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Spotify Keeps Playing Songs Not Of Playlist? (2024 Solution)

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

Have you ever experienced this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” issue? What have you done to fix this? Or are you still looking for a method to solve this concern? We’ll give you more information about this and how it can be fixed as you browse the content of this post.

As we are talking about this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” issue, you should know that the probable reason why this keeps on happening is that your “Autoplay function” might have been turned on without you noticing it. If you do not have an idea about Spotify’s Autoplay function, we’ll give you brief information about it in the first part.

If you wish to disable this Spotify’s “Autoplay function”, you can head to the second part to know more details and finally fix this problem.

Let us now get into the topic.

Contents Guide Part 1. What Is Spotify Autoplay?Part 2. Fix "Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist" by Turning off Autoplay on SpotifyPart 3. Summary

Part 1. What Is Spotify Autoplay?

Before we head to the list of solutions to address the “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” problem, we will first give you an idea about Spotify’s “Autoplay function” in this part of the article.

In fact, Spotify ’s Autoplay function can be enjoyed both by the free and premium Spotify account owners. With this app’s function, Spotify users will have the ability to further look into other songs and more music tracks that are not on their playlists.

If this function has been turned on, the Spotify user will be able to listen to Spotify’s recommendations – tracks that are the same as those you are listening to which might also suit your listening taste.

However, at times, there are users who are quite annoyed about this feature. Well, there are some of us who just like to continue listening to those songs that are included in our playlist and find this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” an issue.

It might be true that turning this “Autoplay function” on is a good thing at times as you can get to discover more songs on Spotify, but it could also be annoying as you might not be in the mood to listen to other or new songs in some cases.

Now that you got a glimpse of Spotify’s “Autoplay function”, we will now be heading onto the list of the possible fixes that you can apply to finally solve this dilemma in the second part.

Part 2. Fix "Spotify Playing Random Songs Not on Playlist" by Turning off Autoplay on Spotify

Of course, what else would be the most appropriate way to solve this Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” problem? It would be as simple as having the “Autoplay function” of the Spotify app turned off.

If you just learned about this “Autoplay function” just now and you aren’t so sure how it can be disabled on your Spotify app, you must then know that it’s actually easy to do so. You only have to perform two easy steps. And we’ll share these steps in this part of the post, of course.

Disable The “Autoplay” Function in Spotify

As mentioned, you only have to follow a two-step procedure to disable Spotify’s “Autoplay” function. Here are the steps for your reference.

Turning Off Spotify Autoplay Under Settings

Step #1. Open Your Spotify Account’s Settings Page

On your Windows or Mac computer, launch your Spotify application. You can just hit the Spotify app icon on the screen to begin. Once you arrived at the main Spotify page, tap your account’s name (located at the upper-right area of the screen to see the “drop-down” menu that’s available.

From the options shown, choose the button corresponding to “Settings”. You have the ability to change everything on the “Settings” page as you like.

Step #2. Have The “Autoplay” Function On Spotify Turned Off

At the bottom of the “General” settings, you shall see the menu for “Autoplay”. You just have to scroll down to find it. There is a slider next to it. Just move the slider. The green color indicates that it’s turned on, so you just have to move the slider the other way. After doing so, you will now be able to fix this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” concern of yours.

If you changed your mind and you suddenly like to discover songs that are new to you, you can just do the same process to turn on or enable the “Autoplay” function. Again, you have the ability to modify your Spotify account’s settings, so you are free to do the changes anytime you want.

A Bonus Tip

What if you just want to fix this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” concern and stream those Spotify songs that you like on your computer on any device in offline mode, without encountering any other limitations? How can this be possible?

Well, if you browse through the web, you’ll get to see a bunch of options available that can help you download and keep the Spotify songs that you like on your PC forever. But, of course, to lessen your burden, we’ll recommend an app that’s more than capable of doing that. We will be glad to let you meet the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

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The DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is an app that lets you download any Spotify song that you like as it’s capable of removing the songs’ DRM protection in a glimpse allowing you to save the songs on your computer or even have them transferred or streamed to any of your devices.

It’s capable of converting those Spotify songs to the output formats it supports while keeping the quality of the songs at 100% level. It even makes sure that the ID3 tags and metadata information of the Spotify songs will be kept even after the processing.

Also, it has a quite fast speed making the conversion and downloading processes possible efficiently. It’s multi-language, has settings that you can personalize, supports batch conversion, and the easy uploading of your Spotify songs to process.

It is, of course, easy to use and the things you need to complete the installation of the app are only a few. We suggest you visit the official website of DumpMedia to know further details about the installation requirements.

So, here’s how you can download the Spotify songs that you like through this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

Step #1. Visit the official DumpMedia website and check out the installation needs. Complete those and then download the installer. Once you have the installer on your PC, simply do the installation of the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter and then launch afterward.

Step #2. On the main screen of the app, you shall see the “Open the Spotify Web Player” button right away. Just tick on this button to arrive at the Spotify page. You will be asked to input your Spotify credentials. Just input the needed details – username and password.

Adding Spotify Music to Third Party Converter

Step #3. After successfully logging in, choose those Spotify songs that you like to process. Select them, hold them, and then drag and drop them onto the green button that’s just at the side of your screen.

Choosing Convert Format and Output Path

Step #4. Start modifying the output settings but don’t forget to specify the output format to use. Of course, you also need to make sure to define an output path or folder for easy access after the conversion process.

Converting Spotify Music to MP3 to Stop Autoplay

Step #5. Tapping the “Convert” button that is just at the bottom area of the screen will trigger the app to do the conversion and the DRM removal process right away.

In just a few minutes, except that the converted songs will be saved on your PC’s folder. Apart from solving this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” concern, you just had your favorite songs available for offline listening and for saving on any of your gadgets!

Part 3. Summary

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Finally, you just had this “Spotify playing random songs not on playlist” dilemma addressed! Apart from sharing how you can disable Spotify’s “Autoplay” function, we’ve also shared how downloading of Spotify songs can be made possible through this app - DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

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