How Do You Play Apple Music Offline For Free and Fast?

Getting a hold of your favorite Apple Music songs with any device you own like mobile phones, tablets, or computers is of course great. Streaming with the presence of an internet connection is fine especially if you have a fast data connection without worrying about buffering and stoppage from time to time. However, if you can’t rely that much on your internet provider, getting to know about the methods you can use to play Apple Music offline would surely matter.

With the use of the Apple Music application, you can stream millions of songs anytime you want to. However, to do this (without that much interruption) there is a need for a subscription. And, in case you do not have one, you need a data connection with you every time you listen to your choice of music. The application could eat much of your cellular data in case you are away from home. So, being able to know how to play Apple Music offline will absolutely be beneficial.

Here is a list of options that you can apply to finally listen and play Apple Music offline in every device you have even if you are at home or traveling.

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Part 1: Can You Listen Offline to Apple Music?

With the subscription you have in Apple Music, there would be no issues in case you wanted to listen to any type of song of different genres. And, the good thing with having Apple Music subscription with you is that you can even do the downloading for offline streaming. If you are not aware of the steps on how to do the downloading to play Apple Music offline on your iPhone, here is a brief guide for your reference.

Play Apple Music Offline On Your iOS Or Android Device

  1. Open your Apple Music application.
  2. Once launched, make sure to browse in order to select the album, playlists, or songs you want to keep. If the songs aren’t added yet, you will be seeing a “plus sign”. Ensure that you will be tapping this in order to add the song to your Apple Music library.
  3. After the adding of songs, you will be seeing a cloud with a downward arrow instead of the plus sign that you have seen before. Tap the downward arrow to proceed with the downloading process to finally be able to play Apple Music offline on your mobile device.

Play Apple Music Offline on Your iOS Device

Keep in mind that if you are utilizing the “Automatic Downloads” option, every time you add the songs to your library, the contents are automatically downloaded in your device. This means that after adding songs, a download icon won’t be seen.

Play Apple Music Offline On Your Mac Or Windows Personal Computer

If you wanted the Apple Music songs to be downloaded on your personal computer to play Apple Music offline, you need to follow the below guide.

  1. Make sure to open your iTunes application. Look for the songs or playlists that you wanted to download for streaming even without a data connection.
  2. At the right of every item, you will be seeing a cloud icon (download icon). Tap this in order to save the Apple Music songs on your personal computer.

Open Your iTunes and Click the Cloud iCon to Download Apple Music

In order to see those songs available for playing offline, you need to hit the “View” button at the top portion of the iTunes application and choose the “Only Music Available Offline” button. By doing the above two steps, you can completely and successfully play Apple Music offline using your personal computer anytime you want to without thinking if you have an internet connection with you.

However, as mentioned in the earlier part, you can only do the above if you have an Apple Music subscription.

  • What if you don’t have an Apple Music subscription?
  • What if you are only listening to Apple Music songs for free?
  • What is a better option for you in order to download and play Apple Music offline?

If the above three questions are bothering you, well, we will be teaching a good solution in the next part of this blog post.

Part 2: How Do You listen to Apple Music Offline?

In order to solve those queries in mind in case you do not have an Apple Music subscription, you need to be able to find a reliable software application that would aid in the downloading of your favorite Apple Music songs for streaming anytime and anywhere you go. In this case, we are introducing this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. What is this tool capable of apart from being able to download the Apple Music songs?

  • The mentioned tool has the feature to convert the songs to various available formats for playing in many media players and devices.
  • Aid in the conversion and downloading not only of Apple Music songs but also Audiobooks.
  • Fast downloading and conversion speed.
  • Batch processing for efficiency.

But how can you use this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter in order to download your Apple Music favorites? Before beginning with the discussion, make sure that you are to keep this tip in mind.

Tip: Before using the mentioned tool, ensure that you have closed your Apple Music/iTunes application on your computer. During the conversion process, do not do anything with your Apple Music/iTunes application for successful conversion.

Here is an overview of steps for your easy reference.

  1. Proceed with DumpMedia Apple Music Converter’s installation.
  2. Add the Apple Music songs to convert and select an output format.
  3. Finally, head to the conversion process.

Of course, if the above three seemed to be vague, you can check out the below details for each.

Step #1. Proceed With DumpMedia Apple Music Converter’s Installation

The first thing you need to do is to install the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter on your personal computer. The good thing about this is that this is supported by both Windows and Mac computers.

Free Download Free Download

Step #2. Add The Apple Music Songs To Convert And Select An Output Format

Once the successful installation has been completed, you can now import the Apple Music songs that you wanted to be converted and downloaded on your personal computer. Remember that you can process not only one song but more if you wish to since this tool supports batch downloading and processing. After adding the songs, you can proceed with setting the output format under the “Output Format” option. The tool supports various formats so make sure to select one that will suit your needs by hitting the “downward arrow” that you will see. Also, you have the option to change some output settings depending on your preference. Ensure as well that the output path will be specified to easily find the converted file after the whole process.

Add The Apple Music Songs To Convert

Step #3. Head To The Conversion Process

The last thing that you need to accomplish is to head to the conversion process which can be done by simply hitting the convert button located at the bottom area of the screen. After some minutes, the conversion process will be completed and all songs will be available for offline streaming. You can have the converted files saved and transferred to some external storage devices or media players in case you wanted to listen to those songs from other gadgets.

Head To The Conversion Process

Along the conversion process, you will notice that there are status bars that would be shown on the screen. Those bars will help you monitor the progress of the whole conversion process. You can just those as guides or references in order to know if the whole process has been completed. Expect that conversion or downloading will take some time in case you are processing a batch of songs. You need not worry since this tool is one of the fast converters in town.

Part 3: To Summarize Everything

Playing Apple Music songs offline is no longer a difficulty for everyone. Though you can have those songs downloaded and kept once you have an Apple Music subscription, that would only be a temporary thing. Once your subscription ended, you can no longer get a hold of those songs since those would vanish along with your subscription.

This is why you need the help of software applications like DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. This would be a good tool to download all Apple music favorites and save those on your computer forever. So, if this is your dilemma, why not try the options presented?

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