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Top 10 Audible Alternatives [2024 Update]

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-19

2 min read

Reading books was now upgraded to a new and different level, making way for the emergence of Audiobooks. Before, people were just used to reading printed ones until electronic books (e-books) were introduced which are now replaced by Audiobooks.

Through Audiobooks, the hassle of bringing an actual book and reading while traveling is eliminated. You can now do the reading by just listening. Audible has been considered one of the most popular sites for audiobooks.

However, because of the expensive subscription and inability to play on non-authorized Audible applications, many are looking for better Audible alternatives. And, we are here to present those!

This article was mainly created to show the list of the top 10 alternatives to Audible! If you are an audiobook reader or lover and still looking for a free Audible alternative, which surely is the tool you are using, this post will surely answer your queries. Let us then head on to this article’s main topic!

Contents Guide Part 1: What Is Audible?Part 2: Top 10 Audible AlternativesPart 3: How to Convert Your Audible Audiobook to MP3Part 4: In Conclusion

Part 1: What Is Audible?

Audible is a digital audio company that provides subscriptions to audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Audible also produces its original content, including "Dungeons & Dragons" adventure series and James Patterson novels.

Audible's flagship service is the Audible Plus subscription, which includes access to over 68,000 audiobooks and podcasts, as well as a daily download limit of up to five items. Whether Audible is worth it depends on your preferences. Some say Audible is worth it because it offers:

  • A large selection of titles
  • Unlimited access to audiobooks
  • One audiobook to keep each month
  • The ability to improve comprehension and vocabulary

However, others say Audible isn't worth it if the books you want are cheaper than your monthly membership. Some say it's not worth it if you can't experience the book well in audio. For those who want to enjoy cheaper audible books, we are here to list out the top 10 audible alternatives. If you are interested in it, keep on reading.

Part 2: Top 10 Audible Alternatives

There are a lot of great Audible alternatives that you can freely check and use. Those that have been proven to be trusted, reliable, and satisfy many users will be discussed in this portion. Let us now begin.


One of the several alternatives for Audible is Same with Audible, this one is also a product from Canada.

Although this one will also require you to pay a subscription fee which is almost the same amount as Audible, your advantage of using this would be the opportunity to choose or select one among the thousands of premium titles in their catalog and another from their exclusive VIP options.

In addition, also offers a reduction in the prices of any audiobook among the hundred thousand titles it has. And, this application is highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Audible Audiobook

2. Downpour

Another application that can be considered as an Audible alternative is Downpour. This is somehow the same as Using this, you can read as many audiobooks as you can by paying a subscription that is less than that of ($ 12.99).

What is amazing about this tool is that this lets you purchase and rent any DRM-free audiobooks which will allow you to play those in any other media player. Moreover, you can also get a free book every month once you subscribe.

Another fascinating fact is that this can be used on your Android or iOS devices and even your web browsers. In case you initially subscribed and would not want to continue anymore, they accept subscription cancellation which is fair enough for the users.

3. Kobo Audiobooks

Kobo Audiobooks also known as Rakuten Kobo emerged from a Canadian book company that was popularized as Indigo.

Currently, this Kobo audiobook is a Japanese online store selling electronic books (e-books) which are somehow similar to audiobooks. This has an application that is highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices or even with Windows or Mac personal computers. Of course, this also has a membership fee that is lower than that of Audible ($ 9.99).

This contains lots of audiobooks as well, five million to be specific, wherein you can choose from. The only drawback this has is that you can only play those audiobooks on the Kobo application (for mobile devices).

4. Playster

Playster is another option you can resort to in case you want to replace Audible. Many people are considering this as one of the best Audible alternatives the subscription is quite high - $ 24.95 every month, and the cost is much higher than Audible.

Yes, this could be much of a fee, but, the advantage is that you can enjoy not only the audiobooks it offers but also songs, movies, games, and even TV shows which you can easily access in the Playster Library. But if your choice is only to listen to audiobooks, they also have an offer amounting to a $ 14.95 monthly subscription. And yes, they also got a free month of trial for you! Given great plans, what more can you ask?


5. Nook Audiobooks

If you are a person who infrequently reads and listens to audiobooks, well, Nook Audiobooks would possibly be the best choice for you. This has been recognized as an audible alternative as well which does not offer any membership plan, unlike others.

Believe it or not, in using this one, you only got to pay once you decided to purchase the book (somehow following the get-and-buy perspective). Although contains lesser audiobook titles, 60,000, many are still into using Nook because it requires no subscription.

6. Google Play Audiobooks

Google Play also upgraded its services by offering Google Play Audiobooks earlier this 2018. Same with Nook, this as well does not require any subscriptions which means that you do not need to pay a membership fee, and lets you choose any book to purchase anytime you want.

In using this one, a wider range of media players have been considered because you can have the audiobooks played on your Android or iOS devices, web browsers, speakers, or any other gadgets that utilize Google Assistant.

7. Scribd

Scribd stands out as a cost-effective alternative to Audible, priced at just $8.99 per month for a subscription. With this subscription, you gain access to 3 books and 1 audiobook each month, along with unlimited reading of magazines and documents. What's more, Scribd offers a free trial period before committing to the subscription.

Scribd boasts an extensive catalog featuring over 30,000 audiobooks, magazines, and eBook titles. It's also compatible with both Android and iOS, making it a versatile audiobook app that lets you enjoy your favorite books online and on the go. Plus, it conveniently syncs your reading progress across your devices and computer. For those interested in sharing their audiobooks, Scribd even provides an uploading function, offering an opportunity to reach a broader audience.


When you join, you gain access to an extensive library that collaborates with over 2,500 bookstore partners. This means you can enjoy a vast selection of audiobooks for streaming and flexible purchases through their online platform and mobile applications. As a credible alternative to Audible, provides high-quality audiobooks and a wealth of resources, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for its users.

One standout feature offered by is its playlist-sharing function. This feature recommends audiobooks and podcast playlists curated by experts, influencers, and fellow audiobook enthusiasts. It allows you to discover what others are listening to, enhancing your audiobook experience during your leisure time.

9. Chirp

If you're looking to cut down on your audiobook expenses, Chirp stands out as the top Audible alternative to consider. This Audible competitor offers budget-friendly pricing for audiobook deals, often featuring limited-time discounts that can save you up to 95% on popular titles. Chirp's user-friendly approach doesn't require registration; instead, it allows you to purchase the audiobooks you desire and seamlessly transfer them to its mobile apps for offline listening.

Chirp also enhances the audiobook streaming experience by providing a built-in player that grants you flexible control over playback. With all these essential features at your disposal, Chirp proves to be a trustworthy and cost-effective alternative to Audible, making it a compelling option to explore.

10. Audiobooks Now

The last one we want to introduce to you is Audiobooks Now. Audiobooks Now seem to perform similarly to Audible, with over 160,000 audiobooks available to purchase and stream. It is a site like Audible, which offers a lower membership fee of $4.99 per month. For users signing up for the service, you will get extra benefits with a free audiobook and an additional 50% discount when you purchase the first audiobook every month. As an Audible competitor, it does offer more competitive pricing to get audiobooks and save money.

If you are a person who does not usually listen to audiobooks, you might also try to take this as one of your selections. The best thing about this is that every audiobook you purchase will be safely saved on your account. Initially highlighted are the 10 best alternatives to Each has amazing features unique to them which you can look into to be able to choose one.

However, though aware of the many alternatives including the six mentioned, there are still users who still prefer using to be able to listen to their most loved audiobooks.

But since Audible audiobooks were developed by Amazon, all those are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and some people are facing a dilemma of having those played on any device or gadget. Well, the answer to this would be Audible audiobook conversion to MP3 format, a format that is compatible with numerous devices. We will teach you how to do this in the next part.

Part 3: How to Convert Your Audible Audiobook to MP3

DumpMedia, being a great tool offering video and audio converters, has been a great help for many users nowadays. Aside from having amazing video/audio converting features, it also has an Apple Music Converter which lets you convert your favorite and most loved Audible audiobooks to MP3 format to be highly playable in any media player!

This tool is capable of removing DRM protection and allows you to convert audiobooks or songs to thousands of available formats. It even lets you listen to Apple Music songs offline, and even keep your songs running although your subscription has ended! Great, right?

Well, here is how you can proceed with Audible audiobook to MP3 conversion using this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1: Install and download this DumpMedia Apple Music Converter.

Step 2: Select the desired output format which is MP3.

Step 3: Tick the convert button to begin the process.

Let us look into the steps in detail.

Step 1: Install and Download This DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

Of course, we need to ensure that the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter has been downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Once installed, open and launch the program. Under the “Library ” menu, tick “Audiobooks ” and select the desired file to be converted to MP3.

Step 2: Select the Desired Output Format

Once the audiobook has been selected, head to the “Output Format ” section which you will see at the bottom portion of the screen. Make sure to choose MP3 among the selections that would be listed. Other than this, you can also choose the bit rate or even rename the file if you prefer.

Select the Output Format

Step 3: Tick the Convert Button to Begin the Process

Finally, upon finishing the above two steps, you can just proceed and click the “Convert” button which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen to finally begin the conversion process.

Converting your Audible Audiobook to MP3

Part 4: In Conclusion

This article greatly emphasized six of the top, most affordable, and best Audible alternatives that can be used as a replacement for Audible audiobooks.

There are a lot that you can freely access on the web, but these items presented are the ones considered to be the most known, trusted, and convenient to use. Many people are using these applications already and some are enjoying all the perks and advantages they are getting.

However, there are still others who still prefer using and listening to Audible audiobooks and the issue of playing those in any media player is a challenge. Well, the latter part of this post showed the best way to finally solve it – the use of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter!

Free Download Free Download

How about you? Are you as well a fan of audiobooks? Will you be using any of the above? What is your thought about the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter? Share your thoughts by leaving some comments below!

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