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Easy Ways to Listen to Apple Music without iTunes (2023)

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2023-08-03

2 min read

At present, iTunes is the only tool that you can use to access Apple Music on a computer. The question is – is it possible to access Apple Music using other media players on PC? Luckily, you will have a positive answer.

With this guide, you will be provided with several methods on how to listen to Apple Music without iTunes on your PC.

Contents Guide Part 1. The recommended Solution to Listen to Apple Music without iTunesPart 2. How to Stream Apple Music via A Browser without iTunes

Part 1. The recommended Solution to Listen to Apple Music without iTunes

Majority of the media players or portable devices are not capable to play Apple Music songs due to the DRM protection. In case you want to add Apple Music tracks on a different device or play it using a VLC player, the initial task is to eliminate the DRM protection. After this, you can store your Apple Music tracks on any device that you want.

A solution in removing the Apple FairPlay DRM protection is to use Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia. This is a multi-functional tool that removes the DRM protection from the M4P files of Apple Music and converts them to MP3, AC3 and FLAC files. When the DRM protection is eliminated, you can listen to Apple Music songs without iTunes anymore on your PC or Mac.

Furthermore, you have the option to import the DRM-free songs to any media player that you want to use such as QuickTime Media Player, VLC Media Player, and Windows Media Player. Aside from converting Apple Music, the tool can also get rid of the DRM protection from iTunes/Audible audiobooks.

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Before moving on to the steps, let us take a close look at the noteworthy features of the Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia:

Choose Songs To Convert

Now, let us proceed to the steps:

Select Output Format

Note: AC3 and MP3 have been the preferred audio format that can be played on various media devices. FLAC and AIFF are a lossless audio format that provides top audio quality. M4R is the format for iPhone ringtone.

Part 2. How to Stream Apple Music via A Browser without iTunes

For those who in search for the Apple Music’s web player to listen to Apple Music on your web browser, you can use

Simply go to the site and log in using your Apple ID. You are going to be directed to a home screen that displays the latest Apple Music songs, albums and playlists. This site is the embeddable web player by Apple Music. You can listen to complete songs with this player once you login into your account. Furthermore, you can also add playlists and albums to your library.

Once the DRM protection has been removed by the Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia, you can enjoy Apple Music on your Mac or PC without requiring iTunes. Otherwise, you can also play DRM-free tracks on your computer with any media player or music player. In addition, you can even transfer Apple Music to other devices that do not support the installation of the Apple Music app.

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