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How to Remove DRM from Apple Music: 2024 Solved

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

Are you an Apple Music fanatic and currently subscribed to an Apple Music plan? If you have been using Apple Music as your music streaming platform, you are surely interested in the procedure of how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs.

Perhaps, you have also asked before how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs. Digital rights management (DRM) is the use of technology to control and manage access to copyrighted material, which can be helpful but at the same time quite annoying.

As you read the content of this article, you will learn more about the DRM protection of the songs as well as some basic information about Apple Music. Of course, you will be learning here how you can get rid of the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs making it possible for you to do anything you like on the music files. Just keep on reading this post.

Contents Guide Part 1. What is Apple Music DRM Protection?Part 2. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music [Using Professional Converter]Part 3. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music [Through iTunes Match]Part 4. Benefits of Remove DRM Protection from Apple MusicPart 5. Summary

Part 1. What is Apple Music DRM Protection?

Apple Music is one of the top music streaming platforms ever introduced to the public. This platform has 75 million songs in different genres and collections. Apple Music offers two subscription plans. Once you subscribe to a plan, you will be entitled to several advantages including the ability to download Apple Music songs for offline listening.

However, you need to take note that the purchased Apple Music songs aren’t yours. This means that once your subscription ends or is canceled, the songs you previously downloaded will be lost.

  1. Under the Apple Music subscription, you are restricted to using only up to 10 devices, and you can’t use them all at once (you can only use one device at a time).
  2. The devices you only granted permission to use during streaming are the only devices you can use to play Apple Music songs.

What is Apple Music and DRM Protection

The reason is that Apple Music uses DRM protection to protect the copyright of the artists. DRM is a protection policy that is being used by content creators to protect their works from illegal and unauthorized use. Because of this protection, in the case of Apple Music songs, you can’t have the songs streamed on non-iOS devices or products.

DRM protection is quite too much, right? So, how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs then? We’re sure that you are interested in this topic that’s why you are here and are reading this article. Find out the best way how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs as you hop into the next part of this article.

Part 2. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music [Using Professional Converter]

Now that you have a basic idea about Apple Music and DRM protection, we will now be dealing with the best way how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs in this section.

There are a bunch of applications that you can see on the web with the ability to remove the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs but choosing which one to use would be a bit challenging. Here, we recommend using a professional converter named DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

The DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is a professional converter that’s capable of removing the DRM protection of Apple Music songs allowing the access of the files on any device or media player as well as the transfer to any external drive like a USB drive. Apart from the removal of the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs, the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter can also convert music files to output formats like WAV, FLAC, MP3, and many others.

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The app can perform the conversion process and the DRM removal procedure at a fast speed (10x conversion speed) while keeping the original quality of the songs, ID tags, and metadata information. You can also customize the profile settings as you like.

Also, the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter can be a powerful audiobook converter and supports audiobook formats like AA, AAX, and M4B files. So, if you are so into audiobook streaming, and you want your audiobooks to be transformed, you can also use this professional converter.

This professional converter has an easy-to-use user interface making it simple to handle even for beginners. Of course, we will be highlighting here how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs and how you can convert the songs to any supported output formats that you like.

Step #1. Once you complete all the installation requirements for DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you can have it installed on either your Windows or Mac computer as it can be supported by both (you can visit DumpMedia’s official website to see the full list of the installation requirements). Open and launch the app once the installation process has been completed. You can now start to preview and select the Apple Music songs that you wish to convert to any format that you like.

Choose Apple Music Songs

Step #2. After selecting several Apple Music songs to process (since the app can process a bunch of Apple Music songs in one go), you can now choose an output format and specify an output folder. You can also change some output settings (like bit rate or sample rate) if you want to.

Choose Apple Music Songs Output Fprmat

Step #3. The conversion procedure and the DRM removal process will happen once the “Convert” button (located at the bottom area of the page) has been ticked. Since the app works at a pretty fast speed (at 10x conversion speed), expect that the output files will be ready in just a few minutes.

Convert Apple Music Songs

Since the converter performed the DRM removal procedure already, the output files will now be DRM-free. Thus, you can have the files accessed on any device that you like and even save the songs on any storage device.

Part 3. How to Remove DRM from Apple Music [Through iTunes Match]

To remove DRM from Apple Music, the second way you can use is the iTunes Match. This service stores your music library in iCloud, making it accessible on all your Apple devices. iTunes Match allows users to store and organize their entire music library in the cloud, with a capacity of up to 25,000 songs and videos.

Follow the steps below to complete the process. This feature also removes DRM from songs downloaded from Apple Music. To remove DRM from Apple Music through iTunes Match, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for iTunes Match on your computer or iOS device
  2. Wait for iTunes Match to scan your music library and match your songs with its database
  3. Click the iCloud Download icon to download DRM-free versions of your songs from iTunes Match

Part 4. Benefits of Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music

The good thing about having the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs removed is that you can have the songs played, streamed, and accessed on any device or MP3 player like Sony Walkman and even Play Station gaming device (PS4) or iPod devices (like iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano).

With the DRM-free Apple Music songs, you can now burn them on CDs and play them on DVD players and your car’s stereo player. You can also have the converted Apple Music songs edited as you like. You can also save DRM-free Apple Music songs on external drives like USB drives.

Of course, you can keep the Apple Music songs forever and have them played in offline mode. There is no need to worry about your downloaded songs once your Apple Music subscription expires or is canceled.

Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music

Part 5. Summary

At first, you might be thinking that transforming your Apple Music songs and having the DRM protection of the Apple Music songs removed might be impossible. Upon reading this post and arriving at this part of the article, we are glad that you now know how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs. There are lots of professional software applications that you can try using. Well, the best that we suggest is using the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

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Additionally, you also have an idea about the Apple Music app and the DRM restriction the Apple Music songs have. If you have any other questions about the process of how to remove DRM from Apple Music songs, you can leave them in the comment section below and we will make sure to get back to you with the answers to your queries.

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