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How to Download/Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 Format in 2024

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

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Most Apple Music and iTunes fanatics are into checking community platforms and discussions to find out several methods of how to do iTunes to MP3 download. Don’t worry, that’s what we have in this post. But why do people tend to find such methods?

Apple Music and iTunes were developed by Apple Inc. to give music lovers great platforms to stream good music collections. Actually, there are some songs that are exclusively available on these platforms only. There are also a ton of perks that users can get to enjoy upon subscribing to a plan. Unfortunately, the songs you can download from Apple Music and iTunes can only be played on devices that are considered “authorized”. There is limited accessibility because such songs are protected by Apple’s FairPlay Protection policy. This is one of the reasons why some users continuously look for methods to do iTunes to MP3 download process.

By having your Apple Music or iTunes songs converted to formats like MP3 and removing their DRM encryption, you can have the tracks streamed on any media player or gadget that you wish to use. More so, you can keep the songs with you forever. It’s notable that once you get out of the premium subscription plan, those songs you previously have will be gone. So, knowing the methods to do iTunes to MP3 download would surely be vital.

Learn more about the ways to do iTunes to MP3 download as you read each section of this post.

Contents Guide Part 1. Is Downloading Apple Music to MP3 Legal?Part 2. How to Download iTunes Music to MP3?Part 3. What is The Best Way to Download iTunes Music to MP3?Part 4. To Summary

Part 1. Is Downloading Apple Music to MP3 Legal?

Before we finally head to the methods to help you with Apple Music or iTunes to MP3 download, you might be wondering if the process you are to undertake is legal. This section is written to share with you the answer to your dilemma.

As you may have read and understood from the introduction part, Apple Music or iTunes songs are protected by DRM. You can’t have those songs played on just any device or media player. You should be using an authorized one to access them. Additionally, you can’t keep the songs forever which means that once your subscription ended, all the songs in your library and even those you downloaded will vanish.

Converting Apple Music to MP3 Format After Download

A software that can aid in the DRM removal process, as well as Apple Music or iTunes to MP3 download, will be very important in this case. Now, is using such a process legal? Well, to answer, it’s actually a “Yes”. The Apple Music converters that we are to share here can be used legally to remove the songs’ protection. Additionally, you can enjoy other advantages they offer.

Now that we just have answered your query about the legality of using applications to do iTunes to MP3 download, we will now be heading to the discussion of the procedures that you can follow to finally have the MP3 copies of your favorite Apple Music or iTunes songs.

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Part 2. How to Download iTunes Music to MP3?

There are actually ways to do Apple Music to iTunes to MP3 download. In fact, you can do it using the apps that are already installed on your computer – via iTunes and via Apple Music. We will be sharing the procedure of using each during the conversion and downloading of songs to just continue reading this post.

Use iTunes

You have to take note that you can only use the iTunes app itself during the process of iTunes to MP3 download if the songs you are to process are common audio files (not under Apple’s FairPlay Protection Policy). There are some Apple Music songs that are DRM-free so you can process them on iTunes because iTunes has a built-in MP3 encoder. Here’s how you can do the iTunes to MP3 download via the iTunes app itself.

Step #1. On your computer, just launch the iTunes app. If you are a Windows computer, tap the “Edit” button then choose “Preferences”. For Mac computer users, tap the “iTunes” button and then select “Preferences” next.

Step #2. You have to click the “General” tab next and then the “Import Settings” menu. A new window will pop up next.

Step #3. On the new window, hit the “Import Using” menu and then choose “MP3 encoder”.

Step #4. You can now select the iTunes song that you want to convert to MP3 format.

Step #5. Afterward, tick “File”, then “Convert”, then the “Create MP3 Version” button.

By doing the above five steps, you will be able to have the MP3 versions of the iTunes songs that you just selected.

But in using iTunes during the iTunes to MP3 download process, you have to take note of these things:

  1. Don’t expect that the converted files will be of the same quality as the original.
  2. If you are trying to process songs that were purchased before the year 2009, this process won’t work.
  3. If you have macOS 10.15 computer, you shall use the Music app rather than MP3 during the iTunes to MP3 download process.

Use Apple Music App

After dealing with using the iTunes app to convert your Apple Music or iTunes songs to MP3 format, we will now be sharing how you can do it using the Apple Music app.

You can follow these steps to convert your music files.

Step #1. On your Mac computer, open the Apple Music app.

Step #2. Tick the “Music” button and then choose “Preferences”. Head to “Files” and then select “Import Using” next.

Step #3. You have to select the menu for “Import Using” and then choose “MP3” as the resulting format.

Step #4. On your keyboard, hold and press the “Option” key.

Step #5. Now, tick “File”, then “Convert”, and finally, “Convert to MP3”.

Step #6. Start choosing the Apple Music songs that you wish to process.

Part 3. What is The Best Way to Download iTunes Music to MP3?

You have to remember that both methods explained in the second part will only work if you have Apple Music or iTunes songs that are DRM-free, so the dilemma now would be how to do the iTunes to MP3 download process if you got DRM-protected music files?

Well, don’t worry that much. An app like DumpMedia Apple Music Converter can help!

Free Download Free Download

The DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has the ability to get rid of the DRM protection of the Apple Music and iTunes songs allowing the access of the music files on any device or media player as well as the transfer from one device to another. It supports converting the files to MP3 and other formats like WAV, FLAC, M4A, and many others while keeping the 100% original quality of the songs and even the ID tags. You can also do the customization of the output settings if you like!

Also, if you are an audiobook fanatic, you can process the conversion of your audiobooks using this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter!

The app works at a quite fast speed and was built with a very friendly interface so using this during the conversion of your music files would be so much easier.

Of course, we are to share how you can use the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to do the Apple Music or iTunes to MP3 download process.

Drag and Add Apple Songs/Playlists into The Program

Step #1. We always recommend visiting the official website of DumpMedia to find out the detailed list of the installation requirements. Complete all those and then have the app installed on your computer. The app can is supported by both Windows and Mac computers. Once you have the app on your PC, select and preview the songs you wish to convert. This converter can do the batch conversion so selecting a number of songs would be fine.

Step #2. Start modifying the output settings. Make sure that you set the output format to MP3 and that the output folder has been specified well. There are other options that you can change depending on your preferences.

Downloading iTunes Music to MP3 with Third Party Downloader

Step #3. The DumpMedia Apple Music Converter will start converting the Apple Music songs to MP3 format once the “Convert” button has been tapped. While the process of conversion is ongoing, the DRM removal process will also be done by the app.

Expect that you will have the MP3 files in just a few minutes. Those are now DRM-free and can be transferred and accessed on any device already.

Part 4. To Summary

While doing the Apple Music to iTunes to MP3 download, you can use your iTunes and Apple Music applications but remember that the conversion will only work if the music files are DRM-free ones.

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For the DRM-protected songs, it is recommended that you use professional apps like the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter to transform the songs not only to MP3 but to other common formats that you like.

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