Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder FAQ

1. What's the limitation of the free trial version?

With the free trial version of DumpMedia Screen Recorder, you can only save the first 3 minutes of the video if it is longer than 3 minutes. If you want to save the whole file, you need to get the software registered for further usage.

2. Can I record both my screen and my webcam at the same time?

Yes. Recording your screen and webcam at the same time only requires a few customized settings before recording the video. Simply go to Video Recorder > Screen & Camera > Start Recording.

3. How to retrieve DumpMedia registration code?

Go to the license retrieval page:

4. What's the DumpMedia refund policy?

Go to the refund policy page:

5. How to install & register DumpMedia Screen Recorder?

Go to this guide.

6. Where to buy DumpMedia Screen Recorder?

For Windows users click here.

For Mac users click here.

7. How do I record my computer screen with my voice?

DumpMedia Screen Recorder supports recording the screen and sounds simultaneously or separately. You can simply enable the microphone or the system sounds before you click “Start Recording” to record your computer screen with your voice.

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