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Learn More About Amazon Prime Music Download

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-09

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Have you recently got an Amazon Prime membership? Do you know that because of that subscription, you will easily be able to get the Amazon Prime Music download?

It is indeed a relief for Amazon lovers when Amazon Music has been introduced. In fact, once you become an Amazon Prime member, you will get the advantage of streaming up to 2 million songs via Amazon Prime Music. This is included in the membership plan and so, there is no need for you to pay an extra fee to stream the tracks, albums, playlists or podcasts that you like.

Now, if you wish to listen further to more songs, you might also want to try any of Amazon Unlimited Music’s plans. But since our topic today, we will be focusing more on Amazon Prime Music. Let’s get started then.

Contents Guide Part 1: How to Get Amazon Prime Music Songs DownloadPart 2: How to Get Amazon Prime Music Songs Download Even without Amazon PrimePart 3: Conclusion

Part 1: How to Get Amazon Prime Music Songs Download

As we just mentioned in the introduction part, Amazon Prime Music users can get to enjoy offline streaming. To fully utilize this advantage, users should then learn the process of downloading Amazon Prime Music. We will be sharing how you can download the Amazon songs that you like via your Windows or Mac app, via the Android app, and even via the web browser.

Download Purchased Amazon Prime Music via the Desktop App

You can try to do the “Amazon Prime Music download” process using your desktop application allowing you to stream the songs in offline mode or to sync them on authorized devices or media players like iTunes.

Here is what you need to follow.

Download Amazon Prime Music on Your Computer

Step #1. On your desktop app, once opened, tap the “Library” button. Afterward, hit “Songs”. Ticking the button for “Purchased” will let you see all the music that you purchased.

Step #2. You will see a download icon next to each song or album. Tick on that icon to start the downloading process. Alternatively, you can drag those Amazon songs that you wish to save and drop them to the “Download” section under the “Actions” menu that you will see in the right area of your screen.

Step #3. After the downloading process, you would surely look for the files. You must know that those will automatically be saved to an “Amazon Music” folder on your computer. For Windows PC users, songs will be seen under “My Music”, whereas those Mac users will see them under the “Music” folder.

Download Purchased Amazon Prime Music via the Android App

Of course, you can also do the Amazon Prime Music download process using your Android app. In fact, you only need to do two steps.

Step #1. On your Android app, look for the song, album, or playlist that you wish to download to your Android device.

Step #2. For each, hit the “More Options” button, and from the displayed options, choose “Download”.

You have to keep in mind that the songs you downloaded can only be accessed on authorized devices. Thus, if you wish to move them to external storage drives or burn them to CDs, you might notice an error while doing so.

It is always suggested that you download the Amazon songs in HD, Spatial Audio, or Ultra HD, for you to fully enjoy your streaming experience.

Here is a guide to streaming the songs you have downloaded without a mobile data connection.

#1. You need to ensure that you will be downloading the Amazon songs in the best available audio quality possible.

#2. Make sure that you also set your “Streaming Audio Quality” settings to either “Standard” or “Data Server”.

#3. The “Stream only on Wi-Fi” option must be enabled. This will prevent the playing of the songs if you are to use your cellular data connection.

Download Purchased Amazon Prime Music via the Web Browser

After discussing how you can do Amazon Prime Music download using your PC’s and Android device’s app, we will now be dealing with how you can do it using your chosen web browser.

Here is what you need to follow in case you wish to try downloading your Amazon Prime favorites using a web browser.

Step #1. On your web browser, head to the official Amazon site. Log in using your Amazon Prime credentials. Afterward, head to the “Library” menu.

Step #2. Look for the songs, albums, or playlists, that you want to download. Just hit the “Download” button after selecting them.

Step #3. You might notice that a notification asking you to install the app will be displayed on the screen. Just choose the “No thanks, just download music files directly” button to proceed.

Step #4. If you are asked if you wish to open or save the files, just select the “Save” button.

Step #5. Once the downloading is completed, open the files. There are also browsers that give their users the option to open the files. More so, you can see the progress of the downloading process because most browsers are displaying this information.

Step #6. To locate the downloaded Amazon songs, you can check the “Downloads” folder of the browser used. This is where the files are typically saved after the downloading process. You can then move the downloaded Amazon songs to your desired folder on your computer.

Downloading a single file will give you an MP3 copy of the song. If you downloaded a bunch of songs, those will be downloaded as ZIP files.

Part 2: How to Get Amazon Prime Music Songs Download Without Amazon Prime

What if you no longer want to pay the Amazon Prime membership fee? Can you still do the Amazon Prime Music download process? Well, you might be surprised to know, but you can actually download your Amazon Prime Music favorites even without paying the membership fee.

There are applications like DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter that can help you with both the conversion and downloading processes!

Getting Amazon Prime Music Download via DumpMedia Converter

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Amazon songs are known to be protected under DRM’s policy. And so, you can’t easily have them accessed on just any device or media player that you like. Don’t worry, with DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter, you can have this restriction removed right away.

As mentioned, this app lets you convert the songs as well. Actually, you can transform them to MP3, FLAC, WAV, or M4A while maintaining the songs’ original quality as well as their important information! More so, you can enjoy using this because it works too fast and has an interface that’s designed to be very user-friendly.

To help you with the Amazon Prime Music download process without an Amazon Prime membership, and using this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter, you can follow the below procedure.

Step #1. Install the DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter on your computer. Ensure that all the installation needs are met to avoid issues during the installation process. Launch it right away and start adding the Amazon songs to be downloaded. For easy uploading, you can just drag and drop the songs. If you wish to download a lot, you can upload a bunch of songs as this supports batch conversion.

Adding Amazon Music Songs to Converter

Step #2. You need to set up the output format and folder accordingly. We suggest using the most flexible format, MP3, as this is supported by almost all media players.

Choosing Output Format And Location on Converter

Step #3. You can now tick off the “Convert” button at the bottom area of the screen. This will trigger the app to start downloading the songs you uploaded. Simultaneously, the DRM removal procedure will also be done.

In just a few minutes, your transformed Amazon Music songs will be available in the output folder you just set in the second step. You can even move the music to other platforms like iTunes and share them with others as you like since the files are now DRM-free!

Part 3: Conclusion

With an Amazon Prime membership, you are entitled to this “Amazon Prime Music download” process benefit. You can download as many songs as you like and stream them offline mode! Now, if you get tired of paying the monthly fee, or you just don’t want to get the membership plan, then using apps like the DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter will be the best resort to download the Amazon songs that you like to listen to offline!

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