrating and annoying especially if you use the video-sharing site all the time. There are several settings (browser, site, and system) that can actually block YouTube from making sounds. Thus, locating the root source of the problem might take some time and effort.

Fix No Sound On Youtube

In this article, we’ll delve into how to fix the problem of YouTube not playing sound. We will do a top-down method of fixing the problem. In this way, we can narrow down and find the root cause of the issue.

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Part 1. 5 Steps to Fix YouTube Not Playing Sound

Step 01: Check-Up Your System’s Sounds

If you’re using Windows, then you can go to the Start Menu and choose Change System Sounds. Or, you can simply go to the taskbar notification section and right-click that of the speaker icon. After right-clicking, choose Sounds.

Select any of the sound options for Program Events which has a speaker icon located right beside it. Press Test. If you can hear a sound going off, then this means the system settings are okay. However, if you can’t hear any sound, there might be a problem with that of the computer’s system settings. Try out the following troubleshooting guides to help you out with the issue:

  • Adjust the computer’s system volume. Press the icon for a speaker within the taskbar notification section. Make sure it isn’t muted. This will appear as a red circle around the icon for a speaker with a slash in the middle. If it is actually muted, press the icon in order to unmute the speaker. Plus, you should also move the slider from left to right in order to increase the sound volume. This is a way of checking whether your system is actually on mute mode or not.
  • Check up the Sound Driver Utility. Usually, there are sound cards that have their own volume utilities separate from others. This can be accessed by going to the Start menu or the Windows menu. Or, you can simply double click the icon for speaker within the notification section. Make sure the sound is not actually muted.
  • Check your speaker, its wiring, and its connections. Ensure that your speakers are not unplugged. Also, make sure the wires are fine and plugged properly to the right outlets.
  • Updating the drivers for your sound. Go to the Start menu or Windows menu and search for Device Manager. Find the section labeled Sound. It might appear as Sound, Video Game, and Controllers. Make sure there is no exclamation point (color yellow) beside it. If it has one, simply right-click that option. Afterward, choose Update Driver Software.
  • Activate your sound drivers. When updating the drivers for your sound, you should go to Device Manager again. Right-click the entry labeled Sound, Video Game and Controllers. After this, press Enable. If the option says Disable, then this means that the sound is already activated. You don’t need to do anything else.

Check Sound On Your Windows

Step 02: Using Another Website Browser

Is YouTube not playing sound? Open the exact same video using another web browser. If you can now hear sounds, then it means the issue is with the other browser. Thus, you should adjust or modify the mixer volume.

To do this, simply go to the taskbar notification section. Afterwards, press the speaker icon. While doing this, make sure YouTube is playing a particular video. Then, press Mixer. Now, search for an option that is named with the browser (that isn’t playing sounds). Or, you can search for an entry named Adobe Flash Player. Make sure the volume isn’t muted. Also, you can adjust the slider to maximize the volume. The actual problem might also be with the Flash Player of Adobe. That’s what we’ll tackle on in the next step.

Try Another Website Browser

Step 03: Update The Flash Player Of Adobe

Open a video that uses Flash Player. Do this on another site that is not YouTube. Once you are able to listen to audio, this means the problem is with your settings on YouTube (we will troubleshoot this in the next step).

But, if you still aren’t able to hear anything with Flash, then the problem is with Adobe Flash Player. To fix this, you must visit the page for Adobe Flash Player. Check out the box for Version Information and then compare your own Flash version to that of the latest one listed for that of Windows operating systems.

If the two versions aren’t the same, you must download the latest version and install it. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, then you must uninstall the Adobe Flash Player and then download the latest version. After this, reinstall that most updated version again. If YouTube not playing sound is still a problem, then do the next step below.

Step 04: Check-Up Your Settings For YouTube

Below the YouTube video, check the speaker icon. If X is located beside it, this means the sound is actually muted. Press this icon in order to activate the side again. Then, place your cursor over the speaker icon, it will show the slider for volume. Move the volume slider from left to right in order to increase the sound volume. If this still doesn’t work, then use the last method below.

Check Sound On Your Youtube

Step 05: Download The YouTube Video

You can download the YouTube video itself. In this way, you have a copy of the video containing the audio within it. For this, you can use DumpMedia Video Converter. It is a software that allows you to download YouTube videos and even convert them to other media file formats. This tool has lightning-fast speeds when downloading YouTube videos. Plus, once downloaded, you have a copy of the video and you can hear the sounds afterward.

Free Download

Part 2. In Conclusion

In this article, we’ve fixed the issue of “YouTube not playing sound.” We’ve tackled how to fix issues with system, browser, and site settings. However, if everything doesn’t work, you must learn how to download the videos using DumpMedia Video Converter. In this way, you can have a copy of the videos and watch them while being able to hear sounds.

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