How to Solve Black Screen Problems With YouTube

A lot of us enjoy watching videos on YouTube and this video while others rely on it for education, entertainment, leisure and a lot more. This is practically the most popular video website nowadays and the majority of people looking for a specific video can find what they are searching for here. There is however a problem people may encounter once in a while. This may happen regularly for those who do not maintain their devices when need or once in a blue moon for even the most advanced users.

Black Screen Problems With YouTube

The black screen problem happens for a few too many reasons depending on the device that is used and its settings or current state. Problems may occur that do not allow users to view the video they have searched for which can become annoying and unhelpful to most. There are however solutions to such problems that may be encountered and knowing the right steps will help us solve these problems so we may use this website without delay.

Below are a few problems that may occur when using YouTube and the solutions for when it comes to the black screen YouTube problem.

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A Few Problems May Occur When Using YouTube and Their Solutions

Loading Error

Sometimes while attempting to view a video a spike in your internet connection or a simple rare loading error may occur. This is common with most people due to a large amount of temporary data that has been stored on their browser or a small data interference and can be easily solved with a few different methods.

The common solutions to the black screen YouTube problem are to:

  • Refresh the page as there might have just been a slight loading error that prevented the video from properly loading. Refreshing the page will simply load the whole page again and allow the video to load once more. Simply right click on the page and click refresh or reload.
  • Clear browsing history/data to clean up your browser as the previous usage of the browser may have caused data to pile up causing your browser to improperly load. This can be done by pressing ctrl, shift and delete at the same time than clearing the browsing history on the new window.
  • Disable or remove extensions that may be causing loading issues or preventing you from accessing the website. This is due to the fact that some extensions may cause interference with the loading or purposely block or prevent you from accessing content or websites.
  • Signing out and or logging back into your google account will solve the issue sometimes and allow you to play the video as you intended.

Unstable or Bad Internet Connection

Unstable or Bad Internet Connection

To be able to watch videos, certain internet speed is needed as the video will be continuously loaded and if you are unable to connect properly to the website, then you most likely won’t be able to watch videos or even load the page at all.

Ensuring that your connection is okay and can handle videos is important as you will barely be able to access any website if your internet is running slow or something is eating up your connection.

To solve slow internet connection problems, you most likely need to do one of the following:

  • Close any applications that are downloading or updating as they will take up most of your internet connection and slow down the speed of which you make access websites and load videos or other things on the website.

  • Check for other devices that you have connected that may use up internet connections such as phones that have sync or that may be downloaded as these tend to take up a lot of data that you need to use.

  • Make sure you are connecting to the right internet connection as sometimes you might have accidentally connected to the wrong connection which does not give you enough data.

  • Change your Wi-Fi password as someone might have gotten access to your connection and may be eating up the data, it is suggested that you change passwords every month.

  • Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for assistance or to explain the situation as sometimes the problem can be caused by either end.

Viewing Permissions and Restriction

Viewing Permissions and Restriction

Sometimes a video may not be appropriate due to violence, nudity, drugs and other content considered to be rated 18 and unsuitable for children. YouTube has made it a requirement to be 18 years old and above to view such videos which require you to log in using your account. Having an account with your age below 18 will not allow you to watch the said videos.

The common solution to this is to log in with your account or make one and specify your age to be 18 or above.

Video Unavailable Due To Location Restrictions

Sometime an uploader may restrict certain countries from viewing their content or there may be restrictions due to laws of your country or another which prevents the video from being watched on your device due to the IP address.

A few workarounds to the location-based restrictions are to:

  • Use a VPN application to prevent your IP address from being tracked by either hiding it or making it appear as if you were in a different country. This is useful for when YouTube accidentally mistakes content restriction based on area or when you need to bypass this due to the urgency of needing to view the content.

  • Regrettably, sometimes you will need to search for another similar video instead but most likely you will be able to find one and if not, the use of a VPN application might be the only chance you have to do so.

Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes google chrome may have compatibility issues with your system and may need to have Hardware Accelerated Video Decode disabled. This can be done by typing chrome://flags in the address bar and setting it to disabled.


There are several issues we may encounter with our browsers and certain websites such as YouTube but there are also workarounds and fixes that we can do to enable us to continuously enjoy watching videos or enjoying other website features. Taking the necessary steps will allow us to continue using these websites and will ensure that we don’t run into the problems again or that we know what to do next time they may occur and hopefully reduce the occurrence of the black screen YouTube problem.

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