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How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 in 2024

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

Converting iTunes songs to MP3 is a relatively fun experience. Every audio conversion enthusiast knows about this. The thrill of waiting for your conversions to be finished is worth the process. When you first run your conversion, you will be using the Apple tools.

It may do the process correctly if you follow the procedures below. When you convert iTunes songs to MP3 you may realize that something is missing. Most of your iTunes or Apple Music songs are protected. Because of this, you will only convert very few songs. You’ll need another tool for this and we’ll discuss it in the next sections.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Convert Song to MP3 with the Apple Music App or iTunes? Part 2. How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 within iTunes Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Convert Songs to MP3 with the Apple Music App or iTunes?

We’ll now discuss how to convert MP3 from iTunes in detail. We’ll be using our standard Apple tools for this because it’s totally free. You’ll realize though that many Apple Music streaming downloads cannot be converted to MP3 by merely using standard Apple tools such as iTunes or Apple Music.

This is because of DRM. DRM means Digital Rights Management. It’s a mechanism to protect copyrighted content. You’ll find out that it’s only the personal songs that you have saved on your device that can be exported to MP3. Here are the steps to import your songs to MP3 using iTunes or Apple Music:

  1. Download and install the iTunes software from the Apple website. Install the latest version. The file is big in size and installation and operation can be slow. If your system is a Mac, Apple Music should have been installed by default in Mac Catalina OS and beyond.
  1. Proceed to Edit->Preferences. Then switch to the General tab. Find the Import Settings and click it.
  1. On the Import Using category, choose the MP3 Encoder option. Then click OK to continue.
  1. Click OK again if needed.
  1. Now you can start converting your personal songs. Choose songs from your iTunes library by selecting them.
  1. Then go to File->Convert->Create MP3 version.
  1. When it is finished you can check the converted song along with the original file. Right-click on the song then choose Show in Windows Explorer. On a Mac, you should be able to show this in Finder

Convert Song to MP3 with the Apple Music App or iTunes

You’ve just learned how to convert iTunes songs to MP3. Playing these songs on your favorite media player or hardware without any worries of incompatibility is now possible. Use an MP3 player and save the songs on an SD card. You don’t have to worry now about Apple-compatible devices. You can even transfer them to your Android device.

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 within iTunes

You may not like the results if you convert iTunes songs to MP3 if you use iTunes or Apple Music alone. You'll find that you cannot convert protected files. And they are so many! The reason for it is DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This prevents music files owned (as it is said) by Apple to be copied by media pirates.

However, if your intention is to play it for yourself alone, then you are not a music pirate. You just want to copy these iTunes or Apple Music media to your MP3 player or another device. For this, you are going to need a versatile third-party tool. The tool we'll introduce is the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Download and install a copy of the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter below. It is available for both PC and Mac:

Here are the steps to convert iTunes songs to MP3 using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter:

  1. Open DumpMedia Apple Music Converter then go to the Library tab. You'll see your iTunes songs nicely synced already with DumpMedia. All you have to do is choose your songs for conversion.

Choose iTunes Songs

  1. You can optionally change Dumpmedia’s output directory or your song’s metadata (ID3) settings below. You can also change your song's output format (MP3, FLAC, M4A, and WAV music formats are available.) and settings.

Choose iTunes Songs Output Format

  1. Click Convert to start converting. Wait for it to finish.

Convert iTunes Songs

  1. After the conversion, go to the Finished tab. This tab will contain all your finished conversions. Click the View Output File icon and a new file browser window will appear.

After finishing the conversion, you can download these songs to your MP3 Player. Enjoy them while doing outdoor sports or activities. You don’t even need an internet connection. You also don't need an Apple-certified device. It is because of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. The restrictions of your iTunes songs have been removed.

Purchase a license key to unlock all features of this versatile tool. When you do this, you get the privilege of timely software updates. You are also guaranteed a 24-hour reply customer support system. This is everything you wished for in a commercial app.

Part 3. Summary

In summary, we have just taught you how to convert iTunes songs to MP3 using iTunes and a versatile third-party tool. The process and steps were defined clearly. We need to stress though that you may not be able to convert many of your iTunes songs.

This is because of DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM prevents you from using your songs freely. That’s why we presented you with a third-party tool. This tool is called the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. This tool will make your life easier on all iTunes or Apple conversions.

Click to have a free try! It's 100% secure!

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Once you learn the steps to convert using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, purchase a license key to unlock all of its features. You’ll get all the necessary privileges of commercial software. This includes timely software updates, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 24-hour reply customer support system.

To convert iTunes to MP3 has never been easier using these tools. The official tools (iTunes and Apple Music) are actually a bit complicated to use. They are also limited in the songs they can convert due to DRM.

Consequently, the commercial tool DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is so easy to use. You can freely choose any song from Apple Music and convert them to your heart's delight. So what do we recommend? Of course DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

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