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Can You Lend Audible Books to Others Free 2024?

Written By Rosie

Last updated: 2024-01-27

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Are you also interested in knowing the answer to how to lend Audible books? It is good to know that once you purchase an Audible audiobook, you can have that audiobook kept with you and stream in offline mode once downloaded as long as you are streaming it on authorized devices. However, sharing them with someone like your family members and friends would be a different story.

A lot of Audible users are posting this “Can you lend Audible books ” question on community platforms and checking out methods available that can help them with the process. If you feel like you haven’t found the answer to this query yet, you have come to the right page. We got the answer here!

Contents Guide Part 1. Can You Lend Audible Audiobooks to Friends Through Audible?Part 2. Best Way to Lend Audible Books with FriendsPart 3. How to Share Audible Accounts with Others?Part 4. Summary

Part 1. Can You Lend Audible Audiobooks to Friends Through Audible?

It might be unfortunate to know that you can’t lend an Audible audiobook to somebody else. Technically speaking, although you purchased the audiobooks already, and you had them downloaded to your computer, you can’t have them treated as regular audio files that you can move, transfer, or save on any drive or device that you like to use.

You must know that these audiobooks are under DRM’s protection policy. With this encryption, you can’t have the Audible audiobooks accessed on just any gadget or media player that you like. More so, you can’t make any modifications to the audiobook files.

Thus, if you want to lend Audible books to someone, you can just let him have your account credentials and let him open your account. But, as you know, this isn’t ideal at all as this is risky especially because that person will get access to important details of your account including your payment information.

Instead of lending an Audible book to someone, you can just try sharing with them the Audible audiobooks that you think are good reads. It is great that Audible has introduced 2 official ways of sharing Audible audiobook files with your friends and family members.

Sharing Audible Books with Others via

You can try sharing via the “Send this Book” feature of Audible or by creating a Household Sharing account that can be used by up to 6 members. In this way, you somehow already answered this “Can you lend Audible books?” query. And, this is a much safer method to apply rather than giving out your Audible account credentials to someone.

Part 2. Best Way to Lend Audible Books with Friends

Now, what if your friends or family members do not have access to Audible? Is there still a better way of addressing this “can you lend Audible books” dilemma?

Before we begin, it must be reiterated that Audible audiobooks are protected files. And so, without an Audible account or an authorized device, the shared Audible audiobooks can’t be accessed – unless the mentioned protection will be removed.

When you go to the web, you will see lots of apps that can do the DRM removal job with ease. However, with several options available, we know you might find it hard to choose which among them would be the best choice. In this case, we suggest that you use a proven, trusted app like this DumpMedia Audible Converter.

Using DumpMedia to Share Audible Books

Apart from removing the DRM protection of Audible files, it can even help you convert those to flexible formats like MP3. Having the files in MP3 format will make it easier for you to play them on any media player or gadget that you like to use. Furthermore, this software may provide you with different output formats such as AAC, FLAC, WAV, and many more.

Even if the conversion of the Audible audiobooks is done, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the resulting files because it will still be kept at 100% level. Also, the chapters and ID tags will be kept so you won’t worry about the important information in the audiobooks.

This app works pretty fast and has simple navigation keys. Thus, anyone can use surely this app.

We have here a guide that will help you convert your Audible audiobook files to MP3 format – clearly exposing an answer to this “Can you lend Audible books?” query. Let’s get into the procedure.

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Step #1. There are installation needs that you have to check and meet. Once those are accomplished and met, just proceed to install the app on your PC. Launch it afterward. On the main screen, you can start adding the Audible audiobook files that you wish to process.

Adding Audible Files to Converter

Step #2. The output format and output path must be set up accordingly. As mentioned, choosing flexible formats like MP3 as the resulting output format makes the files more accessible. Other output parameters can also be checked and changed.

Choosing Output Format And Location on Converter

Step #3. Tapping the “Convert” button at the bottom area of the page will let the app start the conversion procedure. Alongside conversion, the DRM removal procedure will also be done by the app. So, once the conversion process is over, you can rest assured that the files will be DRM-free.

Converting Audible Books to The Format You Want to Lend

Part 3. How to Share Audible Accounts with Others?

Method #1 Using the “Send This Book” Feature From Audible

The "Send this Book" feature on Audible allows users to send a book to another person, who can then download and listen to it as an Audible member. This feature is valuable for audiobook fans who want to share their love of books with others or for individuals who want to co-read a book with a friend or family member.

Below are detailed steps about how to use the “Send This Book” feature to share an Audible account with others.

Method #2 Using Amazon Household Sharing

Amazon Household Sharing is a feature that allows multiple adults to share Amazon Prime benefits, such as free two-day shipping, streaming access, and discounts on certain items.

Using any of the two methods we have mentioned above can help you learn how to share not just your Audible account but also the audiobooks you love with the people who matter most. But for those who want to share their favorite Audible books without limitations, we know another way that you might just like. If you want to know what method we are talking about, proceed to the next section below this one.

Part 4. Summary

We do hope that at this section of the article, you already got the clarification you need relating to this “can you lend Audible books ” query. Although it is not technically possible for you to lend Audible audiobooks, we are glad to share how a trusted and reliable app like this DumpMedia Audible Converter can help you with the conversion and downloading of the Audible audiobooks that you wish to process.

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