How To Convert AVI to MKV Effortlessly in 2020

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of sending video files with size larger than the limit?

Are those videos in AVI format?

If yes, that is the usual difficulty and issue for many. Videos in AVI format have huge sizes making it too big to be shared and sent online. This is actually the major problem encountered by AVI format users. And, to solve this, people usually resort to file conversion. One of the best among the formats available is MKV.

In this article, we will be discussing the best ways to convert AVI to MKV format effortlessly without losing the quality of the video files you have.

But before delving on to the main agenda of this post, let us first get to know the main differences between the two formats, AVI format and MKV format.

內容指南 Part 1. Difference Between AVI And MKV FormatPart 2. Convert AVI To MKV Format Using A Professional Software ApplicationPart 3. Convert AVI To MKV Format Using Online Converters第4部分。摘要

Part 1. Difference Between AVI And MKV Format

Check out the differences and even slight similarities between the initially mentioned formats.

音頻視頻交錯 AVI是一種包含視頻和音頻數據的媒體容器。 這樣可以同時播放音頻和視頻。 這種格式的視頻通常尺寸較大。

MKV format is as well a multimedia container format that is capable of incorporating audios, videos, and even subtitles onto a single file regardless of what encoding type they have. MKV video files are usually playable in many different media players.

Now that we got some basic information about the two formats (AVI and MKV) which will be the main discussion in this post, we can now head to the ways or tools you can utilize or make use of to be able to easily convert and transform your most-loved AVI to MKV format.


Part 2. Convert AVI To MKV Format Using A Professional Software Application

In this part, we are to tackle one amazing professional software application which is very much capable of converting your AVI video files to MKV format maintaining the quality they originally have.

Well, the best tool you can use is none other than DumpMedia視頻轉換器!

在這個現代時代,該工具已被許多用戶信任和使用,因為它的功能和特性已被證明是驚人的,並且效果很好。 使用此工具輕鬆有效地進行了轉換。

該工具的主要功能是將視頻和音頻轉換為不同的所需格式,而不會降低質量,甚至保持原始外觀。 它支持多種格式,例如流行的MP4,AVI,WMA,WAV, 後手, MOV, MKV, and a lot more! In addition, you can easily convert DVD and videos to GIF, video or audio.

This has editing and enhancing functions as well wherein you can perform adjusting of brightness, contrast, saturation, and volume control. Even adding subtitles is possible!


為其命名,DumpMedia Video Converter將為您做到! 我們絕對向用戶推薦此轉換器。


只需幾分鐘即可完成該程序的下載,甚至安裝。 您只需遵循幾個簡單的步驟就可以擁有轉換後的視頻或音頻文件。

Here is how to proceed with AVI to MKV format conversion:

  1. 下載並安裝DumpMedia Video Converter。
  2. Launch the program and import the AVI video file to be converted.
  3. Input MKV as the output format and proceed with video conversion.

步驟1.下載並安裝DumpMedia Video Converter

當然,您需要確保將此DumpMedia Video Converter下載並安裝在您的個人計算機上。 如上面標題所述,只要您的計算機上已正確安裝此工具,便可以離線使用(無需連接互聯網)。 太神奇了,不是嗎?

免費下載 免費下載

Step 2. Launch The Program And Import The AVI Video File To Be Converted

Upon finishing the installation, the next step would be launching the program and clicking the “Add files” button to select the AVI video file you desire to convert. You can as well drag and drop the file directly from the location to the main interface of the application. You can select a number of files since this application supports batch conversion.


Step 3. Input MKV As The Output Format And Proceed With Video Conversion

Once files have been added and imported, next would be the selection of the desired output format which you can do by ticking the “Convert All Tasks to:”. You got a lot of options you can choose from such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, and many more. In this case, we ought to convert the file to MKV format.

Make sure to select MKV from the list that you will see on the screen. Once done, choose the destination folder wherein the output or converted file would be saved by clicking the “Browse” button. Once everything has been set perfectly, just click the “Convert” button to begin with the conversion process.


完成這些步驟後,您可以通過點擊“打開文件夾”選項來預覽和檢查轉換後的文件。 僅通過執行這三個簡單步驟,您就可以在短短幾分鐘內完成轉換後的視頻。

Upon knowing about this DumpMedia Video Converter, you might be asking about other options you can use for conversion. Well, apart from utilizing awesome software applications, online video converters are as well readily available on the internet. The only difference is that the capabilities are quite limited and that quality of the video files could be sacrificed.

But still, if your main aim is just to have the files transformed from AVI to MKV, you can somehow give online converters a shot. What is good about them is that you do not actually need to pay any amount just to use such.

Part 3. Convert AVI To MKV Format Using Online Converters

In using online converters, you only need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to successfully proceed. If you hate the process and method of downloading software applications, the use of free ones could be best fitted to you.

In this portion of the article, you will be seeing some of the best and most used online AVI to MKV video converters.


One of the many online AVI to MKV video converters is this YouConvertIt. This is of course capable of transforming your AVI video files to MKV format in just a few minutes and by following only few steps. In using this one, you just need to upload an AVI file from your personal computer. You can do this by either performing dragging and dropping or hitting the “Choose a File” button which is visibly seen in the main screen. Upon doing that, you will be seeing a new window wherein you can choose the video to be a converter. By ticking the “Convert It” button, the whole conversion process will begin.




Aside from the first online converter presented, you can also try this Zamzar Video Converter. Same with the first one, this is as well capable of transforming your AVI videos to MKV format in just a few minutes. To be able to fully utilize this online converter, you just need to head to its website and add or import the AVI video files to be converted by either performing the drag and drop process or hitting the “Add Files” button which will open a new window to let you select the file intended to be transformed. After importing the file, ensure that you will be choosing MKV as the output format (since this tool supports a wide array of formats). Upon finishing, just hit the “Convert Now” button to finally start the conversion process.



Another popular online converter is this Online Convert. Same with the first two, this is readily available on the web and supports numerous video formats. In using this online converter, you can also follow the same steps presented in the first two. What is great about this one is that you can upload files from your personal computer, use URL (or video links), or import files even from your cloud storage (from Dropbox or even from your Google Drive). Aside from this, during conversion, you even got the option to choose a preset and edit the settings and parameters of the output file – bit rate, frame rate, and even resolution.



This article had tackled the best tools one can utilize to be able to convert their most loved AVI to MKV format. One has an option to use a professional software application such as DumpMedia視頻轉換器 or utilize online converters as another option.

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Do you have the same difficulty? Why not try the tools discussed in this post? If you had used any, what are your experiences and feedback? Did you get the results you expected?