Deezer vs Spotify: Which Is Better for You? [2024]

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Deezer has been in the digital music streaming industry since 2007 and it’s only recently that people are noticing this wonderful music streaming service.

It would be nice to compare Deezer with a known streaming provider such as Spotify. In this article, we’ll do just that. You’ll know what their differences are through a Deezer vs. Spotify head-to-head comparison. With this, you’ll be able to better decide which music streaming service to choose.

Along with this, you’ll discover a versatile tool that you can use along with your Deezer songs.

Contents Guide Part 1. Deezer vs. Spotify OverviewPart 2. Deezer and Spotify ComparisonPart 3: Best Way to Enjoy Deezer Music Part 4. Summary

Part 1. Deezer vs. Spotify Overview

Here is a Deezer vs. Spotify overview.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming provider up-to-date. It boasts of having about 465 million listeners and 165 million subscribers. Its song database has already reached 80 million and it still keeps growing.

Spotify has several subscription packages that you can choose from. There is a Freemium service that’s totally free. Spotify also has a Premium package divided into Individual, Duo, Family, and Student packages. The service is available on PCs, mobile, and select hardware devices. The hardware devices include smart watches, smart TVs, PlayStation 4, and The Car Thing to name a few.

Deezer vs Spotify Which Is Better

Deezer is a music streaming service since 2007. It has about 90 million songs in its library and over 16 million users. As of 2019, it has a subscriber base of about 7 million users. Deezer had a slow start and many bumps along its early stages before it established itself as a popular streaming service.

Deezer’s subscription packages include Free, Premium, Student, and Family. The service is available on the web, desktops (on both PC and Mac), mobile (even on the Waze app), as well as in select hardware devices. The devices include the Xbox, smartwatches, and smart TVs, to name a few.

Part 2. Deezer and Spotify Comparison

Here is a Deezer vs. Spotify detailed comparison:

Deezer vs Spotify Comparison

Deezer is lesser known than Spotify. As you can see, Deezer has only around 16 million users compared to 465 million listeners on Spotify. Add to this the number of subscribers and you’ll see a massive gap between the two. Seven million subscribers for Deezer compared to 165 million for Spotify.

As for their music library, the numbers aren’t far apart. Ninety million songs for Deezer and 80 million songs for Spotify.

There are some similarities between their subscription packages but there are also major differences. Both Spotify and Deezer have a Free package where music listening is totally free. The package is riddled with ads and there are imitations of what songs you can skip and play.

The Premium Individual plan of Deezer (at $10.99) is much like Spotify (at $9.99). You can play ad-free songs on each package as well as download songs for offline listening. However, Deezer has High Fidelity service (16-Bit/44.1 kHz FLAC, 1411 kbits/sec) that has superb quality compared to what Spotify can offer (320 kbps AAC). Spotify yet has to come up with its own Hi-Fi service.

Both Deezer and Spotify have the Family Plan ($17.99 for Deezer and $15.99 for Spotify) which caters to up to 6 members of your family. They also have a Student Premium plan both at $4.99. However, Deezer offers a Premium Annual subscription plan at 25% off. Spotify doesn’t support annual subscriptions, however, they do offer a Premium annual gift card at only $99.

The Comparison of Deezer vs Spotify on Discover Music

Lastly, Deezer has a similar curated playlist generator as Spotify. Deezer has Flow, which is an AI music generator based on your listening preferences. You can compare this to Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Part 3: Best Way to Enjoy Deezer Music

Now that you have some idea about the Deezer vs. Spotify battle, would you like to know another way to listen to Deezer Music? This is through a versatile Deezer Converter tool called the DumpMedia DeezPlus.

DumpMedia DeezPlus can convert your Deezer songs into standard music format. Through this, you’ll be able to enjoy your Deezer songs on any music player you want. Transfer them to an MP3 Player or burn them to a CD for your own unique personal listening experience.

Using DumpMedia DeezPlus Converter is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install DumpMedia DeezPlus Converter. PC and Mac versions are available.

Free Download Free Download

Step 2: Open DeezPlus. After that, continue to the Deezer Web Player.

Step 3: Choose the songs, artists, or Albums you want to be converted. Drag and drop them into the Converter icon on the lower left.

Drag and Add Deezer Songs/Playlists into The Converter

Step 4: Check the songs you want to be converted and choose the output format. After that, hit Convert to start converting. It’s that easy!

Choose Different Output Formats You Want to Download

Step 5: When finished, go to the Finished tab to view your output files.

DumpMedia DeezPlus Converter is a professional-grade tool. In case you want to unlock its full feature, purchase a license key. All license purchases are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you always get a guaranteed 24-hour reply email from DumpMedia regardless if you buy a license key from them or not.

Part 4. Summary

You’ve just learned about the differences between Deezer and Spotify through a Deezer vs.Spotify head-to-head comparison. Now you know Deezer has similar subscription packages as Spotify, however, there are differences along the way. One of them is Deezer has annual subscription fees. Deezer also boasts of Hi-Fi sound content that Spotify is still trying to learn. All-in-all, Spotify is still the clear winner based on its sheer number of users and subscribers.

Along the way, you might want to explore another method to listen to Deezer and it’s through DumpMedia DeezPlus. DumpMedia DeezPlus can convert your Deezer songs into a standard audio format that you’ll surely enjoy personally on your favorite media player.

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