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Get To Know About the Best Amazon Music Downloader

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

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Both Spotify and Apple Music are front runners in the music streaming industry. There is no doubt why they have millions of subscribers around the world. But do you know that aside from these two, you can also get an Amazon Music subscription? You can also enjoy lots of benefits from using Amazon Music as your music streaming platform. If you are already a subscriber, have you ever thought of looking for an Amazon Music downloader?

Amazon actually has subscription plans that will give you options to listen to numerous songs. There is this Amazon Music Unlimited wherein you can enjoy streaming up to 70 million songs (streaming is ad-free) and Amazon Prime wherein you can listen to available 2 million songs.

If you have been one of those Amazon Music subscribers who are looking for the best Amazon Music downloader to download those favorites of yours, you are then on the right page. Get to know more about the best applications that you can try using as you continue reading this post.

Contents Guide Part 1. What is the Most Recommended Amazon Music Downloader?Part 2. Other Three Amazon Music Downloaders You May TryPart 3. Summary

Part 1. What is the Most Recommended Amazon Music Downloader?

We totally understand that looking for a reliable and, of course, the best Amazon Music downloader could be tedious at times. More so, if you aren’t used to finding one and are unaware of the features a good app should have. This section is where you will learn about the best Amazon Music downloader.

We have here this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter that can help anyone with Amazon Music downloading. This app is actually an authorized tool that can be used by anyone around the globe to save the Amazon songs they like. You should also know that the same as the other music streaming apps, Amazon Music files are also encrypted with DRM protection. Luckily, this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter can have this removed while keeping the 100% lossless quality of the songs delivering you the best music streaming experience.

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This professional app can also aid in the conversion of the Amazon songs to popular and flexible file formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4A. After having the DRM protection removed, and the songs converted to a more flexible format, anyone can now stream the songs on any device or media player. During the conversion process, the ID3 tags and metadata information of the songs will also be kept.

Of course, we always want to save time. With this app, you can do that as this one works at a very fast and reliable speed! Getting the app installed on your PC won’t end the process. The DumpMedia team always ensures that the app will be updated regularly. Of course, it has a very friendly interface making it considered by many as one of the best Amazon Music downloaders. Here is a guide on how you can use this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter as your Amazon Music downloader.

Step #1. You need the DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter to be installed on your personal computer. You only have to complete a few things to proceed with the installation process. To get to see the full list of the things needed for installation, we suggest visiting the official website of DumpMedia.

Add Amazon Music

Step #2. Open and lunch the app after having it successfully installed on your computer. On the main page, you can start adding the Amazon songs that you wish to be converted and downloaded. If you wish to process a bunch of songs, you can import them to the app. Once you have the songs uploaded, choose an output format to use as well as an output folder (for easy access once the songs are converted or downloaded).

Choose Amazon Music Output Format

Step #3. You can now convert the Amazon songs chosen to the file format desired by just hitting the “Convert” button once you are satisfied with the setup made. Since the app also removes the DRM protection of the Amazon songs, you will expect that the output files will be DRM-free and can be played on any device or media player.

Convert Amazon Music

You shall also expect the files to be ready right away since this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter works at a fast speed. It is a very reliable and trusted app that is being regarded by many as the best Amazon Music downloader.

Part 2. Other Three Amazon Music Downloaders You May Try

Apart from DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter, if you wish to try other Amazon Music downloaders, you can also try using the below downloaders that we are to present in this part of the article.

Audials Music 2021 (Amazon Music Downloader for PC)

Audials Music 2021 is also a good app that lets you download Amazon songs to your Windows personal computer. You can use this to record the songs easier, faster, and with high quality. Apart from supporting Amazon, you can also use this on Spotify and other apps.

It also has an interface that is easy to use. You can easily choose an output format to use and even manage your song collections. Here is more information about the advantages and disadvantages of using this Audials Music 2021 as an Amazon Music downloader.


  1. It can help you record songs from Amazon, Spotify, Napster, and even from Deezer and more.
  2. It works at a fast speed that’s 30 times faster than any other.
  3. This Audials Music 2021 can help you convert Amazon songs to MP3 and WAV.


  1. Unfortunately, you can only use this app on Windows PC.
  2. There is quality loss after the conversion process.

Here is the tutorial on using Audials Music 2021 if you wish to.

Step #1. Download the Audials Music 2021 and install it on your personal computer.

Step #2. Tick the Amazon Music tile and choose the “play music in Amazon Music”.

Step #3. Select the recording speed that you wish to use and the recording quality as well.

Step #4. Now, you have to choose Amazon Music and then start playing the Amazon Music you wish to record and save.

Step #5. The recording will start. Afterward, save to your computer.

Audials Music 2021

Audacity – Amazon Music Downloader Free

If you wish to use a free app, Audacity will be a good choice for you. It is an open-source tool that can even compete with other paid applications. You can even record any audio files that you want to record from your personal computer. It is capable of saving the files to MP3, AAC, or WAV format and can work on Windows PC, Linux, and even Mac.


  1. You can edit and record through Audacity.
  2. It is an app that can easily be handled even by beginners.


  1. You can’t be sure about the audio quality of the output files.
  2. You can only process one input at a time.

Here is a procedure to use Audacity as your Amazon Music downloader.

Step #1. Open Audacity that is installed on your personal computer. Head to the “Transport” button then choose “Transport Options”, then “Software Playthrough (on/off)”. You have to disable the Software Playthrough before starting to record.

Step #2. Choose a song to play and then head back to Audacity to tick the “Record” button that is in the “Transport Toolbar” to finally start the recording process.

Step #3. You can now proceed to save the audio by clicking the “File” button then choosing “Save Project”.

You have the option to edit the recorded audio if you wish doing so. After having the file customized, you can now proceed to save the audio on your computer.

Audacity Amazon Music Downloader Free

TunesMake Amazon Music Converter

Another Amazon Music downloader that could also be a good choice is this TunesMake Amazon Music Converter. This works well on both Windows and Mac computers. It can also recognize ID3 tags even after the conversion of the songs so you can ensure that the important information will also be kept.

Another amazing feature of this TunesMake Amazon Music Converter is that it supports 26 languages making it a preferred Amazon Music downloader for users from other countries. This app supports converting Amazon songs to M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC, and, of course, MP3. While using this app, there is no need for you to install the Amazon Music app. Unfortunately, this one is a paid app so you have to buy the license before you get to unlock its features.

Part 3. Summary

Like other streaming platforms, users can also download songs from Amazon Music through the help of great Amazon Music downloaders such as this DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter. There are a bunch of options to choose from (for the apps to use) when trying to download Amazon songs but you have to make sure that you are to utilize the best.

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