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How to Download Music From iTunes to PC Easily in 2024

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-06

2 min read

You might have been using the iTunes app for quite some time now. Do you feel like accessing your files from the app like music files is quite boring and is not efficient at all? Why now try to learn how to download music from iTunes to a computer ?

The iTunes app is being used by a lot of people worldwide because of the many benefits it can offer. As initially stated, apart from being a music player, you can also use the app to manage your files and keep them. However, there could be some who wish to get those music files out of their iTunes library and save them on their computers forever. Well, there are also advantages to doing this. When it comes to accessibility, it will be a lot easier if you have the files saved on your computer’s folder already. There will be no need for you to launch the iTunes app and do some syncing or exporting processes and the like. Also, you can keep them as your backup files.

If you are curious to know how to download music from iTunes to a computer but have zero ideas about how to do the moving of files, don’t worry, we will be sharing anything you need from this post.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Download Music from iTunes to Computer via iTunesPart 2. How to Download Music from iTunes to Computer via DumpMediaPart 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Download Music from iTunes to Computer via iTunes

One good thing about downloading music from iTunes to a computer is that you can actually have this performed by using the iTunes app itself. In this section of the article, we will be sharing how to download music from iTunes to a computer using the app itself by highlighting the detailed and step-by-step procedure.

Downloading iTunes Music to Computer

Before we proceed, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the iTunes app installed on your computer. To see if an update is available, you can just head to your Google Play Store or Apple Store. An update button will show when an update is available for download and installation.

Follow the below procedure of how to download music from iTunes to a computer using the iTunes app.

Step #1. On your computer, open the iTunes application. Sign in to your account using your credentials. Afterward, choose “iTunes Store”.

Step #2. Head to the “Account” section and then select the “Purchased” button that is just at the top area of the menu bar (on the main interface of the app). Upon doing so, you will be seeing the list of the Apple Music songs that you purchased.

Step #3. You also have the option to see those that are not in your iTunes library by choosing the “Not in My Library” button instead of the “View All” menu.

Step #4. Once you have selected the iTunes music to be downloaded, you can just select the “Cloud” icon that is next to it or tap the “Download All” button that is in the lower right area of your screen.

By just doing the above four steps, you can have your iTunes songs downloaded and saved to your computer for offline listening!

Part 2. How to Download Music from iTunes to Computer via DumpMedia

The above procedure will only work if you are to process iTunes music files that are DRM-free. If you got those protected songs with you, the process of how to download music from iTunes to a computer will be different. In this case, there will be a need to use a professional software app that can do the conversion and download of the iTunes songs after removing their DRM protection.

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Apps like the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter will be very helpful. This converter can remove the DRM protection of iTunes and Apple Music songs in just minutes and even lets you convert the files to output formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and more. It works at a fast speed giving you more time to do other things you need to do.

While the conversion is ongoing, you can still keep the ID3 tags of the songs as well as their 100% original quality. You can even do the customization of output profile settings.

Additionally, this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter can work as an audiobook converter. So, if you have audiobooks to convert, you can also use this app.

We will be giving you an overview of how to download music from iTunes to a computer using the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Selecting iTunes Songs to Convert and Download to Computer

Step #1. Complete all the things needed for app installation and then launch the app afterward. On the main interface, you can now start selecting the iTunes or Apple Music songs that you wish to convert and download.

Step #2. You can now modify the output settings and set them as you like. Choosing a flexible format like MP3 is always recommended as this is compatible with almost all devices. Make sure to set up the output folder accordingly.

Converting iTunes Songs to MP3 then Download to Computer

Step #3. After completing the setup, you can now hit the “Convert” button that is at the bottom area of the screen. This will do the conversion and DRM removal procedures.

In just minutes, you will have the converted files ready and those are already saved into your computer’s folder! More so, they are already DRM free so you can even share them with friends or family members or save them on any external drives!

Part 3. Summary

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The process of how to download music from iTunes to a computer is totally possible through the use of the iTunes app and a professional tool like the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. Again, you need to take note that you can only process the conversion of DRM-free iTunes songs on the iTunes app. Those that are protected need to be processed via the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

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