How to Activate Video Converter

Video Converter by DumpMedia is a fantastic new helper to convert your videos into various formats. For instance, .mkv. In addition, you can quickly download favorite videos from other websites like Youtube.

Of course, Video Converter provides you a free trial version so that you can have a try first if you hesitate about the purchase and registration. But no worries, that is because Video Converter is indeed a powerful tool in converting and downloading videos.

Keep reading, if you are interested in this software and want to start the registration but have no ideas of how to complete it.

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How to Successfully Activate Video Converter

The process to register and activate Video Converter is rather simple. Let us see how to activate Video Converter now:

1. Download Video Converter

First of all, you are supposed to download and install Video Converter on your computer along with the installation instructions.

Free Download Free Download

2. Enter Main Page of The Software

Open the software, there would be a pop-up window showing the request whether to register or not now. Then, you can confirm to activate the software right now.

If you cancel the request, you are on the main page of this software and see the two functions: Converter and Downloader.

Activate Video Converter Main

Then, if you are interested in one or the two functions, you can also continue to register and get more rights while experiencing the software.

3. Choose Register

There is also a registration path at the bottom of the main page. Click the Register button to further process.

4. Make A Purchase

Later, you will enter the registration page. You can view the pros and cons when using the unregistered software. Click Purchase to buy the software - One deal made, Two functions get.

After you successfully purchased the software, you will receive an email that you used to purchase just now, which includes the registration license.


  • To avoid not receiving registration license, please confirm the email address you leave in the purchasing process is correct.
  • Remain the email for registration.

5. Enter Your Email Address and Registration Code

Now, to activate the software you purchased in Step 4, please fill up the columns: Email Address and Registration Code. You can directly copy and paste the registration license form the email you received in the Registration Code column to avoid the typing mistake.

Activate Video Converter Register

6. Successfully Activated

You will receive a notification “Register Succeed!” on the website or a notice “Registered” on the top right corner of the software to double confirm whether you have successfully registered.

Activate Video Converter Success

Now, you can convert your videos or download videos you want from other sites through utilizing Video Converter.

Bonus Tip: Version Update

To provide better service or for new functions exploration, Video Converter by DumpMedia would upgrade at times. you can find the introduction to the latest version and its new function on the website. Meanwhile, you are required to click the download button to manually update the version from the website as well because the setting to automatically upgrade is still developed. All the steps are under protection so please feel at ease to complete the version update.

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