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How to Legally Get Spotify Premium Free Forever in 2023

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2023-05-15

2 min read

“I’ve been into using the Spotify app, but I do not have enough budget to pay the monthly subscription fee. Is it possible for me to get free Spotify Premium?”

If you wish to try experiencing using the Spotify premium version, there is actually a trial period that’s being offered for 30 days. After this period, you have the option to continue with the premium subscription or opt-out and just use the free one. 30 days might be too fast. You’ll surely agree to this! Now, is there a way to get free Spotify Premium? You are probably asking the same. No problem, we got you!

In this article, you will be learning that it is indeed possible to get free Spotify Premium. There are actually three methods that we’ll discuss in this post. If you wish to jump right into these methods, you can head to the second part of this post right away. But, of course, we’d be glad if you’ll also spend time reading the content that’s in the first part.

Contents Guide Part 1: Spotify Free vs. Spotify PremiumPart 2: Methods of Getting Free Spotify PremiumPart 3: Summary

Part 1: Spotify Free vs. Spotify Premium

We are all lucky because the Spotify app has a free version and is accessible on a wide variety of devices. Once you downloaded the app, and you sign up for an account, you can actually listen to Spotify songs for free. However, of course, there are limitations. It’s always given as you are to use the app without paying the fee.

Getting Free Spotify Premium

Free Spotify users have limitations when it comes to skipping songs – you are only limited to a number of skips. You shall also expect ads to be heard during your music streaming experience. You can’t also choose a song to play as your streaming will be on shuffle mode. If you wish to listen to the songs, you need a WiFi connection or cellular data. You can’t have the songs downloaded.

Because of the shortcomings present in the free version of the Spotify app, a lot of music lovers ought to subscribe to a Spotify Premium plan. By paying a subscription fee monthly (that you just read in the introduction part), you can get to enjoy a bunch of perks – all those that are missing in the free version. It’s notable as well that Spotify has a nice plan offer for students (discounted subscription price). So, if you are a student who wishes to use a Premium Spotify account, choosing the student plan would be the best option. With your Premium account, you can download the Spotify songs that you like and listen to them offline mode!

For the downloading of Spotify songs using a Premium Spotify account, it should be taken note that keeping those downloaded Spotify songs forever is not possible as those will be gone once your subscription plan is canceled or ended. Also, you need to stay online once every 30 days to keep the songs. Otherwise, you’ll have to download them again.

Paying a premium fee to enjoy Spotify’s perks might be too much for some so knowing some methods to get free Spotify Premium would be very helpful.

As you jump to the next part, you’ll get to know about the three methods to get free Spotify Premium. Let’s finally jump into the next section then to see them all.

Part 2: Methods of Getting Free Spotify Premium

There is actually a bunch of ways to get free Spotify Premium. We will be sharing three here in detail.

Method 1: AT&T

If you are an AT&T customer, you should know that you can actually get free Spotify Premium! Apart from the Spotify app, you can also choose from other free apps like HBO or Pandora. To get free Spotify Premium as an AT&T customer, you can follow this procedure.

Step #1. If you don’t have an account yet, then create an AT&T WatchTV account, and then from the options, choose Spotify premium.

Step #2. Click the “Confirm choice” button and then the “Visit Spotify” button. You will be asked to log in to your Spotify account. Provide your Spotify credentials to proceed.

Step #3. Afterward, tap the “I agree” button and the “Start subscription now” option next.

And that’s it! You now get free Spotify Premium!

Method 2: DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter

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Why would you pay a subscription fee when you can get free Spotify Premium? Well, technically, with apps like this DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter, you can actually get the Spotify songs downloaded and saved on your device forever. There is no need for a premium plan because, with such an app, you can download Spotify playlists or songs in an unlimited number, have them kept forever, and even transferred them on any device or even external drives!

The DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter is capable of removing the DRM encryption that is present on Spotify songs. With this, you can listen to Spotify songs on any device that you have without thinking about compatibility issues. Also, you can have the songs converted to MP3 or to other output formats it supports. It functions at a fast speed as well and has the ability to keep the metadata information and ID tags of the Spotify songs even after having them processed. It even has advanced features making it more appealing to users – multi-language, has customizable settings, and even supports the easy uploading of files through its drag and drop feature!

More so, the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter has a very friendly UI making it easy to handle. For the installation requirements, you only need to complete a list of a few items and you should be good to go.

Here is how you can convert and get the Spotify songs that you like via the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

Step #1. Get the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter’s installer and have it installed on your PC. It is supported by both Windows and Mac computers, so installation isn’t an issue.

Step #2. Launch the app after installing and then tick the “Open the Spotify Web Player” button right away. To continue, you need to log in to your Spotify account.

Adding Premium Spotify Songs to Third Party Downloader

Step #3. On the main page of Spotify, you can start choosing the songs or playlists that you wish to convert. Once you are done choosing them, hold them and drag to the green button that you’ll see in the side area of your screen.

Step #4. It’s now time to define the output settings. Here, you have to choose an output format and set an output folder to use. You can also change some options as you wish.

Download and Convert Premium Spotify Songs to MP3

Step #5. By hitting the “Convert” button, the app will start converting the Spotify songs you just imported. Also, the DRM removal procedure will be done simultaneously.

Since the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter functions at a quite fast speed, you will have the transformed and DRM-free Spotify files saved on the output folder you previously specified. Those can now be played in offline mode and on any device and media player! Why would you still think of getting free Spotify Premium if you can have the songs saved on your device forever?

Method 3: Spotify Free Trial

As initially mentioned, the Spotify app is as well offering a free trial period for its users. Actually, it’s not fixed for 30 days period only. There are cases where the app offers longer free trial periods – 60 days, 3 months, or even 6 months. To get free Spotify Premium under the app’s free trial feature, you just have to be updated on the news to enjoy the longest free trial period that’s being offered.

Part 3: Summary

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It’s easy to get free Spotify Premium as there are a lot of ways to do so. The above three presented in the second part are only some of the methods that you can use and try. There might still be other methods available on the web that you can check out. It is always recommended that you seek help from professional apps like the DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter.

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