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5 Ways to Fix Apple Music Not Syncing Issue [2024 Update]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-10

2 min read

“I keep on encountering the “Apple Music not syncing” issue. How do I deal with this problem?”

Apple Music is indeed one of the best and most unique platforms offering great music streaming services. With access to more than 90 million songs and curated playlists as well as radio, users would surely find getting an Apple Music subscription an advantage.

What is even good about having an Apple Music subscription (apart from having access to several different tracks and content being offered) is that all the tracks can automatically be synced and accessed on your iOS devices as long as the iCloud Music Library has been enabled. This is an advantage to users as they can get to enjoy their music libraries on various devices they own.

We know it could be frustrating and annoying to be in such a situation so we wish to help you out by presenting the solutions to this “Apple Music not syncing” issue in this post. Begin by reading the first part!

Contents Guide Part 1: Why My Apple Music Is Not Syncing?Part 2: 4 Methods to Fix the Apple Music Not Syncing ProblemPart 3: How to Fix Apple Music Not Syncing Problem Forever?Part 4: Summary

Part 1: Why My Apple Music Is Not Syncing?

Of course, before dealing with how you can fix the “Apple Music not syncing” issue, you are surely curious about the reasons why this problem is occurring. This is what this section of the article will highlight.

Apple Music Songs Not Syncing Across Your Devices

  1. Sometimes, the “Apple Music not syncing” issue will occur due to a bad or slow internet connection. Having an unstable Wi-Fi or data network will keep the syncing process hanging or loading. Ensuring that your devices are connected to a stable network is key to accomplishing the syncing process well.
  2. You might also have a vast or huge Apple Music library. It will take more time to sync a library that has several tracks and playlists in it. There could also be cases when your Apple Music app might crash.
  3. You might also have forgotten that your Apple Music subscription has been canceled or expired already. Not being able to renew it on time or within a month will lead to losing your access to your library. Thus, encountering the “Apple Music not syncing” issue.
  4. The issue could also be caused by software bugs. Your device or app might need to be updated.
  5. The iCloud Music Library has not been enabled; it might also cause the not syncing issue.

Apart from these 5 mentioned reasons, there could be others causing the “not syncing” issue but we won’t be specifying those here.

Now, we will jump into the next part to highlight the basic solutions that you can apply to address the “Apple Music not syncing” issue.

Part 2: 4 Methods to Fix the Apple Music Not Syncing Problem

Knowing the reasons behind the “Apple Music not syncing” issue isn’t enough. Of course, you have to look for ways on how it can be fixed or corrected. Here, we will present you with some basic fixes that you can try to apply to see if the dilemma will be solved.

Solution #1. Enable the iCloud Music Library

iCloud ensures that all the tracks in your music library are accessible on all your devices via the same Apple ID. Thus, if the iCloud Music Library has not been enabled, it will cause the “Apple Music not syncing” issue. To guide you through the process of turning it on, you may refer to the below.

How to Enable iCloud Music Library on iOS Devices

Step #1. Using your mobile iOS device, head to “Settings”.

Step #2. Look for the “Music” menu.

Enable Cloud Music Library Function of Apple Music on Your iOS Devices

Step #3. You shall see the “iCloud Music Library” option. Toggle the slider to have this enabled. The green color indicates that you have done it successfully.

How to Enable iCloud Music Library on Desktop

Step #1. Using your Windows or Mac PC, launch the iTunes application.

Step #2. If you are using a Mac computer, tap the “iTunes” menu to select “Preferences”. For Windows users, the “Edit” menu needs to be tapped before selecting “Preferences”.

Check Whether The iCloud Music Library Function Works Well on Your iTunes

Step #3. Once the “Preferences” window has been launched, ensure that a checkmark will be put next to the “iCloud Music Library” option. Changes will be saved once the “OK” button has been clicked.

Solution #2. Ensure to Use the Same Apple ID on Devices

The “Apple Music not syncing” issue can be due to not using the same Apple ID on the devices wherein the syncing is being done. Your devices must be using the same Apple ID that was utilized during the purchase of the subscription. Once you find out that either of your devices does not use the same Apple ID, you just have to log out of that account in use and log in again but this time, using the correct Apple ID.

Solution #3. Update your iOS and iTunes App to the Latest Version

It is always recommended that you get the latest updates available for both your iOS device and the iTunes app. Sometimes, the “Apple Music not syncing” issue might occur because of using the older versions of iOS and iTunes.

Updating your iOS could be done by heading to “Settings”, tapping “General”, and then choosing “Software Update”. The available updates will be downloaded and installed after hitting the “Download & Install” option on the screen.

The iTunes app, on the other hand, can be updated by heading to the Store and choosing the “Update” option.

Take note that updating these items would require a stable network.

Solution #4. Try to Restart your Device

Sometimes, the device you are using could be the issue. You can also try to restart your device and then see if the “Apple Music not syncing” issue will be solved.

Apart from these four basic solutions, there could still be other fixes a user can check out. However, these do not all work at all times. So, to ensure that you will no longer face this "not syncing" issue going forward, check out what you can do by moving to the next part.

Part 3: How to Fix Apple Music Not Syncing Problem Forever?

You don’t have to be sad knowing that the previously mentioned solutions do not work at all times. To make sure that the “Apple Music not syncing” problem will not happen again, try downloading your Apple Music favorites via a professional converter like the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter!

What is good about using DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is that it can help you get rid of the Apple Music songs’ protection and even aid in the transformation of the Apple Music songs to common formats like MP3. It even supports bunches of other file formats that you can also use if you like. It ensures that the 100% original quality of the tracks is kept, along with their ID tags, and metadata information.

Of course, this is easy to use! Here is a guide on how you can utilize the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter further when it comes to converting and downloading Apple Music songs. Click the below icon to download and follow the step-by-step guide.

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Step #1. Once all the installation requirements of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter have been met, launch the app and then start by previewing or selecting the tracks to be processed.

Drag and Add Apple Music Songs/Playlists into The Program

Step #2. Select a format to use. Ensure that the output format selected is supported by the devices wherein you’d like the tracks to be played. You can also modify the other parameter settings if you’d prefer to.

Choose Different Output Formats You Want to Download

Step #3. Hit the “Convert” button at the bottom of the page when you’re ready. This will trigger the app to start converting the tracks as well as removing their DRM protection.

Once the tracks are converted, just have them saved on any device you’d like to use! Surely, you won’t be encountering the “Apple Music not syncing” problem ever again!

Part 4: Summary

Surely, the “Apple Music not syncing” issue is no longer a problem for you now. It is important to know the reasons behind the issue but it would be best to learn how you can deal with them. Trying out those basic fixes is indeed helpful but downloading them via apps like DumpMedia Apple Music Converter will always be the best solution.

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