Best Video Converters On How to Convert MTS Video to MP4

MTS video format is considered to be the format used by a lot of Sony and Panasonic camcorders. If you got videos saved on this format, you might be facing some difficulty in viewing those on some of your devices including your android or apple phones or possibly on other gadgets as well due to some sort of compatibility issue.

The best way to solve the mentioned dilemma is by converting the MTS video file to an MP4 video. There are lots of ways we could offer and in this article, we are going to tackle those. Continue reading this post and I could guarantee that you will have your problem solved immediately.

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Part 1. Best Video Converters To Convert MTS Video to MP4

1. DumpMedia Video Converter: An Amazing Converter For Everyone In Need!

Before highlighting the ways to convert MTS videos to MP4, I will introduce this DumpMedia Video Converter which has been used and trusted by a lot of users nowadays. This application is very helpful if you are looking for a tool that you can use to convert your video or even audio files to different desired formats. You can easily play all videos and audios and get snapshots instantly using its mini clear box if needed.

Free Download

If you are one of those in need, we highly recommend checking and testing this converter.

This one is software with a user-friendly interface and offers easy steps to perform the desired processes.

Downloading and even the installation of this program could be done in just a few minutes and would require only a few clicks. This sounds unreal but I am telling you, this is possible!

Are you thrilled and excited to use this one?

To proceed with video conversion, you must do this simple step by step guide.

Step 1: Of there, you are required to ensure that this DumpMedia Video Converter would be downloaded and installed on your Windows of Mac computers.

Step 2: Launch the program and click the “Add files” button to select the desired file to convert. You can as well drag and drop the files directly from the location to the application.
Add Video Files

Step 3: Select the format wanted from the "Convert all tasks to".

Step 4: Once done, choose the destination folder wherein the output file would be saved.

Step 5: Click the “Convert” button to begin with the conversion process.
Converting The Files

2. VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate: Convert MTS Video to MP4

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is one of the great tools you can use to convert your MTS video files to several other formats such as MKV, MOV, WebM, and of course, MP4. This is a trusted application that will let you perform the conversion in just a span of a few minutes and without exerting much effort. Moreover, since MTS files are usually larger due to its high-resolution content, you will be able to save some more storage on your gadget once the conversion has been performed.

Below would be the detailed guide to use this VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1: You would need to make sure that VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2: Have this program launched and run on your device.

Step 3: Click on the “Add Files” button to be able to import the MTS video file you wished to convert. What is great is that you can import not only a video but a batch if you would like. Alternatively, you can drag the files from location to the program’s interface for easier importing.

Step 4: The next step would be choosing MP4 as the output format. To do this, you need to go to the “Profile” drop-down icon to see the list. You can as well type MP4 on Profile’s search box and then a list of MP4 related formats will be shown. Just make sure to choose the best one you prefer.

Step 5: Set your output folder or the location wherein your converted file will be stored. This could be done by clicking the “Browse” option.

Step 6: You can tick on the “Settings” icon if you wish to modify the default video settings according to your preference.

Step 7: Lastly, you can start the conversion by hitting the “Convert” button. A time bar would be your guide to monitor the progress of the process.

When you have completed the whole conversion process, you can get the file and save it to your mobile devices for offline viewing. Amazing isn’t it?
Videosolo Video Converter Ultimate

3. Movavi Video Converter: Convert MTS Video to MP4

Another application that could be of help in converting MTS video files to MP4 is Movavi Video Converter. Same with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, this also supports numerous popular video and audio formats such as VD, MOV, MP3, AVI, MPG (MPEG), WMV, M2TS, and MP4.

To be able to use this, below are the procedures.

Step 1: Install and run Movavi Video Converter on your personal computer by following the steps for easy installation.

Step 2: Add your MTS video by clicking the “Add Media” button on the upper left corner of the program’s interface. Tick on the “Add Video” option and the program will let you choose not only one but more files to convert.

Step 3: Click on the “Video” tab which is located at the bottom left of the screen to search for the output format which in this case is MP4.

Step 4: You would need to set the output folder by clicking the “Folder” icon.

Step 5: Once done with the first four steps, you can now proceed with vide conversion by ticking the “Convert” button.

Once these have been completed, the folder wherein the converted file is located will automatically open and from there, you will be seeing your new video.
Movavi Video Converter

4. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: Convert MTS Video to MP4

Aside from the previously mentioned software applications, you can also make use of Wondershare UniConverter (Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This is an all in one converter which lets you convert both audio and video files instantly while offering thousands of available formats and thirty times faster conversion speed than any other converters available on the web.

How will you perform the conversion using this amazing converter? Let us look at this guide.

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare UniConverter (Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) on your personal computer.

Step 2: Open the program and tick on the “+Add Files” icon to load and import the MTS videos to be converted. You can add the videos directly coming from your camcorder by connecting it to your computer and going to the open drop-down menu next to +Add Files and select connected devices.

Step 3: You can perform video customization as well as using this software. This can be done by using the built-in editor of the program.

Step 4: Make sure to choose MP4 as your new video’s format from the Video tab and click the drop-down menu at “Convert all files to:” button. You can as well choose the resolution you desire.

Step 5: Choose the location wherein you will store the new video by clicking the “Output” tab.

Step 6: Finally, click on the “Convert All” button you can see at the bottom right of the screen to begin the process of conversion.
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

5. Freemake Video Converter: Convert MTS Video to MP4

If you are a person who has a tight budget and would prefer having free video converters, Freemake Video Converter could fit your needs. This tool allows fast and easy conversion offering great output quality with original MTS resolution. Using this tool, you could be able to play your converted videos for offline viewing using your android phones, tablets, and computers. This as well has been proven to be safe and secure so there would be no need to worry for any viruses. Moreover, the conversion of one or more files is also possible on this tool.

To be able to use this Freemake Video Converter, the below steps must be followed.

Step 1: Make sure to download this free MTS to MP4 tool.

Step 2: Once downloaded and properly installed, ensure that you will have this program launched and run on your personal computer.

Step 3: Add the MTS video needed to be converted by either ticking the “+Video” button or dragging and dropping the file from the location to the software’s interface.

Step 4: Select the “to MP4” button which can be found at the bottom of the free MTS to MP4 conversion tool.

Step 5: You can as well perform MP4 files settings’ customization wherein you can modify the frame size, width, height, video codec, frame rate, bitrate, audio codec, audio channels, and even sample rate.

Step 6: Make sure to select the destination folder wherein the new video will be saved.

Step 7: Press the “Convert” button to begin with the MTS to the MP4 conversion process.

Freemake Video Converter

Part 2. Let’s Wrap it Up

By using any of the software applications presented above, you can get your MTS videos converted to MP4 within only a few minutes and performing easy and simple steps. Which do you think would be the best mean suited to your needs? Hope you find this article beneficial enough. If this somehow helped you and you are planning to use any of the explained, we will appreciate it if you could leave your comments below.

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