Deezer Premium Plans: Which One Suits You Best?[Solved 2024]

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Music enthusiasts are surely having a hard time deciding which popular music streaming platform to use as there are bunches of great ones – Deezer vs Spotify, or Apple Music, just to name a few.

Since our focus in this article will be on the Deezer platform, we will be highlighting here the Deezer premium or paid plans that are available for users to enjoy. Deezer currently has millions of active subscribers. Music lovers won’t be disappointed after subscribing to one of Deezer’s premium or paid plans as there are various benefits to enjoy including its vast collection of tracks and other content (over 90 million).

Let’s get to see which Deezer premium or paid plan would be best for you to subscribe to.

Contents Guide Part 1: Deezer’s Free Plan OfferPart 2: Deezer Premium Plans IntroductionPart 3: Best Way to Enjoy your Deezer Premium PlansPart 4: Summary

Part 1: Deezer Free Plan Offer

Before we head to the discussion of the Different Deezer Premium or paid plans, we will first share with your important information relative to the platform’s free plan offer.

Choose Deezer Free Plan to Enjoy Music

The same with Spotify, Deezer also has a free plan that anyone could take advantage of. The platform allows its users to listen to its 90-million catalog without having the need to pay a certain fee. In fact, a user just needs to sign using via Facebook, Apple, or Google accounts, and then he shall be able to stream right away.

Once you completed the signup process, Deezer would require you to select at least 3 of your liked artists. This will be used by the app to give you personalized recommendations.

In case you are planning to try Deezer before subscribing to one of its paid plans, you may refer to the below for the things you can enjoy out of the free plan.

  1. Listen to the tracks without paying any fee.
  2. Get to see personal song recommendations under the “Made For You” section.
  3. Take advantage of “Flow” – one of Deezer’s features that is responsible for playing and recommending tracks based on the user’s listening likes and history.
  4. Be able to benefit from “Flow Moods” – another Deezer feature that shows an infinite playlist referencing based on the specific mood selected by the user.
  5. Be able to create as well as share playlists.
  6. Enjoy “Songcatcher” – a tool on Deezer that can help in capturing and saving tunes the user likes.
  7. Tracks are with lyrics so users can enjoy singing along.
  8. Podcasts are as well available for free streaming.
  9. Take advantage of the “sleep timer” feature. Stopping the app from playing at a desired time of the day can be done!

Upon reading the above great things that can be enjoyed from using the free plan, users could still be frustrated with the drawbacks they would encounter. Since they are still using a free plan, limitations are always present.

If you don’t mind experiencing the mentioned disadvantages, then staying with using the free version of Deezer would work for you. If you wish to upgrade and get to know which Deezer premium or paid plan will suit you, continue reading to the next part.

Part 2: Deezer Premium Plans Introduction

If you feel like the Deezer free plan offer isn’t for you, getting a Deezer premium or paid plan would be the best to do. Here are important details that you should know.

Actually, Deezer is currently offering 3 paid plans – Premium, Family, and Student. Of course, each is priced differently. We’ll get to see more details about them as we move to the latter part of this section of the article.

Deezer Premium Plan

The Different Plans of Deezer Premium

The Deezer premium plan is currently priced at 9.99 USD per month. After subscribing, you can enjoy this for free for one month. Canceling anytime is as well permitted. So, if you feel at some point that the plan isn’t for you, you can just have your subscription canceled.

Here are the great features you can enjoy by subscribing to the Deezer premium plan.

  1. You will have unlimited access to Deezer’s huge song catalog.
  2. Streaming is totally ad-free letting you avoid any interruptions!
  3. Listen to your Deezer favorites in High Fidelity. This has now been made available for Premium and family plan subscribers.
  4. You can control the audio output quality as you like! Using the app’s settings, you can choose from the available streaming options suiting your Wi-Fi or internet connection speed.
  5. You have the ability to download the tracks and listen to them offline.
  6. You have unlimited skips so jumping from one track to another is easy.
  7. Your account can be used on up to three devices. However, streaming can only be done on one device at a time.
  8. You can also use other output audio tools – speakers, Apple Watch, etc.

Deezer Family Plan

Enjoy Deezer Songs with Deezer Family Plan

Apart from the Deezer premium plan, there is also this Deezer Family plan. This, on the other hand, costs 14.99 USD per month. The same as the first one, once you have subscribed here, cancelation can be done anytime. The advantage of this over the Deezer premium plan is that up to 6 members can use the account. The previously mentioned features will be available as well including the below-added benefits.

  1. The members of the Family Plan can get to manage their own playlists and “Flow”. You can still use the account as if you are an individual user.
  2. Child profiles are available as well. In case you have children as members, you can see what they are up to.
  3. The account can be used on up to 13 devices.

If everyone in your household loves streaming music on Deezer, getting this plan would be a better choice than individually subscribing to the Deezer premium plan. The fee to pay monthly will also be relatively lower.

Deezer Student Plan

The Deezer Student plan also works the same as the Deezer premium plan, the benefit and features are the same. It’s just that it is priced at a discounted rate – 4.99 USD per month. Eligible students can take advantage of this offer.

Part 3: Best Way to Enjoy your Deezer Premium Plans

If you may have noticed, one of the drawbacks of using the free plan under Deezer is that you can’t have the songs available for offline streaming unless you’ll subscribe to one of its paid plans.

If you feel like the monthly fee to pay for a Deezer premium or paid plan is too much for you and yet, you wish to keep your favorites available in offline mode, you must use a tool that can aid in the downloading process of the songs. One of the best is DumpMedia DeezPlus.

With the help of this DumpMedia DeezPlus, you can download as many Deezer tracks as you like. This can even aid in the conversion of those too-common formats like MP3 while keeping their 100% original audio quality, ID tags, and metadata. There are also other advanced features that the users can enjoy – multi-language, customizable settings, and easy uploading as dragging and dropping of files is supported.

Free Download Free Download

Here is a guide to show you how easily the DumpMedia DeezPlus can be used when downloading Deezer tracks.

Step #1. Launch the app after the successful installation. On the main page, start by adding the tracks to be processed. Adding albums or playlists is acceptable as well.

Drag and Add Deezer Songs/Playlists into The Converter

Step #2. Choose an output format to use from the list of supported formats. Setting up the other output options is recommended.

Choose Different Output Formats You Want to Download

Step #3. Tick off the “Convert” button to start the conversion process. As this works 4x faster than others, you can also expect the output files to be ready within a few minutes.

Part 4: Summary

Deezer is indeed a great platform offering various perks to audiophiles. It is also a good thing that apart from Deezer premium and paid plans, the app also has a free plan offer. Choosing which plan would suit your needs and likes is totally up to you. Just in case you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee but would wish to keep your Deezer favorites for offline streaming, relying on apps like the DumpMedia DeezPlus is recommended!

Free Download Free Download

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